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How To Announce Engagement On Facebook [Or Other Social Media]

Getting engaged is one of life’s most breathtaking moments; often coming as a complete surprise and catching one of you completely off guard. Whereas for your partner, relief and elation naturally follow. Once the shock begins to settle in the period that follows, you’ll want to share your news with your closest friends and family. From there you may be thinking about announcing your exciting news on Facebook – but what do you say and what is the best way to do this?

So, how do you announce an engagement on Facebook? The best way to announce your engagement on Facebook is through a picture post, with a short and brief caption and description reporting your news. Selfies, a picture of the moment or the ring are all commonly used. Equally, you can change your relationship status to ‘Engaged’ which will notify your friends via their feed.

It is advised to keep the details to a minimum, and that you only announce your engagement on social media once you have notified your close family and friends via face to face conversations, telephone calls and texts.

That being said, how you announce your news on Social Media is completely up to you; it is your news to tell after all!

Depending on where you are, what you are like as a couple and if you are ready for a bombardment of notifications are all things to consider.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the things you can say in your engagement announcement, before turning to whether you should be looking to announce your engagement on Facebook altogether.

What Do You Say In An Engagement Announcement?

What you say in your engagement announcement is ultimately up to you; whether you keep it fun, lighthearted or obscure or go for something more romantic and explicit.

Either way, most people decide to keep it brief and exclude the finer details.

Pictures of you as the couple, the ring, or of the setting in which the proposal takes place are all good options, along with a line or two outlining this next phase of your relationship.

It is generally advised to exclude any personal details, either in the post itself or your following comments, such as dates for the wedding, the venue or any specifics around your ring. This kind of information is best kept off of the social media platforms.

Below, we look at some potential captions, or examples of some of the things you can say on your Facebook post!

Examples of what to say:

  • “I said yes…”
  • “She said yes…”
  • “Its official”
  • “Left for.. with my boyfriend, returned with my fiancé…”
  • “The future Mrs…”
  • “My favorite moment to date…”
  • “He put a ring on it…”
  • “Marriage material”
  • “We’re finally engaged!…”

Or you can share a famous quote, something personal to you and your partner that means a lot to you both and announces the engagement all at the same time!

Something like ““Two souls, one heart.” or something along these lines.

Should I Announce My Engagement On Facebook?

Whether or not you announce your engagement is going to depend on several different considerations.

To begin with, it is advised to contact your parents, any siblings, close relatives and your friends to share your news first. They should know before you announce your news on Facebook (or any other social media), and most of them will be expecting to hear from you.

Whether you make a call, or can stop by to visit, will be greatly appreciated. Either way, it is the right thing to do.

From there you need to consider your own preferences. Do you actually want this news to be made public or do you want to keep it to yourselves?

If you are not very active on Facebook, or you would rather keep the news private, that is fine too. You should also consult your partner, to ensure they are fully happy for you to post.

Equally, if you do just want to enjoy the moment for what it is; you should feel no rush or obligation to publish your announcement.

Along these lines, you should consider that you are likely to get a lot of activity on your post – a lot of likes, comments and perhaps even a share or two.

You need to consider this, and if you are ready to start receiving what will be a deluge of notifications. It can ruin your special moment, or can cause distractions that only take away from this once in a lifetime moment with your partner.

Its a good idea that you acknowledge the responses you get with a thank you or an acknowledgement, so consider that this will take some time and effort on your part. Only post when you are truly ready.

That being said, if done at the right time and in an appropriate manner, sharing news of your engagement is a great way to notify hundreds of people at a time. There is no need to have the same conversation with people whom are not so close to you, but at the same time, would want to hear of your exciting news.


Whether or not you decide to announce your engagement on Facebook is a decision that you and your partner will need to make, together.

While it can be an excellent way to notify a lot of people about your wonderful news, there are some best practices that we generally recommend that you follow.

At the end of the day, before you decide to grab your phone; be sure to take the time to truly celebrate and enjoy the moment with your new fiancé. The moment only comes once, and you’ll never forgive yourself if you traded this experience for one in front of a mobile screen.

There is no rush to notify Facebook; wait a few days, enjoy where you are, the special occasion and the events that unfold, and then publish in a few days when you are ready to acknowledge and respond to your notifications.

Engagements are truly special moments; enjoy them for what they are worth.

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