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Can You Wear White To A Bridal Shower? [The Do’s And Dont’s]

If you have a bridal shower coming up, then deciding on your outfit can prove quite challenging. Or entirely stressful. Besides, you want to do the right thing. A common question by guests and even the bride herself is whether or not they can wear white to a bridal shower. Having researched the etiquette, here is what you need to know!

So, can you wear white to a bridal shower? It comes strongly advised not to wear white to a bridal shower if you are attending as a guest. It is classically bad etiquette for anyone other than the bride to wear white and it is likely that the bride will be wearing something white herself.

While there are so many progressive new rules when it comes to etiquette, there are a few that always will stay the same.

For example, people will always wear black to a funeral, brides will almost always wear white to a wedding, and it is always rude to chew with your mouth open.

With all of the classic etiquette rules combined with the new ones, there are bound to be a few things that are left up to question.

Especially for those that are less commonly known.

The bridal shower is one such instance that can be most confusing.

But I am here to help.

Today, we will be taking a closer look at precisely how to approach these outfit dilemmas.

So, be sure to keep reading to learn exactly what a bride, and a guest, should look to wear to this celebratory occasion!

Should a Bride Wear White to Her Bridal Shower?

The bride can wear white to her bridal shower, but it’s not compulsory. Many choose to do so, but that does not mean every bride has to.

Here is the beauty of being the bride…she can wear whatever she wants!

Within reason, of course.

White is a color often associated with the bride, and for the purpose of the bridal shower, it should be reserved for her.

White as a color is actually very symbolic; especially for the bride.

What Should The Bride Wear To Her Bridal Shower?

Since it has been concluded that the bride can wear whatever she wants to her bridal shower, now comes the fun of exploring all of those different options!

Formal Shower In The Evening

If you have opted to have a formal bridal shower in the evening time at a swanky restaurant or upscale bar, then your outfit will want to reflect class and elegance.

Opt for a sleek, white jumpsuit, maybe a mini white dress with a low back, or possibly, a white version of your favorite little black dress.

Another point, look for something more of a simple style.

Most brides want to feel classy but also sexy on these special occasions.

Dresses or jumpsuits with low backs or plunging necklines can also be acceptable for an evening formal shower.

Brunch (or Lunch) Shower

I love brunch showers! First of all, there is the benefit of being able to eat all of the best kinds of food.

Then, there are the classic mimosas that are perfectly acceptable to drink early in the day. Lastly, the outfits to choose from are typically dress-casual.

Think of brunch attire as something you might wear (or imagine someone wearing) to the church on Easter Sunday. Brides, this is the perfect chance to find that cute white midi-dress, Romper, or long sleeve mini-dress.

Further, brunch is the PERFECT time to incorporate some floral and cute polka dot prints!

Informal Evening

When exploring the good ole’ internet, I found so many cute ideas for outfits in more of an informal bridal shower setting.

One of the more popular options I found was more of an “I Do BBQ”. How cute is that?

With informal evening bridal showers, you need to consider what type of event this is going to be.

But as a staple, you can get away with wearing a great pair of jeans and a white statement blouse, and some amazingly awesome shoes.

However, one of the best points of an informal shower is that because YOU are the bride, once again, you can wear whatever you want.

Literally, this is one of the few moments in your life where you can get away with not dressing in the same type of attire as everyone else and it is completely not weird. 

Other Thoughts to Consider…

Brides, when considering your shower attire, also take into consideration the time of year in which you are having the event to determine your dress pieces.

For instance, if your shower is in the winter there are some really beautiful white sweater dress options that range from a casual style to elegant and classy.

What Should A Guest Wear To A Bridal Shower?

As we have already established, you probably should look for something in a color other than white.

But don’t think that because you aren’t the bride can you can’t still have a ton of fun getting dressed up in a super cute outfit to celebrate with the bride!

Here are a few tips to go by:

Go. For. Classy

You will never regret looking elegantly polished.

Go for a pretty and flowy mini-dress with some cute nude pumps and a beautifully matched clutch.

Maybe, try a cute tulle midi-shirt and an off-white sweater (yes, you can wear a white shirt…just not a white EVERYTHING).

Having this type of look not only accents your beauty, but adds to the overall environment and ensures that you are looking fabulous for all of the pictures.

All the while still being considerate to not outshine the bride.

Think About the Season

Spring and Summer is the perfect time of year to dawn those pastels, bright colors, floral prints, and perky polka dots.

These warmer seasons allow for all lengths of dresses and a wide variety of styles to choose from.

For example, you may find an amazingly comfortable and flowy maxi dress that would be suitable for a summertime shower.

Pair that with a cute pair of strappy sandals or wedges and a great necklace and you’re ready to go!

Fall and Winter are the perfect time for those big and beautiful chunky knit sweaters, soft sweater dresses, and blanket scarves that can be styled to any occasion.

The days of plain sweaters are gone as there now is a vast array of styles to choose from that will fit any occasion.

The Shoes

Just like with the types of stylish clothing you can wear depending on the season to your friend’s or family’s bridal shower, the right shoes can make or break the outfit!

Pair your trendy sweater dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots, or, that cute mini dress with a beautiful pair of nude pumps.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

No outfit is entirely complete without the proper accessories. Think about what pieces would look best with whatever outfit you have chosen to wear.

Depending on the type of shirt you are wearing will determine the style of necklace that you wear.

If you are wearing a plain type shirt, you can select more a statement piece that helps to complete your outfit.

To determine what kind of necklace to wear with your outfit, think about the neckline.

For example, for that wintertime bridal shower, if your neckline is a turtleneck then it would be best to choose a necklace with a long chain and maybe a pendant.

However, if your blouse or dress has a cowl neck, no necklace at all is the best option. Rather, go for a great pair of feature earrings to complete your look.

What About Jeans?

There are so many different ways to dress up or down with jeans! Dressing more casual with a pair of jeans is easy, however, so is dressing up.

Pair your jeans with a statement blouse and some heels for more of a swanky nice-casual bridal shower. If you’re going to a BBQ, pair those jeans with a cute pair of sandals or some wedge booties.

The biggest and most important thing to remember in any capacity is that you want your jeans to be nice!

Make sure you aren’t picking something that has a ton of holes or has been whitewashed and worn to the last thread. Go for clean lines and few to no frays.

What Should A Guest Not Wear To A Bridal Shower?

A guest should generally not wear white, anything too showy, nor something outside of the dress code set out by the bride to the bridal shower.

With all of the many things that you can choose from to wear to an upcoming bridal shower, there are just as many selections that you should absolutely steer away from!

Thankfully, with such apps such as Pinterest and search engines like Google, you can get an idea of what is acceptable in any bridal shower situation.

In any case, here are three tips of what not to wear:

Nothing White, Cream, Off-white

For real…DO.NOT.WEAR. WHITE to someone else’s bridal shower.

However, I do want to clarify here as the color white is not entirely off-limits if the color is incorporated with a pattern of some sort.

For example, white is acceptable if the main focus of the dress incorporates polka dots, stripes, or a lot of florals.

Choosing an all-white, off-white, or cream colored dress or outfit of another person’s bridal shower isn’t acceptable and may leave you subject to bad feelings from others.

Nothing Too Revealing

There is a massively huge difference between classy and sexy and, you know, looking the opposite.

The outfit you choose to wear should reflect your individuality and beauty in the best of ways.

Keep your skirt about fingertip length, which is always a good rule of thumb (pardon the pun).

When in doubt, always go with something else! Choose a nice pair of slacks or a mid-length skirts instead.

Having too short of a dress isn’t to only way to reveal a little more than what is acceptable.

Make sure your plunging necklines aren’t too wide and your blouses aren’t so loose that when you make the slightest bend people see more than they want.

Another thing to consider is making sure undergarments stay concealed.

Many times, certain fabrics can be revealing and require a bit more forethought as to the completion of the outfit.

Furthermore, be considerate to make sure bra straps aren’t showing either.

Just like with someone else wearing white, dressing inappropriately draws negative attention to you, and overall, attention away from the bride.

Is There A Dress Code?

Before you decide on what you are wearing for the occasion when you are attending a bridal shower it vital that you check to see if there is a dress code.

Likely, for more formal occasions the invitations will state if formal or cocktail attire is being requested.

Sometimes, if the bridal shower is being held in a higher-end restaurant, the establishment may have a dress code or policy for its guests.

For daytime showers or brunch showers, the attire mentioned earlier in this article is perfect for those specific types of occasions.

Then there are those occasions that are being held outdoors.

In these cases, there isn’t a written dress code, however, you would want to dress accordingly. For example, don’t wear a sleek romper and stilettoes to an outdoor BBQ.

Lastly, in the case of outdoor events, make sure you dress according to the weather.

Sometimes as the day turns to night, you might not be prepared for some cooler weather and wind up being uncomfortable.

Last Thoughts

Bridal Showers can be a lot of fun for everyone invovled.

When you get there and settle in of course.

Before then it’s only natural to stress and worry about what to wear!

But if you do the following, you should be more than okay:

  1. If you aren’t the bride, don’t wear white!
  2. Consider the dress code (if there is one)
  3. Always aim for class
  4. Don’t forget to accessorize!
  5. Always “ooh and ahh” at the bride!

From there, just try to enjoy yourself.

It is a celebration, after all.