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How Much Is A David Yurman Engagement Ring? [On Average]

Are you in the market for an engagement ring? With an endless list of different jewelry vendors to consider, it is undoubtedly tricky and requires a lot of thought, consideration, and perhaps most importantly of all, research. David Yurman is a notable brand in particular, but how much do they typically cost? Let’s find out!

So how much does a David Yurman engagement ring cost? David Yurman engagement rings can cost anywhere from $1,500 all the way up to $90,000. The total price varies based on color, diamond size, setting, among other factors. Although, you can find third-party resellers like Bloomingdales offering their rings at about $2k.

The problem is David Yurman does not offer direct prices on their website.

You need to contact them and set up an appointment.

Prices are entirely bespoke.

A little tricky, right.

Unless you go through another third-party reseller, of course.

With this in mind, let’s break down their collections to get a better understanding of what they have to offer.

How Much Is The Average David Yurman Engagement Ring?

The average cost of a David Yurman engagement ring is $45,750, based on the mean of rings at the bottom and top of the range. However, as David Yurman offers bespoke prices, there is no typical price you can expect to pay; it will vary customer by customer.

Either way, David Yurman was one of the first fine jewelers to piece together stainless steel and diamonds, making their rings naturally expensive.

Thankfully, even though if you go direct, it’s going to be expensive, you can find plenty of their rings at Bloomingdales and other department stores in a much more affordable range from $1.5k to a few thousand dollars.

Here are their current collections.

  • Dy Astor
  • Dy Capri
  • Dy Crossover
  • Dy Eden
  • Dy Unity
  • Dy Delaunay
  • Dy Lanai
  • Dy Wisteria

Let’s break down what they have to offer so we can better understand where the pricing may come from.

Keep in mind that all rings can be customized, which is why to purchase, you must work with a diamond specialist for the price.

Dy Astor

The Dy Astor has only one ring design within this category to work with.

It has an oval center diamond that is set horizontally across the ring.

With Pave diamonds centering around the center stone, it brings an old-world feel with modern enhancements making it a very classy ring.

The center diamond starts at 0.70 carats and can be moved up from there.

Dy Capri

Unlike the previous collection, the Dy Capri option has a number of rings to choose from, varying in color around the gemstone.

This collection is fun with pops of color such as pink, blue, green, and more.

While the center diamond still starts at about 0.70 carats, the price will differ based on the colors offered.

It also features pave diamonds with a thin-designed band.

Dy Crossover

Dy Crossover came out as a collection celebrating its 35th anniversary.

They feature nine rings to choose from, all with a unique crossover band design.

While most of the options come in silver, you will find a few 18k gold options for those looking for something different.

The diamond itself starts at a lower carat (0.30) than the previous categories.

Dy Eden

Dy Eden features one of the bigger selections having 13 different rings to choose from. It’s also a classic collection that you will find very popular among David Yurman fans.

It features simple bands with different center stones to choose from in terms of size and cut.

You also have some options in terms of gem color and band material.

Their center diamond, for the most part, starts at 0.70 carats, following a similar pattern from their other collections.

Dy Unity

Along with Dy Eden, Dy Unity is another very popular collection.

With 13 options very similar to the above, you’ll find that this collection is simple in the best way.

With one option offering 18k in Rose Gold, it may just be enough to deter someone from the Dy Eden collection.

This collection is a split between high-end gold and diamond pairings and platinum.

Dy Delaunay

This collection has unique and prominent features like edged bands and Emerald-cut stones.

This collection is for those who love bold square and rectangular shapes when it comes to their rings.

While most of the options come in gold, you can do something even bolder by pairing a platinum band with a stunning blue center stone.

Something like this, of course, goes up in price significantly.

Dy Lanai

Dy Lanai has a less dramatic cross-over with a double band but offers that with a pretty prominent center stone diamond in all of their rings.

This collection is quoted as a “relaxed take” on their signature Cable. You can choose from a number of cuts for this specific center stone.

Dy Wisteria

Finally, the Dy Wisteria collection only has two different rings to choose from before customizing it. Both look very similar with platinum bands and a center stone.

One comes in the round cut and the other in their signature cut. This is a classic yet brilliant-looking engagement ring that runs for middle-of-the-road $6500 prices.

Are David Yurman Engagement Rings More Expensive?

While David Yurman is a historical brand being the first jeweler to set diamonds with stainless steel, their prices are incredibly varied. For the most part, they compare quite similarly with other bespoke jewelry vendors.

You will have several options under and up to the $10k mark.

Having said that, some of their rings really go over the charts towards the $100k marker.

Of course, this will depend on your cut, color, and band choice.

In terms of engagement rings, some might find that David Yurman is reasonable in their prices.

In terms of fine jewelry, some may say they get their expensive name for relatively higher prices for specific jewelry pieces.

Are David Yurman Engagement Rings Worth It?

David Yurman has been in the fine jewelry business for quite some time, which says a lot about the business and whether the rings are worth it.

Because of the wide range of prices that they discuss really in-store, whether it is worth it or not is up to the buyer.

This is because everyone has a different idea in mind when it comes to how much to spend on an engagement ring.

Luckily, David Yurman has a lot of rings to choose from and a lot of prices to work with.

The quality itself is high, so anytime you feel comfortable swinging the price, overall, the ring is, in fact, worth the purchase.

Considerations When Buying A David Yurman Engagement Ring

While we vouch for a David Yurman engagement ring, there are always some considerations one needs to take note of.

Each jewelry vendor will offer different warranties, pricing, and processes when it comes to purchasing the ring. That’s why we focus on David Yurman’s process here.


David Yurman likes to keep their prices a little more mysterious.

That’s why you will notice that online, there are none.

It is best to work with a diamond specialist by contacting them so that you can first get your budget out there and then work with the rings within that.

Other Retailers

Many other retailers sell David Yurman rings which make it easier to get a hold on their prices.

Something to keep in mind is that these prices can be appealing because they are lower than an in-store purchase.

What you miss out on, though, is working with a specialist and possible warranty coverages when you go directly to David Yurman.

Online Orders

David Yurman allows for online orders to be returned within 14 days of purchase with proof of receipt.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing an online order for an engagement ring, sometimes this is the only choice.

You may want to time this around your proposal, so you get the right ring and have time to exchange or return.

A Classic Choice

David Yurman has really been around quite some time, so they understand how important fine jewelry is when it comes to special moments.

Particularly when it comes to engagements.

While most of their prices are unavailable online due to their custom process, you can always call for immediate assistance and work with one of their Diamond Specialists.

David Yurman is also frequently bought in third-party retailers but what you may want to consider when it comes to your engagement ring is that they have a 14-day return policy with proof of purchase.

This is great, but it also makes you think twice about when you are buying verse when you are proposing.

Whether the rings are worth the price, most would say they are happy with David Yurman.

They are of great quality with many options to choose from in terms of collections.

There is a style for everyone, which makes the process feel unique and special.

Otherwise, you always have Cartier, Graff, or Harry Winston among a few others to consider!