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What Can A Page Boy Carry Down The Aisle? [The Options]

If you are having a page boy at your wedding, then you will likely have some questions about their role on your big day. One often asked in particular is what they should carry down the aisle. In need of such information, I spent some time researching the options and would like to share them with you here today.

So, what can a page boy carry down the aisle? Traditionally, the page boy would carry the brides train down the aisle. Although in more recent times, or if the brides dress does not have a train, they would either hold hands with the flower girl or carry nothing at all. Some couples decide to have their page boy carry the rings, and this is especially common with those who do not have a ring bearer. Other options could be that the page boy carries a ‘here comes the bride’ sign or a banner, a single rose, a ring pillow or even a candle.

Truth be said, a lot of what the page boy does is look cute. Whether that be during the ceremony or in your wedding photos themselves.

Nevertheless, it is a great way to include a young boy (typically under the age of eight) from your family or close friends, without necessarily having to worry about giving them too much responsibility where things could go wrong.

Let us now take a closer look at the role of the page boy in closer detail, before exploring those options for what they can carry further.

Does Page Boy Walk Down The Aisle?

The page boy does walk down the aisle. They do so either with the flower girl (possibly holding hands) or walking alongside the other bridesmaids.

It is in fact possible for you to have two page boys and in that instance, they can walk together.

At the same time, page boys are not a requirement for a wedding; it is ultimately the decision of the bride and groom as to whether they even have one.

Of course, if there is not page boy then they will not obviously walk down the aisle. Thankfully with this specific role, it is not commonly noticeable.

Nevertheless, the bride and groom does decide to have a page boy; it is important that they choose wisely. Too young could risk that they misbehave or decide not to walk down the aisle in a tantrum!

What Does A Page Boy Carry?

Traditionally the page boy does not carry anything. Instead, their main responsibility was to carry the train of the brides wedding dress.

However, times are different and many brides do not have a dress with a train altogether. Others may not want the page boy to fulfil this role.

Instead, in recent years it has been common for page boys to carry all different things, at the request of the bride and groom.

It is ultimately up to them on what the page boy carries.

For this reason, what the page boy carries can vary wedding to wedding. It can be entirely unique to the couple or it could be something more common.

Let us now take a look at the main options below:

Sign or Banner

Signs or banners are a common alternative and a great way to inject some humor into the ceremony.

Often you can find signs with entertaining words or comments, such as this best seller on Amazon.

Whether the bride or groom knows that the page boy is going to be carrying it or whether it is a surprise is something else to consider.

Equally, signs can be made relatively easily and include something very personal. They can be made bespoke too.

Signs and banners are great because they give the page boy something to hold that is equally not being a massive responsibility or likely to cause too much stress!

Single Rose

Another option I have seen, is for page boys to carry a single rose.

While relatively subtle, this can be a charming way for him to walk down the aisle.

Especially if the page boy is walking alongside the rest of the bridesmaids, whom have flower bouquets themselves.

Ring Pillow

Some couples decide to opt against having a ring bearer, and instead give this responsibility to the page boy.

In this instance, the page boy can be given a special pillow for the rings and carry them down the aisle.

However, this can be a worrying thought; especially depending on the age of the page boy and their personality.

So, some couples decide to have their page boy carry a ring pillow as a placeholder, with nothing on.

This looks lovely without the risks associated with it!


Candles can work well for certain ceremonies, depending on the venue and the style and theme of the wedding itself.

Either way, if a candle is the option of choice there is of course an element of risk.

You need to be specific with the type of candle used, when it is lit and of course, it should be soon put out to avoid any issues later during the ceremony!

This option is certainly not for everyone!


While it may not be the most interesting, there is of course the option that he does not carry anything altogether.

Again the personality of the page boy should be taken into account as many would do better to be holding something.

Although some couples do decide to have their page boy hold the flower girls hand, or even a bridesmaids hand as they walk down the aisle.


The role of the page boy is actually quite minimal. But it is still important nonetheless.

Despite typically being between 3-8 years old; they do need to be able to successfully walk down the aisle without making a scene or throwing a strop!

For this reason, it does come strongly advised that if you decide to have a page boy; the personality and temperament is thoroughly considered. Even if they are a close family member and would otherwise make an ideal choice.

Sometimes having multiple page boys is the way to go as it gives them the confidence they need without becoming distracted or overwhelmed.

And once they have successfully walked down the aisle, be sure to have them sit with their parents. This generally ensures that they are not left to their own devices, and should prevent them from disrupting the ceremony for all the wrong reasons!

At the end of the day, page boys can make a great addition to the ceremony. Thankfully, there are a number of different options that they can carry.

And like most things on the wedding day; its down to the couple.

Think about your preferences, what would suit you or the page boy themselves.

There are not ‘rules’ as to what they carry.

Explore the various options, make them your own or perhaps think of a few more that may give you that extra, personalized touch.