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Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Everyday? [When To Take It Off]

One of the most exciting times in our lives is when we get engaged. Having that ring placed on our finger for the first time is nothing other than enthralling. To begin with, we cannot stop looking at our new ring and do not want to let it out of our sight. But in the days and weeks that follow, we begin to worry about keeping it in optimal condition, doing all we can to keep it safe. Soon we question whether or not we should be wearing it every day. Intrigued into what other people do and recommend, I decided to research the expectation and what the typical person does.

So, do you wear your engagement ring everyday? It is common for people to wear their engagement rings every day. In fact, it is best and generally advised not to remove it all that often. That being said, this does not mean you should be wearing your engagement ring every hour of the day, or during every activity.

There can be risks involved if it is worn during inappropriate times. This is especially true if the ring does not perfectly fit, or you are taking part in an activity where it could more easily get lost or damaged. Typical examples include cleaning, showering, cooking and working out.

Whether or not you decide to wear your engagement ring every day is ultimately going to be down to your personal preferences along with some other factors that are somewhat out of your control.

It could be that you work in a job where there are specific no-ring policies, or you could have a ring with a raised gemstone that is more easily caught.

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at some of those other similarly related questions you may be having, including whether or not you should sleep with your engagement ring on, when you may want to take it off, and how often you may want to consider cleaning it.

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring All The Time?

While it is true that many people decide to wear their engagement ring every day, the truth cannot be said for wearing it all the time. This is not generally a good idea for most people.

We use our hands for pretty much everything we do, and they often come into contact with a lot of different products, items, and substances every day.

Depending on what these are, depends on the likelihood of you potentially causing damage to your ring.

Thankfully, it should be safe to keep on for most of the day, but there are some times when it would be best advised to take it off and store it away in a safe, secure, private, and memorable place ahead of time.

Of course, it ultimately depends on your own lifestyle, your duties, habits, routines, your preferences, and the material in which the ring is made of itself.

Either way, there will be a period of time that you will need to get used to the ring.

You’ll typically be more conscious of it at first and the things that you do while wearing it. It may even stop you from doing certain things in moments where you cannot safely take it off or store it away.

In time, these hesitations can wane which can be fatal.

You need to remain and continue to be aware of the potential dangers of wearing it during inappropriate times if you want to keep it in optimal condition.

When Should I Take Off My Engagement Ring?

Knowing when to take your engagement ring off is an essential component of keeping it safe and in pristine condition.

Let us now take a closer look at some of those times it is best to take off your ring.

While some of them may seem obvious, be sure to check the list carefully as you do not want to be caught out!

While Working Out/At The Gym

You could extend this to any form of exercise that you are considering participating in.

While exercising, you are naturally more likely to knock or scrape your ring against a hard surface or an object.

Sometimes, activities can even put direct pressure on the stone(s), weakening their positioning and in worst-case scenarios, making them fall off.

You need to consider that while you are working out, your mind will not be on looking after the ring. Fatigued, you are also less likely to be as careful as you need to be.

Plus, there is always the sweat – which along with any natural body oils or products that run, can cause damage to the ring.

Equally, it can also loosen the ring and increase the chances of it falling off!


It is during cleaning that you will likely be using many different products; all of which are likely to contain strong chemicals that can cause irreversible damage to the ring and the gemstone.

Wearing gloves seems like the optimal solution here, but there is always the chance that the ring can catch and come loose as you remove the gloves following your cleaning.


During yard work or any other rigorous manual labor, you are again more likely to knock the ring against hard surfaces.

It’s easily done and depending on where you are working and the surfaces you come into contact with can cause a lot of damage.


While camping is usually a relatively laid-back experience, you need to consider the possibility of the ring coming loose or falling off.

In this instance, it can quickly get lost and it will be very hard to find if it falls outside of your tent.

Even if you were able to keep it on for the full duration of the trip, there is the chance that you could knock it or get it caught in something while you sleep.

If you intend on hiking, this is just another reason not to take it with you!

Swimming or Snorkeling

These two generally go without saying, but they are important to mention nonetheless.

Of course, if your ring was to come off in the sea, then the chances of you being able to find it are minuscule. Even with a shiny gemstone, it can soon fall beneath the sand or the shine may be overpowered by the reflection of the water.

You may be very lucky and catch it as it falls or notices right away, but it is generally not worth the risk.

Equally, this is not a ring to leave on the beach with your other things. Leave it safely at home. It’s for the best.


Cooking is another big no-no, due to the fact that we have to use our hands a lot when preparing food and making a meal.

Our rings would be subjected to many foods, of different textures, and this can include oils and exotic spices.

These just will not do any good to our engagement rings, being a challenge to clean off too. Something to be avoided altogether.


In a similar fashion, baking and wearing an engagement ring just do not go together.

Fat, flour, engagement ring, and kneading just do not work!

Our hands often get covered in dough and other ingredients which again can cause damage to the ring.

But, it’s while you wash your hands and clean them that the risks increase. Not only are soaps problematic but this risk of losing our ring is further still.

In The Shower

The shower is also not another place that you should introduce to your engagement ring.

Shampoos, soaps, conditioners, creams, and the like cause a lot of damage to our rings over time.

Each time you apply one of these products, a small amount will inevitably get onto the ring. It is over time that these residues begin to add up.

Causing not only an increase in dirt and grime to the ring itself but traveling deeper into the ring causing long-lasting damage.

In worst-case scenarios, these residues can get underneath the gemstones, and can even loosen them over time.

How To Keep An Engagement Ring Safe When Taken Off

Believe it or not, one of the most dangerous times for your engagement ring is when you purposely take it off.

Unless you are careful, you can accidentally lose it, misplace it, or you can forget where you have left it altogether. It’s easily done.

For this reason, it is essential that you take the proper precautions each time you do decide to take it off.

Be fully aware and present while you do so.

From there, consider getting a secure ring box, where you can store your ring temporarily.

This is my personal favorite ring box from Amazon that I keep by the side of my bed.

It’s a really elegant design, can be closed, and looks great on my bedside furniture.

However, this is not ideal from a security perspective.

A secure safe, like this best-seller from Amazon is ideal if you are heading out to the beach one day and want to be confident that leaving your ring at home is the right thing to do

Otherwise, something in between like a portable lockbox safe is another good option. This is the one to get from Amazon if this sounds like something you would be interested in.

At the end of the day, the way you store your engagement ring is up to you.

That being said, having a secure, designated place where you can store it away will ensure that whenever you do need to take it off, you can rest assured knowing it is safe.

Should You Sleep With Engagement Ring On?

Whether or not you decide to sleep with your engagement ring will be a personal decision based on your own preferences.

Some people prefer to take it off during the night, whereas others decide to keep it on.

Then there is the camp of people who will take it off if they are sleeping at home, but keep it on if they are sleeping somewhere else overnight.

You’ll often hear different opinions on this one, but I am of the opinion it is probably best to take it off.

It does depend on the type of person you are and your sleeping behaviors – do you move around a lot or usually fidget during the night?

Nevertheless, it is always easy for anyone to snag their pajamas, sheets, partner, or even a wall!

Or it may come off entirely and you’ll have all the drama and stress of trying to find it!

Plus, if you were to lie on your hands at any point during the night your ring has to take your weight which is direct pressure.

This can even lead to misshaping or causing the gemstones to loosen.

If you do decide to take it off, make sure you have somewhere safe to put it, and you factor in any other security concerns like keeping your windows shut etc.

Is It Bad Luck To Take Off Your Engagement Ring?

There are a number of superstitions that claim that it is bad luck to remove your engagement ring.

Along similar lines, these superstitions extended to it being bad luck for a ring to be loose on the finger. Worse luck yet is if you were to lose the ring altogether.

And that’s the crux of it.

Regardless of what these old superstitions say, the important thing is the safety and security of your engagement ring.

It’s always better to take your ring off in advance of activity, occasion, or instance where it could be damaged or lost. Nothing else matters so long as these two things remain true.

The most important thing you can do is to look after your ring and take the best care of it; if that means removing it from time to time, so be it.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How Often Should You Clean Your Engagement Ring?

It is generally advised that you clean your engagement ring, once per week. This should enable you to remove any natural hand oils or beauty products that have collected and been deposited onto the ring.

With weekly cleaning, you can look to submerge your ring in a solution of warm water and washing up liquid.

Simple soaking for around 30 minutes is a safe and practical way to clean your ring.

Beyond this, it is advised that you take your ring to a professional, such as the original jeweler of the ring, for a more thorough, specialized clean.

This may even be required more frequently depending on the debris your own ring has been subjected to.

However, how much and how often you will need to clean your ring will depend on several factors including the type of ring you have, the complexity of the design, the amount you wear the ring, the number of beauty products you use, and your own personal preferences, etc.

You can certainly clean your ring too much too. Just be mindful of that.


Most people decide to wear their engagement rings every day and for most of the time.

Usually, the only time they take it off is ahead of particular activities where the ring could get damaged or even be lost.

What you decide to do, however, will ultimately depend on your preferences, your lifestyle, and how often you personally want to wear your ring.

There is no hard and fast rule of what to do.

Nevertheless, it is important that you keep your engagement ring safe.

So taking it off from time to time, and storing it away securely, come strongly recommended.

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