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How Long Does It Take To Get Fitted For A Tux? [What To Expect]

I plan on marrying my soon to be wife in a tuxedo. I know, isn’t she lucky. But I had some questions about the process, especially how long it took to have it fitted. Besides, time is of the essence these days. With a little bit of research, here is what I found.

So, how long does it take to get fitted for a tux? It generally takes between 15-30 minutes to get fitted for a tux. This will give the tailor sufficient time to take all the necessary measurements, including the chest, waist, shoulders, and sleeves while also ensuring it matches and suits both shape and stance.

Getting a tux may sound like a lot of fun. And it certainly is nice to wear.

But, getting fitted is not so ideal.

Its a little bit awkward, I get it.

Thankfully, the process shouldn’t take too long and you’ll have the tux you always wanted in little to no time at all.

How Early Should You Get Fitted For A Tux?

It comes generally recommended that you get fitted around 1 month before the date you need your tuxedo. So for instance, 30 days before your wedding day.

This should allow the tailor plenty of time to prepare your order, and make any last-minute changes should the need arise.

From your perspective, it also gives you the gift of time and should limit any last minute worry and stress.

That being said, you do not want to have your fitting done any earlier than this, because there is always the risk that you may gain, or lose, a few pounds prior to the day.

The last thing you want is a suit that doesn’t quite fit. Besides, that’s why you are having a fitting in the first place!

Do I Need To Make An Appointment For My Tuxedo Fitting?

It comes generally recommended to make an appointment, or at the very least, contact the tailor in advance.

Not all tailors will require an appointment, but it can save you a lot of hassle and bother.

It’s also peace of mind and allows the tailor to be aware of your arrival, making any arrangements necessary.

It goes without saying but some tailors, especially the more reputable ones, are more likely to be busy and have other appointments.

How Should A Tuxedo Fit?

A tuxedo should fit the needs and preferences of whoever is wearing it. They need to be comfortable after all.

That being said, there are certain elements of a suit that need to fit just right or otherwise it will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Let us now take a closer look at each area below:


They should not be too long; stopping at the wrist. A small amount of cuff should show.

Jacket Length

The jacket length should align with the torso of whoever is wearing it.

It should not be too long, instead, when the arms are down, the hem should be around where the palms lay naturally.

Jacket Collar

The jacket collar should neatly rest against the shirt. There should be no space in between. and it should not lift up and away.


The buttons should be able to fasten, without causing any additional creasing than a small amount that is naturally required.


Trousers should have any horizontal creasing, or hang down at the front.

Instead, the trousers fit should fall in line with the fit of the jacket.

They should be snug but not too tight.

The bottoms of the trousers should neatly fit on the top of the shoe, with a small break.

Do You Pay For A Tux When You Get Fitted?

Whether you will pay for your tux when you get fitted will depend on the store, but generally, you will be expected to pay when it is ready for you to pick it up.

This is commonly a few days to a week before the event, on a date agreed with the store or tailor.

What To Wear To A Suit Fitting

It comes strongly advised to wear a similar, if not the exact same long-sleeve shirt that you will be wearing with the tuxedo, on the day of the event.

Equally, it would also help to have the shoes that you will be wearing too, but at the very least in a similar style and of the same color that you intend on wearing.

Generally, the more you can match your event attire to what you wear to the fitting, the more successful it will be.


How you tuxedo fits is as important as the quality of the tuxedo itself.

The fit literally makes or break how it looks.

In some ways, the fit is more important.

And while you may have questioned how long this would all take, rest assured that tailors are professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

They’re pretty speedy when it comes to the measurements, and by working on a countless number of clients know exactly what to look for.

Remember, their time is as important as yours.

So no need to worry, your fitting should be done in a little under an hour.

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