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11 Letterpress Wedding Invitations You Have To Consider

Wedding invitations are a massively important step when planning your wedding. However you decide to go about letting your guests know where your wedding is being held, what day, and what time, you’ll need to send invitations, or you could end up with an en masse no-show.

If you have your heart set on letterpress wedding invitations, the price may have caused you to take a deeper breath than usual. This luxurious style of wedding invitation usually comes with a premium price, and that’s without looking at envelopes and customization.

Luckily for you, Minted offers a massive range of over 130 artist-design letterpress wedding invites that won’t break the bank. Even better, if you are not already sold, is that you can customize many of these designs and get unlimited free proofs with your own special designer. 

If you’re ready to purchase the letterpress wedding invitation of your dreams, here are a few of my favorites to get you started.


If simplicity is where your design heart lies, this minimalist letterpress wedding invitation has all you need without the fuss. The premium cotton paper feels luxurious and gives an almost vintage feel to this flat card invite. The provincial blue ink lends a taste of subtle sophistication, and you can even purchase accessories for this invitation. From reception cards, thank you cards, and even direction cards for your guest, so they know exactly where to go.


Featuring a beautifully elegant calligraphy print, this card is a little taste of classic vintage. The landscape presentation on the soft and textured cotton paper is classy and simple. Although the lettering is only available in a cool graphite hue, the availability of all card accessories and the addition of complementary envelopes makes this an excellent choice for those with more Victorian style tastes.

Climbing Vines

Printed on thick, luxury cotton paper, this portrait-designed letterpress wedding invitation has space right in the center for a square-shaped photo of you and your wedded partner-to-be. This photo is surrounded by a soft lagoon blue border and delicate leaf details. Blending modern style and classic vintage lettering, this invitation is for the bride who can’t decide and wants it all.

Organic Laurels

A sweet and simple letterpressed wedding invitation that has been designed with a winter wedding in mind. Taking center stage is a customized photo of you and your spouse to be surrounded by a delicate letterpress laurel leaf border in moss green. Using a swooping typewriter-style script, your invitation message is clear and beautiful, ensuring your guests know exactly where to be and when.

Delicate Vines

Featuring elegant letterpressed vines in a rich pistachio green, this portrait wedding invitation also includes your invitation message in a letterpressed design in pewter gray. The thick cotton paper, crafted perfectly to withstand the letterpress process, feels luxurious and textured and comes in either the 100% cotton option or the Premium 100% cotton fiber. No need to worry about the envelopes; they are included as a complementary offer when you order these wedding invitations.

Faded Palm

The perfect invite for that tropical white wedding. Featuring a deeply pressed palm fan leaf silhouette that surrounds a raised rectangular section where your wedding invitation message will be printed in classic stone. The palm design features no color or outline, giving a sweet and simple image for a minimalistic style letterpress wedding invite.


If you are looking for a wedding invitation that is both delicate and bold, this design does incredible justice. Printed on a vintage Heidelberg press, it features an ornamental arching border with Morrocan vibes. The soft dove gray complements the graphite-colored lettering beautifully. The high-quality 100% cotton paper has a luxuriously textured feel, and you can also add on all matching invitation accessories you may need.

Floral Rising

For outdoor lovers and nature pleasers, this card is full of natural and organic inspiration. The dramatic letterpressed border features a bold floral leaf print in mist and mint green. Acting as the perfect border that draws the eyes straight to your wedding invitation message for your guests. Available in two different 100% cotton paper choices, you can also order all matching invite accessories such as RSVPs and even direction cards for your guests.


Simple and direct, this portrait flat card wedding invite puts all the attention on your invitation message. Printed in a rich and bold lapis blue, your letterpressed message makes the most of this minimalist design. This design is available with complimentary sending envelopes and matching card accessories, making this task easy and stress-free.


So, you love monograms, but you want a little more pizzazz. This flat-designed wedding invitation features a bold monogram of you and your partner-to-be’s initials that almost seem to tumble off the edge of the card. In matching soft black, your full names and wedding date are also letterpressed in a mix of delicate fonts that compliment each other beautifully. The perfect mix of monogram and monochrome.


If you are looking for a letterpress wedding invitation with a little more wow factor, this intricate and bold design ticks that box. The mix of calligraphy-style lettering and typewriter scripts is surrounded by an ornate letterpressed vintage arch of leaves, flowers, and buds in a warm dusty rose color. This flat-designed wedding invitation comes with two luxury paper options – 100% cotton or Premium 100% cotton.

Why Should I Choose Letterpress Wedding Invitations?

Letterpress is a method where elements of a card’s design are debased or pressed into the card.

This gives a more dynamic and interesting visual to your wedding invites.

It’s also a far more luxurious style of wedding invitation because a thicker, more premium card has to be used to withstand the letter pressing process.

Letterpress cards are notoriously more expensive, but with Minted, you can get that high-quality luxury without the hefty price tag. 

Plus, Minted always has a good few deals that can make your wedding invitation purchase far more affordable, which is great if you are hoping to keep to a tighter budget but don’t want to sacrifice your style.

That’s where I’m getting all my wedding stationary, at least.

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