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What Does The Father Of The Groom Wear? [Should He Stand Out?]

When it comes to planning your wedding day, part of the arrangements will include deciding on what your bridal party and groomsmen are to wear. But some of the most commonly asked questions typically extend to those other important family members, such as the father of the groom. What does or should he even wear? Needing to know, I spent some time researching wedding etiquette and the various traditions to find out exactly what they should so.

So, what does the father of the groom wear? The father of the groom traditionally matches the groom and groomsmen, wearing the same suit and the same colours. Some fathers however, prefer to wear something slightly different, whether this be the suit itself or other decorative clothing item such as the tie. Either way, it is important that the father of the groom feels included and able to make their own decision as to what they want to wear on your special day.

One thing for sure is that the fathers of the bride and groom should not be forgotten. While they may not kick up a fuss, with all that planning, it is easy to leave them to their own devices. Besides, they should be able to dress themselves by their age!

That being said, coordinating the fathers and other family members makes for a better day; the wedding photos tend to come out much better and nobody feels left out. Plus, the father of the groom plays a key role in the days events and is a visible member of the wedding party.

We want our dads to look their best when they give their speech, and we want them to feel at their best when they do.

Let us now take a closer look at those related questions so that you know exactly how to brief the grooms father on exactly how to dress on your wedding day.

Does The Father Of The Groom Match The Groomsmen?

It is generally the case that the father of the groom matches the groomsmen. However, while this is traditionally the case – it is not mandatory. Nor, is it always even best.

For example, if the groomsmen are wearing suits, then it does make sense that the father of the groom follows suit and wears the same (no pun intended).

Equally, if the groom wanted their groomsman to wear tuxedos, then again the father of the groom should likely do the same.

That being said, it is also plausible for the father of the groom to match their son (the groom), while being different from the groomsmen. It is also entirely possible for the father of the groom to match the groomsmen but not the groom.

Ultimately, what the groom will wear is largely dependent on the type of wedding, the venue, theme and down to any personal preferences.

From there, it is the bride and the groom who will dictate the attire, the level of formality, and what they expect of their wedding party.

How To Distinguish The Father Of The Groom

One other option that many people consider is to keep the suiting the same between the groom, groomsmen, and the father of the groom.

From there however, different members of the wedding part can be distinguished using different accessories.

For example, the father of the groom could wear a neck-tie, or a different style of neck-tie that sets them apart.

What Color Does The Father Of The Groom Wear?

Traditionally, the father of the groom will wear the same color suit as the groomsmen.

However, they are all usually slightly different to the groom; whom will be in their own unique suit color which will help them stand out at the ceremony and in the wedding photographs.

When it comes to colors, the father of the groom generally has two options:

  1. They can wear a slightly different and more subtle colors from the groomsmen,
  2. They can match the color of the other groomsmen.

The former will help them be more distinguished, and may even be more appropriate if the wedding colors are more suitable for a more youthful wearer.

Generally, fathers are usually much more comfortable and would rather wear a color that is more traditional and les bold.

What Are Your Other Options?

There is no set-in stone rule when it comes to the father of the groom’s attire; just traditions that many people continue to follow.

So, one of the best things you can do is to speak to the father and try to find out what he wants to wear on your special day.

Find out what his views are on the suits, colors, and what will make him feel most comfortable.

Equally, you may even want to consider matching the father of the groom and the father of the bride together. As a separate standalone and complimentary attire.

There are benefits of doing this too; it can help both fathers feel included and ensures there is no favouritism involved with either parent. It also looks great in the pictures!

You don’t always have to make them look entirely the same; again, you can look to mix some of the colors and/or accessories.

For example, one father could wear a white waistcoat and a grey tie, whereas the other wears a grey waistcoat and a white tie.


Thankfully, the father of the groom actually has several different options on their attire. You can either get them to match the groom and/or the groomsmen. Or, you can set them apart with their own unique colors and accessories.

Ultimately, its going to come down to your theme and the preferences of both you and the father.

One final thing to consider is that the sizing of the suits should always be taken into consideration. This is of course an essential component of a suit and how one can look at their best.

Fathers typically prefer a larger or more relaxed fit, whereas it is often the case that the groom and the groomsmen would prefer something more fitted.

So long as you take this into account, or consult a tailor, this should not be a showstopper and something that you can work through before the big day!

In closing, what will be best for the father of the groom is going to be a decision that only you, your bridal party and the man himself can make. Just be sure to keep him in the loop with any conversations to ensure everyone is happy and ready for the special occasion.