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How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean A Suit? [On Average]

It’s the day after the big event. You go to put your suit onto its hanger and notice that it’s just not in a great way. It could have a bit of a funky smell, or it could have the odd stain here in there. Dry cleaning it is. But how much can you expect this service to set you back? Well, I made some inquiries, and I’d like to present my findings here to you today. 

So, how much does it cost to dry clean a suit? It typically costs between $10-$50, on average, to get a suit dry cleaned. This price can be influenced by a few different things. Such as the degree of the stains on your suit, the material of your suit, and even the reputation of the dry cleaners you send your suit to.

Now, of course, you may have other items you want dry cleaned, too, such as your tie, a shirt, etc. So do consider there will be an additional expense for those too. 

Nevertheless, keep reading to find all you need to know about getting your suit dry-cleaned.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Dry Cleaning A Suit

Although a good average price for getting your suit cleaned will be anywhere from $10 to $50, some things can make this cost less or more expensive. 

It is actually a good idea to be aware of these before you visit any dry cleaner, as it may not even be a suit you are particularly fond of or may not have even cost you that much, to begin with.

Where You Take It

Naturally, the reputation and skills of your chosen dry cleaners will influence the costs of their services. 

Newer dry cleaning businesses tend to have introductory offers to build their client base. 

This can be great if you are on a tighter budget. The same goes for less reputable dry cleaners. 

Although, their reasons for having more budget-friendly prices are more about the price reflecting their work than trying to build a reliable customer base. 

How much you love your suit will have a big impact here, along with how much wear you want to continue getting out of it. Nonetheless, it is usually worth paying a little more for services that you can trust.

Level Of Service

Some places will have a variable scale when it comes to pricing their services, especially when it comes to cleaning suits. 

Hard-to-remove stains, like oil-based stains or accidental red win spillage, will require a lot more work to remove and can add extra fees to your final quote. 

However, even with the best dry cleaners, the cost should not exceed $75. 

Make sure your dry cleaner is aware of any stains you know of so that you can get an accurate quote before your drop your suit off at the premises. 

The last thing you want is a surprise bill that far exceeds what you thought you were going to pay.

Turnaround Time

Not all dry cleaners provide an expedited service, but if you do need your suit back sooner rather than later, you may be charged an extra rush fee. 

In most cases, you probably won’t have a deadline, but if you have rented your suit, the rental company may expect to receive the suit back by a certain date. 

Make sure to ask your dry cleaner if they offer a rush service, as not all dry cleaners do. You don’t want to find yourself stuck without being able to get your suit back in time.

The Style And Material Of Your Suit

The style and material of your suit can be the biggest influencer of the cost of getting it dry-cleaned. 

Each fabric will have different cleaning requirements. This means some dry cleans can cost more than others.

For example, wool-based suits can be tricky to dry clean and generally costs more than a cotton suit.

The actual style of your suit can also alter the price. 

Number Of Pieces

Are you getting a 2-piece or a 3-piece suit dry cleaned?

Of course, you would expect the latter to cost more as there is simply, more to dry clean!

Where Can You Get Your Suit Dry Cleaned?

Most dry cleaners provide suit dry cleaning services. 

Nevertheless, it is still essential to do your research, find the most reputable dry cleaners and make a few inquiries. 

It may even pay to get in touch with your local dry cleaners ahead of time, say before a special event if you know you are going to need this service and to ensure you get your suit back in a timely manner. 

When Should You Get Your Suit Dry Cleaned?

You should definitely get your suit dry-cleaned as soon as you can after your event, but you also may want to consider getting it dry-cleaned before it, too. 

If your suit is one of your old ones, second-hand, or purchased during a sample sale, it’s likely to have been worn by more than just yourself. 

This may have resulted in a few little stains or grubby patches that you definitely don’t want.

If you needed alterations, even if the suit is brand new or a custom design, it may have picked up the odd scuff or dirt mark. 

It is normal, and it happens and getting it dry-cleaned before your event will ensure it’s in optimal condition.

The reason you want to get your suit dry cleaned as soon after your event is to avoid stains from setting too deep into the fabric. 

The sooner a professional can start cleaning it, the easier some of the stains or marks can be removed. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Suit Dry Cleaned?

Suit dry cleaning usually takes between 3-5 days. Though how busy the dry cleaners are, the level of stains, and when you take it in can all impact this general timeline.

Are You Ready To Get Your Suit Dry Cleaned?

Getting your suit dry-cleaned after a big event is one of those inconvenient and often overlooked things.

In fact, a lot of us don’t do it enough, but it is an important part of maintaining the quality of your suit. 

This could be an incredibly important factor if you plan on wearing your suit for years to come and you’ve invested in a good one.

Luckily, getting your suit dry-cleaned probably isn’t as expensive as you first thought, but don’t cut too many corners here. Opt for a reputable one, even if it does cost a little bit more.

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