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Is Minted Worth It? [This Is What You Must Consider]

Have you recently been introduced to Minted or come across them in your research?

Were you about to place an order? Did you get all excited, choosing a design, your customization options. But then you saw the price…

Naturally, it raises questions.

Can you afford it?

Are they going to be worth it?

Can Minted justify the cost?

Well today, I am going to be getting to the bottom of all these very things, and hopefully more.

After researching hundreds of potential vendors, weighing DIY options and basic online templates, I would like to share my thoughts and opinions with you here today.

So, first and foremost…

Is Minted Worth It?

I believe Minted is worth it, when you consider the premium quality, end-to-end service, convenience and the fact that you can trust on this company to deliver, in a timely and prompt fashion.

At the end of the day, only you can decide if exceptional stationery is worth paying a premium for.

In my opinion, Minted’s offerings warrant the higher investment.

The main reasons being:

  • Tactile details like foil stamps and thick pearlescent paper evoke luxury.
  • A simplified and supportive process, handling everything from proofs to shipping. Reduced stress is invaluable.
  • Cohesive design with all wedding stationary in one place. Achieving a consistent wedding theme is made seamless.
  • Reputation for prompt delivery of flawless final products. Reliability provides peace of mind.

In short, you get what you pay for, and Minted delivers an exceptional, hassle-free experience.

How Much Does Minted Typically Cost?

Minted wedding stationary typically costs between $200-$300 for 100 pieces. This typically includes free envelopes and free recipient address printing.

For my order of 100 save-the-dates, 100 wedding invitations and 100 thank you cards (all in the same consistent theme and style), Minted charged me around $600 in total.

Sounds like a lot.

But one thing I would say, is you also get extras like recipient addressing printed directly on the envelopes and liner envelopes provided for free.

That saves a lot of time and effort!

But more on this later.

Back to the cost.

From the extensive research I did on pricing, the average cost of $250 for 100 piece of each wedding stationary piece, actually isn’t too much more than other competitors (and there are reasons why it may be worth paying more through Minted).

One thing I’d mention at this stage is that Minted offers frequent sales, promo codes, and discounts for volume orders which can help lower the costs.

But in general, Minted is more expensive upfront than DIY or basic online template options.

We shall soon now see why.

Why Is Minted So Expensive?

Minted is so expensive as they are offering a specialist service, and a range of perks/features which unfortunately cost more money.

Designs Are From Independent Artists

Minted has an amazing gallery of original designs created by independent artists.

While this means bespoke, professionally designed and executed stationary, it does result in higher costs.

Besides, Minted have to pay for the talent and quality and that gets reflected back to us in the total cost.

Premium Printing Techniques

Minted use advanced printing techniques to ensure a consistent high quality finish on all of their products.

That machinery costs money. Not just to buy upfront but to maintain.

The Full Service

When you order through Minted you are not just buying stationary.

You are buying a complete high-touch service; including unlimited proofs with your own dedicated designer and free recipient address printing.

Turnaround times are also fast, and guaranteed.

Brand Reputation

As a leading paper stationary brand, Minted has name recognition and a reputation for excellent service, responsiveness, and realizing couples’ vision.

You therefore do need to pay for their expertise and reliability.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Through Minted?

Countless Design Options

Minted offers an absolutely enormous gallery of unique pieces and designs to choose from.

You can browse designs by style (modern, classic, botanical), wedding season, color palette, paper type, silhouette shape, and so much more to find the perfect design for your vision.

You can also filter by printing technique like foil stamping, letterpress, and more.

With thousands of professional designs at your fingertips, you’re sure to find stationery you love, and that match your wedding theme and vibe.

Unique Artistic Designs

Every design in the Minted Marketplace is created and uploaded by independent artists from around the world.

So unlike some other printing sites that use generic templates, Minted’s designs are completely bespoke and artistic creations.

When you order through Minted, you get professionally designed paper goods with true artistic flair, not cookie-cutter templates.

Consistent Stationery Suite

A great benefit of Minted is that you can choose the same design across all your wedding stationary needs – save-the-dates, invitations, programs, signage, menus, favors, and thank you cards.

This makes for a beautifully cohesive suite of stationery.

All the pieces will coordinate and complement each other.

And not only that.

Ordering everything in one place online is so convenient!

Free Physical Samples

One amazing service Minted offers is free physical samples of your actual invitations.

Once you select a design, you can order a free printed sample pack to see the quality and color accuracy in person before officially placing your whole order.

It’s so helpful to be able to hold the thick luxe paper in your hands and ensure the colors and details are just as stunning in print as they are on screen.

Unlimited Proofs and Support From Your Designer

When you order through Minted, you get unlimited digital proofs and access to your designer to review designs and make tweaks until you have the perfect invite.

You can change colors, edit wording, swap out design elements, and your designer will turn around new proofs in 1-2 business days until you have stationery you absolutely love.

Having unlimited adjustments and support makes the process so easy.

Premium Quality Printing

Minted uses high quality, thick cotton paper with premium printing techniques for flawless, vibrant colors.

Options like foil stamping, letterpress, and edge painting add dimensional texture and luxe details.

The quality is truly magazine-worthy and looks much better than basic digital printing or DIY.

You can rest assured your invitations will make a stunning impression in your guests’ hands.

Free Recipient Address Printing

Minted offers free recipient addressing where they will print your guest’s names and addresses directly onto the outer envelopes.

This incredibly convenient service makes the whole invitation process smooth and simple for busy couples.

No need to hand write envelopes or buy calligraphy – Minted takes care of it for free.

Established Company & Streamlined Process

Minted is clearly an established company couples can trust.

They have the whole process down to a science, making it easy and reliable to create your perfect stationery.

Their online tools simplify selection and customization, and their production team assembles and ships your order quickly.

With Minted you can have total confidence you’ll receive high quality products on time.

How To Get The Best Price When Ordering Through Minted

Here are my top tips for getting the best deal on Minted:

  • Take advantage of sales and promotions. Minted runs special offers like 25% off stationery. Look out for coupon codes routinely advertised on the site.
  • Order samples first. Order one or two free samples before purchasing to ensure you love the look and feel of the designs in person.
  • Purchase together in a suite. You can save up to 15% by purchasing save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you notes together in a suite.
  • Go for a simpler design. More simplicity in elements like paper, printing technique, and embellishments means lower costs. Opt for a more pared down aesthetic if you want to save.
  • Use my link for discounts. I highly recommend using my exclusive link here to ensure you receive any available discounts or perks.

The bottom line is that exceptional quality and service come at a cost.

But using these tips can help you get Minted stationery you love at the best possible price.

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