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πŸ΄πŸ·πŸπŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ€΅πŸ» Meaning [Find Out Here]

Are you stuck playing a bridal shower game? Not sure about the one that includes a set of cutlery, wine glass, a bee, bride and groom? It’s that bee throwing you off isn’t it! Nevertheless, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the answer to that allusive combination.

So, what is the meaning of πŸ΄πŸ·πŸπŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ€΅πŸ» ? The meaning of πŸ΄πŸ·πŸπŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ€΅πŸ» is Eat, Drink and Be Married.

So there you have it.

That will get you some points.

But what does it mean, exactly?

Let’s find out.

What Does Eat, Drink And Be Married Mean?

Eat, Drink and be Married is a play on the popular English idiom ‘Eat, Drink and be Merry’, which implies life is short and thus it should be enjoyed.

Now of course, like most wedding terms, they are slightly adapted to match the wedding theme.

As such, you’ll often find it used on prints, napkins and even cake toppers too.

It may even be used at bridal showers, or be featured on the wedding day itself, too.

And it implies that guests should enjoy themselves, and savor the event/day for what it is.

And here’s some trivia for you.

Eat, Drink And Be Married is also the name of a film, too.

And here’s a quick snapshot of the plot, for those of you that are interested:

‘Just three days before their wedding day, Jess and Max are on the verge of calling it off. But the groom’s brother will stop at nothing to ensure that this meant-to-be couple get hitched once and for all.’

One to add to the watch-list, perhaps.

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