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Who Pays For The Bachelorette Party? [With Average Prices]

Do you have a Bachelorette party coming up, or even to plan? Or are you the bride and not sure who is expected to cover the costs? Either way; the reality remains the same. There are expenses that will need to be covered. With my own bachelorette party on the horizon, I spent some time researching all that is involved to find out exactly what to expect, budget for and for to offer advice on to my bridal party on how to approach it.

So, who pays for the bachelorette party then? It is tradition for the bachelorette party costs to be shared by the bridesmaids, whom split this evenly, and contribute more to cover the bride and her attendance. However, for more expensive bachelorette parties, where travelling and accommodation is involved, it has since become common for the bride to pay for her own expenses, where the rest of the bridesmaids pay for their own attendance.

Whether you know the event as the bachelorette or the hen party, you’re looking at the same wonderful celebration.

But, in order for it to be a success and joyful experience for everyone involved, it needs to be well thought through, fully organized and with personal preferences and taken into account.

Besides, everyone has their own financial responsibilities, commitments and depending on what is planned; the bachelorette party can come at quite the cost!

Or; at the wrong time!

For instance, I have over 3 bachelorette parties coming up this year, on top of my own. That’s a lot to think about. And, the same is true for most of my bridesmaids whom share the same social circle.

But, we all want to have a great time; and everyone looks to this last symbolic last night of being a single woman.

Let us now take a closer look at some of those similarly related questions you will likely have; such as the contributions by the maid of honor and bride.

We will then be looking at reasonable prices, the average you should look to budget for and who is typically in charge of all the planning!

So, be sure to keep reading to get all the information you need for this monumental celebration!

Does The Maid Of Honor Pay For The Bachelorette Party?

While being the lead or chief bridesmaid, she does not traditionally pay for the bachelorette party on her own.

Traditionally, she contributes like the rest of the bridesmaids; splitting the costs between the group. And, depending on what is planned, how long for, and when, will largely dictate if the bride is paid for too.

These costs can include travel, accommodation, clothing, accessories and even food.

That being said, the Maid of Honor is usually the financial coordinator.

This meaning, she is in charge of collecting the finances from the rest of the bridesmaids, making the payments, and ensuring all of the costs are split fairly and appropriately.

She is usually responsible for ensuring that everything arrives in time, and gets all the items delivered to her home prior to the event. So, this could be items of clothing, such as dressing gowns, for instance.

Beyond this, the Maid of Honor typically makes the arrangements, of anything that needs to be planned. Taxis, bookings etc. are usually up to her to facilitate.

But, its important to note that the Maid of Honor is not expected to pay for them herself.

Equally, she may be out of pocket if she is unwilling to be open with the rest of the bridesmaids, or they fail to make timely payment.

What Should The Bride Pay For At Her Bachelorette Party?

What the bride pays for at her own Bachelorette party will be largely influenced by what is planned. Traditionally, the bride has not paid anything for her own party.

But times have certainly changed.

Bachelorette parties used to be much more affordable affairs; a single night of celebration that was held locally.

Although, with trends and the ability to travel becoming more affordable, bachelorette parties have become somewhat of an extended event – lasting several days in exotic locations.

In other words, they can even be viewed as mini-vacations.

As such, it is now common for brides to pay their way.

It cannot be expected for the bridesmaids to cover her costs; its usually not even viable.

Instead, several bridesmaids decide to purchase gifts or items for the bachelorette party for everyone to enjoy.

It could be a round of drinks, it could be an item of matching clothing.

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Bachelorette Party?

A reasonable price for a bachelorette party will largely be influenced on what you do, and the typical costs involved. It also should take into account the budgets of every attendant and what they can realistically afford.

Although, we can look at average prices to see what other brides and their bridesmaids typically pay.

From here, we can begin to work out whether we are being quoted fairly when we make inquiries, and we can spot a good deal when we see it.

According to a study over at the Knot, they found that around 50% of bachelorette party attendees spend more than $300.

For those who have to fly, over 40% end up spending over $1,000!

But of course, it all depends on where it is being held, what activities are attended, and how many days are involved.

Below, we consider the average per length of party:

Length of Bachelorette PartyMedian CostAverage Cost
1 Day$150$317
2 Days$350$579
3 Days$450$773
4 Days$448$906
5 Days +$525$1900

What you personally consider reasonable will depend on your own financial situation; although it is fair to say this is pricey for most of us!

Besides these are all averages; do not panic!

The cost of a bachelorette party largely depends on a number of factors, all that can be influenced, such as:

  • Location,
  • Venue,
  • Number of guests,
  • Planned activities,
  • Transportation,
  • Accommodation(s),
  • Gifts Given
  • Any Hair and Makeup sessions etc.

You may even find that during certain times of the year you can get much better discounts. Or, you may even find that you get group discounts with a certain number of guests.

The best thing you can do is to make some inquiries. Shop around and do your research.

Just be sure to do your due diligence to ensure you only book through reputable firms and companies.

Usually, deals and prices too good to be true are that for a reason; and should be avoided.

Who Is Supposed To Plan The Bachelorette Party?

Traditionally, the Maid of Honor is supposed to plan, organize and coordinate the bachelorette party. The bridesmaids and any loved ones of the bride can, and perhaps should, also actively participate.

That being said, there may be exceptions or examples where the Maid of Honor cannot, nor does not feel comfortable in doing so. In such instances, you can always nominate another bridesmaid to plan the party on her and the brides behalf.

Equally, it may even be that different bridesmaids decide to plan different activities and events; that’s fine too. Just so long as everyone is open in communication and kept in the loop at all times.

Nevertheless, the bride is not generally involved for any organization or responsibility.

Instead, she should have a say in the activities, what she wants to do, and can even be consulted for approval.

But, like most things involved with wedding planning, a lot comes down to personal choice.

If the bride does want to take on a more active role in the planning and organization of her own party, then she should. There are not strictly set rules.

After all she is the centre of attention during the entire wedding period; it is ultimately about and celebrating her.

Irregardless of whom makes the plans, here are a few basic steps to do so effectively:

  1. Decide on the guest list.
  2. Communicate and ensure everyone can, wants to attend,
  3. Pick a location.
  4. Decide the date.
  5. Book accommodation.
  6. Plan the activities.
  7. Arrange the meals.
  8. Coordinate payments

Following a step-by-step organisation plan is important to keep everything neat and tidy and on schedule.

This is why it is advised that whom ever is in charge of the planning, or acts as the chief coordinator, gets a notebook or keeps track of everything in one place.

This Maid of Honor Planner from Amazon, is an excellent example. It can be taken with you on the trip too.

Or, it could be something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet.

Either way, tracking is key.

Its also important to allow yourself enough time to plan all details and avoid any last minute changes.

And be sure to inform the attendees about any dates, times and changes as far in advance as you can so they can update their schedules, and make any necessary arrangements accordingly.

How Long Is The Average Bachelorette Party?

The average bachelorette party lasts between 1-2 days. In fact, in 2019, 56% of women attended bachelorette parties for this duration. However, it can last as long as the participants desire. This is why some bachelorette parties even span 5 days and act as mini-vacations and holidays.

Consider that the longer the party, the more activities that will need to be planned and coordinated, and the more expensive it will likely be.

You also need to account for peoples time; and if the attendants are all about to take the time off work, if they need to factor in their own travel etc.

Its best to have an open dialogue throughout the process.

Consult with the whole group and find out what each prefer, you can always take a vote and see what the majority wants and make a decision on that.

Unfortunately, not every is going to be happy with the arrangements. But so long as you take everyone’s into opinions into account, try and be as fair as possible, and take a democratic vote; you’ll be making a fair decision.

Are Bachelorette Parties Popular?

Bachelorette parties are popular, and have in fact, become the thing for brides and their bridal party to do.

In fact, recent studies and statistics have revealed that the bachelorette party is the most preferred pre-wedding event.

About 78% of couples who got married in 2019 reported having one.

Equally, traditions are being challenged on this celebration as time passes. They are no longer being attended by just women, they are sometimes mixed with bachelor parties, and they are being used as a way to spend high quality time with families and friends.

After the bachelorette party, wedding showers are the next most popular, with 72% of married couples in 2019 having one before their ceremonies.

Please note: data from 2020 is inconclusive due to the events that have prevented many weddings from happening this year.


Bachelorette parties are popular and enjoyable occasions for many. A great final send-off – filled with activities that create lasting memories.

Although, they do not come cheap.

The average attendee is looking at around $350 for a 2 day affair.

Add several of these parties in the same year and you can soon see why they are a source of stress and anxiety for many.

Nevertheless, the costs of this celebration are generally split evenly among the attendees.

While it is true that in times past the brides costs were covered, in modern days and in reality, she will likely need to pay her way.

But ultimately, it depends on the bridal party and the bride; what does everyone want to do.

You do not have to spend lavishly, nor do you need to be frugal.

Its all about what you all want from the event, and what you can realistically afford.

Just make sure to openly communicate with every attendee, document what has been agreed, paid for, and committed, and stick to a reasonable budget.

It’s also a good idea to have someone coordinating the affair. The Maid of Honor typically does this, but it can be anyone of the bridesmaids or even the bride if she so wishes.

Lastly, try to enjoy it. It should be fun and a celebration after all.

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