How To Announce Pregnancy On Facebook [Or Other Social Media]

You’ve recently received the amazing and breathtaking news that you are pregnant. First and foremost, congratulations! But now you want to let people know, right? Facebook can be great for that, but what is the best way to do this?

So, how do you announce a pregnancy on Facebook? You can announce your pregnancy on Facebook via a picture post (of you and the bump), with a short brief caption and description reporting your news. Otherwise you could just opt for a short, clear and concise status update explaining you are expecting.

Those are the two methods.

But there are certainly pros and cons to announcing your pregnancy via social media and timing considerations too.

So let us now look at those.

But first; if you’ve already decided on sharing your news via the social media platform, here are some specific wording options for you to use!

What Do You Say In A Pregnancy Announcement?

What you say in your pregnancy announcement is ultimately up to you; whether you opt for a fun and obscure message or go for something a little more open and explicit.

Either way, most people tend to keep their posts brief and it’s probably best to exclude the finer details.

It is generally advised to exclude any personal details, either in the post itself or your following comments, such as your specific due date. This kind of information is best kept off of the social media platforms.

Pictures of your bump over clothes, your scan, or the soon-to-be-parents, along with a line or two outlining your news tends to work best.

Or you could be a little more creative, as we shall soon see in some examples.

But first, here are some potential captions, or examples of some of the things you can say on your Facebook post!

Facebook Post Status Update Messages

  • “So I’m pregnant.”
  • “Just found out that I’m pregnant.”
  • “Welcoming our little one on (due date).”
  • “You + Me = Three”
  • “We have some wonderful news to share… we are expecting”
  • “#Baby[Your Surname][Due Date Year]

Facebook Picture & Caption Ideas

  • With a picture of both of your standing by your kitchen oven – caption: “Bun in the oven, bake at 98.6°F until (due date).”
  • With a photo of you and your partner drinking coffee – caption: “Something’s brewing for (due date).”
  • With a photo of you and your partner in your car – caption “We’re going to need a bigger car.”

You get the idea!

Be a little creative and see what you can come up with!

Should I Announce My Pregnancy On Facebook?

Whether you should announce your pregnancy on Facebook is a personal choice; there are pros and cons in doing so that you must consider ahead of any post.

It is advised to tell your parents, any siblings, close relatives and your friends you are expecting first. They should know before you announce your news on Facebook (or any other social media). In person (or at the very least, via a call) is advised.

Remember, once it’s out there (unless you are very quick), you cant go back.

Do you actually want this news to be made public; are you truly ready? Perhaps you may want to sit on the news with your partner for a bit longer?

Talking of your partner, it sounds obvious, but do check in with them first. Perhaps even show them the post you are considering publishing; see what they think and if they are happy with it first.

And also consider that you cannot control how people react or what they will say – so just be ready ahead of hitting publish.

Nevertheless, here are the pros and cons of using Facebook to let people know:

Pros of Announcing Pregnancy On Facebook

  • You can update a lot of people at a time.
  • It can be really exciting getting a lot of positive messages,
  • You can be creative and share the news in fun and unique ways

Cons of Announcing Pregnancy On Facebook

  • Less personal.
  • The possibility that close friends and family find out before you get a chance to tell them.
  • Your announcement gets missed by people less active on Facebook.
  • You might not get the response you were expecting, or comments that hurt or upset you

When Should I Announce My Pregnancy On Facebook?

It is advised to announce your pregnancy on Facebook during the second trimester, 12 weeks (3 months of pregnancy). The risks of miscarriage are much lower and you’ll have time to let the news sink in with your partner ahead of people knowing.

Of course you can announce your pregnancy whenever you like; it is ultimately your decision and what you and your partner both feel comfortable and happy with.

That being said, delaying announcements (or even letting friends know) to the second trimester is what most couples do.

It’s incredibly sad, but this is because of the higher miscarriage rates during the first trimester and first 1-3 months of pregnancy.

While there are still risks, the chances of miscarriage fall quite dramatically once you reach the second trimester.

I’m sorry to have to say this, but in the devastating scenario you were to miscarriage, having to let people know via Facebook would be truly heartbreaking.

This is why it is advised that you wait until you have the first/second scan.


Whether or not you decide to announce your pregnancy on Facebook is ultimately a decision for you and your partner.

Then there is the how and the when.

While doing so can be an excellent way to notify a lot of people about your exciting news, there are certainly ways to go about it.

At the end of the day, before you decide to grab your phone; be sure to take the time to truly celebrate and share the moment with your partner.

It’s a good idea to let the news sink in with your partner. Besides, your lives will soon never be the same again!

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