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11 Of The Best Monogram Wedding Thank You Cards

If you have been on the lookout for beautiful and classic monogram wedding thank you cards, you have come to the perfect place. 

A time-honored tradition, sending thank you cards to your wedding guests is a wedding custom that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, finding high-quality cards from an online service that’s also really budget-friendly can be a tricky adventure.

This is why I always recommend Minted.

Minted has a massive selection of monogram wedding thank you cards, over 90 different designs, to be exact, and they often offer some really great deals that can help keep your wedding thank you card well within budget.

So, let’s get to it. Here are eleven of my top monogram wedding thank you cards you are going to want to see!

Over Monogram

This simple monogram design is made bold, daring, or even sweet and thoughtful, depending on what wedding photo you choose. Covering the whole front side of the car, your personal photo is overlaid by two sets of lettering. You and your new spouse’s names in a classic clean font and your thank you message in a true foil finish. With seven stunning color themes and eight different foil finishes to choose from, creating the monogram thank you card you’ve always dreamed of.


Classic and delicate, this monogram wedding thank you card design bucks the traditional bold trend of monograms by blending delicate fonts with a simple nature-inspired frame that encircles your initials. Custom this sweet design with one of the seven classic color themes available and make the most of your unlimited proofs with your dedicated designer to ensure you have the perfect message for your guests.


Blending the simplest of monogram designs with a rich and luxurious, foil-pressed foliage element, this monogram wedding thank you card really stands out from the crowd. Choose from four pastel color themes for the background of your card, and then customize it even further with eight true foil finishes available that help to create the marble effect of the foliage design. Available in one size, 4.25-inch x 5.5 inch, this is the sweetest way to thank your guests for being a part of your big day.

Brushstrokes In Bloom

Choose this traditional folded wedding thank you card if you want a monogram design that is both bold and classic. The dramatic floral border is the real superstar of this design. With six rich color themes available, you can customize this design to match your wedding’s beautiful theme. The traditional folded card format leaves plenty of room for a personal and hand-written message of thanks, and each order comes with complimentary postage envelopes. 


This darling design features space for your printed thank you message, dressed with an artistic foliage element, and space for a personal photo of your choosing. Make your thank you card all about the beautiful day you enjoyed with your guests by choosing a photo that does all the talking. However, if you love to put an even more personal stamp on your monogram wedding thank you card, the folded design leaves plenty of room for a handwritten and thoughtful note to your guests.


This smoky-designed monogram wedding thank you card comes in four soft and dusky color themes. The luxury border is printed using a true foil finish, and there are eight different finishes for you to choose from. Printed on luxe paper with a soft cotton feel, this understated yet luxurious card is the perfect way to thank your guests for joining you on your big day. 

Classic Crest

Featuring a bold and classic monogrammed crest design, this wedding thank you card is perfect for the more regal of couples. With five classic color themes to choose from, this card takes the hard work out of creating a stunningly beautiful monogrammed card for your guests. With your initials incorporated into the crest design and your full names printed along the bottom, this design is clear and bold.


Do away with the fluff of many other wedding thank you card designs and make your monogram the center of attention. This card features a bold monogram design right in the center, and a more delicate printed thank you below. Choose from the eight delicate and vivid color themes to create a card that matches the beauty of your wedding day. The classic folded card design means there is plenty of room for your handwritten thankyous. 


What makes this card super special is the real foil laurel wreath that wraps around your simple and classic monogram. With eight foil finishes to choose from, including two glitter options if you love a little more pizzaz, you can give this card a high-quality edge. Choose from eight fun color themes to create the perfect monogram wedding thank you card for you and your new spouse. 


Like the bold designs of vintage books, this monogram wedding thank you card is perfect for book lovers or vintage enthusiasts who are looking for a card with a little less of a modern twist. The tree element insinuates the steady and reliable life you expect for your marriage, and the folded card design leaves plenty of room for a personal handwritten note. Choose from six different color themes to create the perfect thank you card.

Modern Initials

Soft yet bold, this monogram wedding thank you card blends a softer design with the boldness of more modern elements perfectly. Your monogram takes center stage while your more delicate printed thank you flanks the edges. Choose from seven fun and classic color themes and work with your personal design to create the wedding thank you card you’ve longed for.

Monogram Wedding Thank You Cards With Minted

Finding your perfect thank you cards can take up a serious amount of time, and that’s not counting the actual writing of the cards!

Minted is here to really take the stress out of ordering wedding stationery!

With over 90 different and unique monogram wedding thank you card designs available, with many of them highly customizable, choosing the perfect thank you design will be quick, easy, and well within your budget.

Plus, you get a designated designer who will work with you at every step of the way to ensure your cards arrive just how you want them.

You can also benefit from free recipient address printing and some of the best and latest printing techniques, technology, and paper.

Ordering through them really is a no-brainer.

So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the full collection below!

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