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How Many Wedding Programs To Order [The Optimal Amount Is…]

Are you in the process of ordering your wedding stationary? If so you’re going to need to know your quantities; and how much you need to order for each one. Wedding Programs are one such example where it can be difficult to work out. So today, I’d like to make it that much easier for you by giving you a rule of thumb that you can apply – regardless of your wedding guest count!

So, how many wedding programs should you order? It is generally recommended and accepted that you should order a wedding program for 75% of your guests.

So, as you will see, it’s not one for every person, nor is it one for every couple.

And there is a reason behind this math and this equation. Let’s now explore it.

Why Follow The 75% Wedding Program Order Rule?

75% is the recommended number of wedding programs to order, in relation to guests, to ensure you have enough but to ensure that not too many are unused (and you overspend).

When you think about it; not every guest will be able to make your special day.

And you’ll get last minute cancellations too.

Added to the fact, you need to consider the actual guests on the day.

Not everyone will want to take one.

So, getting a wedding program for every scheduled guest therefore does not make sense.

Wedding Program Order Quantities By Wedding Size

Below, I have ran the math to give you an idea of how many wedding programs you should order, based off your wedding guest size:

Wedding Ceremony Guest SizeWedding Programs To Order/Provide

* I have rounded up those marked with an asterisk, as you cannot order half of a wedding program!

When To Order Your Wedding Programs

It is generally advised to order your wedding programs at least 1-2 months before your wedding day. Though, if you want to get samples and check a few side by side, ordering these 4-5 months ahead of time is a good idea.

It ultimately depends on what you want and who you choose as a supplier.

The larger suppliers will be able to turnaround an order faster; and they will also be less likely to make errors or where you could experience quality issues.

Considerations When Ordering Wedding Programs

There are some best practices to ensure your wedding program order runs smoothly and you do not encounter any expensive errors or setbacks.

Here are some of my personal recommendations:

Give Yourself Enough Time

Don’t leave wedding program ordering to the last minute!

You’ll soon notice when shopping for wedding programs there are a lot of styles and designs, and you can quickly get overwhelmed.

At the same time, manufacturing and delivery takes time and you need to ensure you leave enough room for potential delays here.

Trust me, you could do without the stress.

Order Through Reputable Suppliers

You may find a good deal, but you want to ensure that your wedding programs are of optimal quality.

At the same time, reputable suppliers will generally be much better to work with, contact and will have likely have a more useful customer service support that you can liaise with regarding your order.

While some of the premium suppliers are not cheap; consider that you generally get what you pay for – and paper/card/ink is not cheap!

Consider The Theme Of Your Wedding

The better suppliers will also likely offer other wedding stationary – so you can ensure everything aligns and matches/suits the theme/style of your wedding.

Where To Order Your Wedding Programs

If I could offer a recommendation here, I would suggest you head over to Minted.

They are without doubt one of the best suppliers for wedding stationary I have been able to find.

They only offer designs by independent artists; ensuring your programs will be unique and stand out from your average option.

Plus, these programs are of he highest standard, printed on the most luxurious paper/card and are designs are available in colors of your choosing.

And the unlimited proofs with your own dedicated designer ensure you end up getting the programs exactly how you like them.

It’s a no-brainer for me.

It’s where I plan to order from, at least.

In the market for wedding programs? Here are some of the best you can find for each style and design:

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