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11 Vintage Wedding Place Cards You Need To Consider

What truly makes a breathtaking wedding, besides the newly married couple themselves, is always the little details. The small accents to every wedding day, like vintage wedding place cards. 

They’re such small details that some may even forget them altogether, but wedding place cards are not only a super personal touch, but they can help smooth out the transition between ceremony and reception by guiding your guests to their seats.

But, let’s be honest, planning and deciding on these small details can be tricky and overwhelming. There’s just so much choice out there, and how do you even know you can trust your online printer?

Don’t worry; if you’re here, you are in the right place. 

I always recommend Minted for the incredible printing service РI mean, quality and reliability. What more could you need? 

So, here are my top eleven picks for their stunning artist-designed vintage wedding place cards. 

Nouveau Flowers

Featuring a simple yet luxury floral poppy element, this design really gives you vintage wedding place cards an extra wow-factor with its foil-pressed finish. Available as a flat card or a folded place card that can stand up alone, this design comes in eight rich and classic color themes. Customize this wedding place card even further by personalizing each one with your guests’ names and choosing a matching real foil finish. Finish your card with one of three luxury paper finishes, including a pearlescent option for a shimmery look.

Deco Starburst

Choose a card as dramatic and ornate as your big day. This design features an intricately detailed border that draws inspiration from the art deco period. Watch as it glimmers thanks to one of the eight luxury true foil finishes you can choose from. Each card can be personalized with your guests’ names in contrasting colors to each of the eight classic color themes you have to choose from. Pick the flat card format for a little bit of a modern touch or opt for a classic stand-alone folded place card, and then finishes your design by choosing one of the three luxury paper fibers.

Art Deco

Fans of the roaring twenties will fall in love with this minimalistic design. The sharp lines create a beautiful simple art deco-inspired arch over your guests’ printed names. Each arch is printed with real foil, and you can choose from their eight luxury finishes – including a couple of glitter foil options for a little more glam. This design is available in eight rich and classic color themes, perfect for a vintage wedding. Choose from a flat or folded card format and have your unique design printed on one of three high-quality paper fibers. 


This vintage wedding place card is beautifully designed with an ornate foliage border. The artistic elements hark to classical novel illustration and come in six fun and bright color themes for you to choose from. With a folded stand-alone or flat card format to choose from, this place card is sweet, simple, and fun. Choose from one of the three luxury paper fibers.

Antique Lines

Like the ornate corners of vintage photo frames, this design features a classic antique design element printed in real luxury foil for a glimmering visual. Available in five fun, contrasting color schemes, you can choose from the eight different foil finishes to give your vintage wedding place card a really unique design. This design can be printed in a modern flatcars format or a more traditional stand-alone folded card. Choose from one of the three luxury paper fibers to complete your high-quality place card.

Floral Mosaic

Harking to a time when the romantic Romans spent their days adorned in togas and gold, this design features a beautiful mosaic-inspired header. With eight different mosaic colors to choose from, you can opt for more classic and earthy colors or go a little more vivid with modern and fun colors. This design is available in a flat or stand-alone folded card format, and you have three luxury paper fibers to choose from. 

Eternal Love

For lovers of simple design but can’t let go of ornate florals, this design has both. Featuring a simple yet detailed floral wreath element that encircles your guests’ table number, this design is the best of both worlds. Available in eight classic and fun color themes, you can have this design printed on a modern flat card or opt for a more traditional folded card format. With three luxury paper fibers to choose from, you can go for a luxury pearlescent paper finish or a more eco-friendly recycled option. 


Keep it simple with this minimalistic vintage wedding place card design. No fussy, ornate details here. Just beautiful lettering highlighted with a simple contrasting line element. Available in eight rich and classic color themes, you can personalize each card with your guests’ names. Customize this delicate design with one of the three luxury and high-quality paper fibers and choose between a flat or folded format.


Sweet and simple, this design is perfect for the understated vintage wedding. Choose from one of the eight classic color schemes, and then customize this design by choosing one of the eight luxury real foil finishes to make the star-like elements pop against your chosen background. With three high-quality paper fibers to choose from, have this gorgeous card printed as a flat card or a more traditional folded card. 


Featuring a whimsically vintage border crammed with artistic florals and foliage, this design comes in four earthy color schemes inspired by nature. Every card has each guest’s name printed on them, and you can have these printed as a flat or folded place card. Choose from one of the three luxury paper fibers for a truly rich feel to the touch.


Featuring a glimmering real foil border in a vintage-inspired and intricate design. This vintage wedding place card comes with eight foil finishes to choose from and eight classically rich color themes. Choose from the modern flat card format or a more traditional folded card option and have your unique design print on one of the three luxury paper fibers. 

Vintage Wedding Place Cards With Minted

Knowing who to trust to print your wedding paper accessories can be a little stressful, and that’s why I always recommend Minted. 

There’s something so special about their personal service.

Perhaps it’s the dedicated designer your assigned to walk you through every step of the process, or maybe it’s how affordable their high-quality prints are. It could even be that every single design has been created by an actual artist.

Whatever it is, their high-quality service is definitely the one for those looking to save money while still getting exactly what they want and deserve for their big day.

So trust me, check them out…

It’s where I’ll be ordering mine from, at least!