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Is It A Groomsman or Groomsmen? [When To Use Each One]

It’s a bit of a mind job, isn’t it? Seeing those terms Grossman and Groomsmen. It can get confusing when to use which and what each one refers to. I know; I’ve been there. So I thought I’d share the with you differences so you can start using the right term in the right context!

So, is it a groomsman or groomsmen? It can be a groomsman or groomsmen; it depends on how many people you are referring to. Groomsman is the correct term for one singular person in this role, whereas groomsmen refers to a group of people in this role. 

In other words, you can have 1 groomsman, or you want to talk to a singular groomsman.

Or, your groom has a group of groomsmen, say five or six of them in total.

Get it now?

Just like woman and women.

Or one woman and a group of women.

Or for more wedding specificity, it would be like a bridesmaid and a group of bridesmaids.

How Many Groomsmen Do Grooms Have?

Grooms can choose to have one groomsman or a group of groomsmen, depending on their preferences, family members, and number of close friends.

It could even be a decision made to match the number of bridesmaids.

Ultimately, there is no minimum or maximum number.

Of course, the more groomsmen there are, the more complex it becomes.

Not just in terms of roles and responsibilities but for logistics too. Oh and cost!

Alternatively, a Groom may even decide not to have any groomsmen at all!

What Is A Groomsman?

A groomsman is an elected individual that stands with and supports the groom. They are typically chosen due to their close personal relationship with the groom (and sometimes bride). Several groomsman typically make a party of groomsmen (plural).

In other words, groomsmen are the male equivalents to the bridesmaids.

Though, it is possible to have female groomsmen, too. Though a new term would enter the fray here – they would be called a female groomsman, or if there is several, you could have female groomsmen. Or grooms-person.

Groomsmen traditionally wear the same suit, usually even shoes, to show their role. It is typically in the same color, with the same ties, boutonnieres and sometimes even shoes.

Groomsmen are seen as part of the bridal party, and often have specific roles and responsibilities to ensure the wedding goes to plan and without hiccup.

Related Questions

Do you say groomsman or groomsmen?

You say groomsman if you are referring to one, or groomsmen if you are referring to a group of, or more than one.

What is the plural of groomsman?

The plural of groomsman is groomsmen.

What is one groomsman called?

One groomsman is called a groomsman.

What do you call the groom’s party?

Grooms party, grooms people, or groomsmen are the terms often used to describe the grooms party.

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