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Best 10 Alternatives To Flower Girl Baskets You Have To Consider

Whether your venue does not allow the scattering of petals or you are not fond of the idea altogether, you may be wondering whether there are any alternatives to baskets. Besides, it may not suit your theme or you may be looking for a different vibe altogether. Either way, what are your options? I spent some time researching and would like to share my findings here with you today.

So, what are the best alternatives to flower girl baskets? The best alternatives to flower girl baskets include the carrying of a miniature bouquet, a single flower, a balloon, windmill, parasol, seashells a sign/banner or a small purse. Equally, you could get your flower girl to blow bubbles or toss confetti if your venue allows for it.

Despite typically being under 10 years of age and having only one real responsibility; the flower girl plays an important role during any ceremony.

Besides, she does walk down the aisle just before the bride does!

Part of her role is undoubtedly in looking adorable and cute, and all of the attention will be on her at some point.

So it makes sense to consider the various different ways she can begin the procession and the ceremony. Let us now look at the main alternatives you can consider in further detail.

We will then address some of those other questions you may have, such as whether or not you need to get a bouquet for your flower girl and if you need one altogether.

Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

Outside of a basket, there are various different options to consider. Below we will look at the most commonly used. Although, this list is definitely not exhaustive.

Miniature Bouquet

What can be cuter than a miniature bouquet? You can even get one that matches the theme and style of your wedding, and coordinates with the rest of your bridesmaids to tie it all in together.

A Single Flower

A more subtle and simple approach is to get your flower girl to carry just a single flower. Alliums, and Dahlia are popular choices and are relatively easy to find at most florists.

Just make sure it is fresh and not whimpered!

A Balloon

Balloons are relatively versatile and you can easily color coordinate them with the theme of your wedding.

The obvious choice is a white balloon, but you can ultimately choose what suits you best.

A Windmill

Another excellent choice that have a different look and feel to the traditional flowers.

These are ideal for outdoor ceremonies or themed weddings.

A Parasol

Parasols, or light umbrellas, are also another great option. They are ideal for warm, summer weddings where the sun is out and shining bright in the sky.

They can really give your wedding a vintage, quintessential look.


These are perfect for beach weddings, and help to tie your flower girl into the theme!

A Sign or Banner

Signs or banners are an excellent choice and a way in which the flower girl can make a short announcement to the guests.

There are many signs or banners available for great prices over at Amazon.

Some of the best options include statements such as ‘Here Comes The Bride’ or something more entertaining such as ‘Don’t Worry Ladies, I’m Still Single’.

Blow Bubbles

Instead of dropping petals, another option is to give your flower girl a bottle of bubbles.

This way she can blow bubbles just before and/or as the bride walks.

Toss Confetti

Another option is for your flower girl to drop confetti. This can work great if your photographer manages to capture the moment with a few pictures.

Small Purse

There is something quite adorable about this option. A small little purse that matches the flower girls dress.

Better yet you can even get her to carry something required for the ceremony, such as the vows, and get her to hand them over to you when called for.

Just make sure this is all planned and well thought through. Plus, you may want somebody to keep a close eye to ensure they do not get lost!

Of course, these are just some of the best options. I’ve also seen recommendations for feathers, ribbon wands, pine cones and leaves.

Ultimately, it depends on the wedding theme and your personal preferences!

Does The Flower Girl Need A Bouquet?

Flower girls do not need a bouquet, although they can hold and carry one down the aisle instead of their traditional basket and petals.

If you get a bouquet for your flower girl, consider that miniature versions typically work better. This is especially true is she is of a small size and young age.

Equally, you may want to consider getting flowers that are more secure or resistant. This will ensure they are not accidentally damaged or wilt under the heat of the flowers girls hands.

Alternatively, they can carry something entirely different, such as an option outlined above.

What Can You Do Instead Of A Flower Girl?

There are many other options to a flower girl, with the most common being: to pre-decorate the aisle with petals, have a junior bridesmaid instead or decorating the alter.

While flower girls are nice to have, they are by no means essential or required.

It ultimately depends on the couple, their preferences, the venue and the wedding theme.

Some venues for example will not allow the dropping of petals, whereas some couples may not have any one in mind for the role.

This is perfectly fine. Having a flower girl is entirely optional.


There are many different alternatives to flower girl baskets that you can consider. Some may immediately stand out and be an option to pursue, or you may have another idea altogether.

Either way, it is ultimately up to you as a couple to decide what you want your flower girl to carry.

Just consider her age, size, and personality. You do not want anything to go wrong.

They do take to the aisle moments before the bride, after all.

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