Have Questions About Minted.com? [Find The Answer Here!]

Are you looking to place an order on Minted.com?

Do you have a question or two that you want answered before you proceed?

Below, I answer some of the most common Minted FAQs, providing you with the information you need to know!

These are the questions that I personally had. And with some research and discussion with the team over at Minted.com directly, I thought I’d provide them in one easily accessible resource.

Do Minted RSVP Cards Come With Envelopes

All Minted RSVP Cards come with envolopes. You get one envelope, per RSVP Card.

Do Minted Cards Come With Envelopes?

Minted cards do come with free complementary outer envelopes.

When You Order From Minted Do You Need To Pay For Stamps

When you order from Minted, you do need to pay for stamps. The typical cost per envelope is between $0.22-$0.60.

How Long Does It Take To Print And Ship From Minted

It typically takes between 4-7 days for Minted to print, ship and deliver your order. Though if you opt for the ‘rush’ express shipping option, you should receive your order within 3 business days.

What Does Editors Pick Mean For Minted?

Editors pick means that the design was hand-selected by the CEO/founder and editorial board. It will have been identified as offering something unique and is a standout option and choice based on select criteria.

Do Minted Offer Coupon Codes?

The best place to visit for the latest coupon codes is here, the official minted.com coupon code page. All latest offers will be listed and available there.

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