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11 Rustic Wedding Programs You Need To Consider

As you plan your wedding, you’ll realize it’s the little details that make a wedding special. The invites, the place names, and the wedding programs.

Although chalkboard wedding programs have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, there’s really nothing quite like a printed rustic wedding program for each of your guests to have and keep. 

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect rustic wedding program, you are in the right place.

Here are my top eleven rustic wedding program designs, and if you want to explore even more options, click here to view the entire collection of artist-designed wedding programs on Minted.

Every Single Dawn With You

With a soft and misty mountain design, this rustic wedding program is perfect for any rustic-themed wedding. Its double-sided format gives you plenty of room to play with to create a truly unique wedding program. You even have room to add a meaningful photo, personalizing this rustic wedding program even further. Choose from three earthy color schemes and five luxurious paper fibers for high-quality programs that you are sure to love. 


With a double-sided design, this rustic wedding program is chock full of luxurious design elements that will wow your guests. The minimalistic falling leaves design features a true foil element giving a sense of depth to the pattern, and there are seven rich autumnal color themes to choose from. Available with eight different foil finishes and five high-quality paper fibers for the perfect rustic wedding program. 

Botanical Edge

Rich, dark, and full of drama. This design is for the wedding couple who love a rustic theme but also want a little bit of luxe drama. A double-sided design that leaves plenty of room for your entire wedding program, with extra space for a printed photo or two if you like. Experience the luxurious true foil design elements that run through the floral border. Choose from five paper fibers and eight dramatic color schemes, and pick a complementing foil finish to give your wedding program the rustic pop you desire.  

Farm and Field

This countryside-themed wedding program takes inspiration from watercolor artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Elizabeth Murray. Choose from six of the color themes available and switch up the vibe and even season of this card’s artistic elements. The double-sided design leaves plenty of room for your entire wedding program, and the five luxurious paper fibers will give your rustic wedding program the perfect feel to the touch.


For the modern rustic wedding, this design blends rich minimalism with luxurious true foil mountain silhouettes. With multiple backer options and seven classic color schemes. This design has the perfect blend of rustic luxury and classic simplicity. Also available with eight different foil finishes and five luxury paper fibers to choose from.

Watercolor Fallen Leaves

If you are planning a bold rustic wedding in the fall, this watercolor design is perfect. Featuring a heavy top and tail border of classic autumn leaves, it’s also available in five bold and rich color schemes. The font blends beautifully with the colored leaves and gives a colored monochrome edge to this design. With five luxury paper fibers to choose from, this rustic wedding program has multiple backer options to choose from for the perfect program to give to your guests.

Garden Lights

Evening weddings are slowly becoming more common and what’s more romantic than spending the evening under the stars and some twinkly lights with all the people you love on your big day? This design emulates the very feeling of this kind of day. Using one of the eight true foil finishes, you get glittered, almost light reflective elements that contrast beautifully with the five classic color themes you can choose from. Choose from four of Minted’s most luxurious paper fibers to take your rustic wedding program from everyday normal to something truly unique.

Mountain Wedding

If there’s one thing you need for your rustic mountain wedding, it’s this stunning and dramatic watercolor wedding program. With its beautiful mountain art design, available in four rich color themes, it will be a statement piece at your wedding. The double-sided design leaves plenty of room for any personal elements you want to include, like a printed photo, poem, or even a short story of how you met. Choose from five luxurious paper fibers to give this wedding program a soft and cotton-like feel to the touch.

Floral Edge

If your idea of rustic is pastel florals with a touch of gold glamour, then this design is the very rustic wedding program you have been waiting for. Headed with a detailed floral border that features delicate foil elements, this design also has multiple backer options, so you don’t have to worry about running out of printing room. Available in four warm pastel colors, you can also choose from eight different true foil finishes and five high-quality paper types for a rich and luxurious feel. 


With a dramatic nighttime forest design, this artist-created program draws inspiration from the romantic and unique elements of the northern lights. Featuring true foil star elements, it feels luxurious, fun, and perfect for an evening outdoor wedding. Available in three different color themes bound to wow your guests, this program design is also available with multiple backer options, eight different foil finishes, and five paper fibers. 


This geode-inspired design blends beautiful rich earthy tones with a watercolor design. Keeping it simple, this color is contained as a header border with the rest of the card firmly focused on your wedding program. Available in four fun color themes and five high-quality paper finished. This double-sided design leaves plenty of room for all of your wedding information and even a sneaky personalized photo. 

Rustic Wedding Programs With Minted

You know why you need a wedding program, but why should you choose to do so through Minted?

Minted make ordering your paper wedding stationary simple and effortless.

Plus, they cater to every budget and always have a good variety of deals going so that you can get the programs you desire and keep it well within your wedding budget.

For every customer, you are assigned your very own designer, and with unlimited proofs, you can make sure that everything is perfect before they are even sent out. 

The best thing about Minted is that for an online card printing service, they have an extra special way of making their service feel so personal.

Just what you need as you plan your big day.

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