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Hello Baby Monitor Review [Should You Buy This Camera?]

Are you in the market for a baby monitor? Have you stumbled across the Hello Baby brand and wondered whether or not this is the one you should opt for and trust in?

Well, having recently purchased this particular brand and one of their most popular monitors myself, I thought I’d share my opinions and experiences with it here with you today.

We’ll soon be looking at the brand and the product in further detail, but if you are short of time, then here is my quick overview and verdict…

HelloBaby Baby Monitor

Quick Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable, safe, durable and practical baby monitor, then I would strongly recommend a Hello Baby Monitor.

With large screens, clear images, good night vision, and excellent battery life, all at an affordable price, this monitor ticks all of the boxes.

Who Are Hello Baby?

Hello Baby is a leading brand of high-quality baby monitors and monitoring technology. They operate in over 30 countries and have millions of customers worldwide. 

Founded in 2006, they are an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, complying with all of the most important industry quality regulations and safety standards, including CE, RoHS, FCC, CB, etc.

Equally, they have over 17 patents, 10 software copyrights, an entirely owned professional baby monitor factory, and extensive certification with a dedicated team of researchers and developers.

Their monitors feature DSR (Digital Safe Radio) technology to ensure your baby remains safe and protected from emissions and radiation at all times.

It is no surprise that this brand and manufacturer are award-winning.

Hello Baby has been named the Safest Baby Monitor, GOLD Award by Family Choice Awards. They are also Best Sellers in their category on Amazon.

Why Did I Buy A Hello Baby Monitor 

I purchased a Hello Baby monitor for four different reasons; I trusted in the brand, they come with excellent online reviews, and I have a couple of friends (fellow mothers) who swore by them. I was also impressed by the functionality on offer, particularly at the price point.

Below, you can see a screenshot of my order from within my Amazon account:

And below, here is an image of the product when it arrived:

What I Like About Hello Baby Monitors

The following features and aspects of Hello Baby monitors are some of the reasons I personally recommend them.

Baby Safe Priority

Hello Baby monitors are zero emission.

They are considered to be one of the safest systems available.

The brand has a dedication to ongoing research and development, too, taking in feedback from parents and fellow users.

As such, their monitors have constantly and consistently improved with each new version and iteration.

No Wi-Fi

This may sound like an odd benefit, but hear me out.

The thing is, Wi-Fi devices can, and unfortunately do, get hacked.

Do you really want a device that is looking directly at your baby to be hacked?

Absolutely not.

Hence, by not supporting Wi-Fi, your Hello Baby monitor will naturally be much safer and more secure.


I am very impressed with the quality the camera offers.

The sound is clear, night vision offers a clear image, and I love the screen size.

Signal Strength

I have found the signal strength to be brilliant, regardless of where I place or position this monitor in my home.

Plus, there is no need to constantly reconnect it. It syncs instantly.


I love the fact that you can buy additional cameras to sync in and provide more angles/views of your baby, should you require them.

Value For Money

I was immensely impressed by the price, at least when you compare it to other brands of baby monitors.

It’s great value for money, considering competitors are charging in their hundreds for what is virtually the same or even an inferior product!

Available On Prime

I literally ordered the Baby Monitor at 10 am in the morning, and it had arrived by 6 pm that same day!

That’s incredible service, and it will ensure that you get it as soon as possible.

Should You Buy A Hello Baby Monitor?

Personally, I would strongly suggest that you purchase the Hello Baby monitor.

I think at this price point, you are going to struggle to find a monitor as safe, dependable, and as effective as this.

Sure, the camera does not provide HD images, but the images you get are of sufficient quality to see exactly what is going on.

They more than suffice.

Plus, the fact that the manufacturer is such a reputable and forward-thinking company with a focus on safety makes me think that it is worth getting for these reasons alone.

If you purchase the monitor directly from Amazon, you’ll be sure you are getting the best price.

And as previously mentioned, you will also be getting it delivered incredibly quickly – particularly if you order through Prime.

This is the particular make and model I opted for (HB 50), and I would recommend you do the same:


Does the HelloBaby Monitor use WiFi?

HelloBaby Monitors do use Wi-Fi – but only to connect the camera to the display unit. This is an automatic connection and pre-set factory setting. You therefore cannot connect to a HelloBaby monitor via Wi-Fi ordinarily, nor will the HelloBaby Monitor appear when searching for devices.

Can I connect my HelloBaby Monitor to my phone?

You cannot connect a HelloBaby monitor to your phone.

Can you zoom on HelloBaby monitor?

You can zoom on most HelloBaby Monitors. There is a separate button on the monitor itself that allows you to zoom in and out, as required.