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Who Decorates The Wedding Venue? [And Provides The Decor?]

You’ve booked your venue, hired caters, perhaps even been wedding dress shopping – the planning process for your big day is well underway! 

If you’re anything like me – dedicated Pinterest boards have been meticulously organized with ideas for the décor and theme of your wedding day. 

Or perhaps you’re a little more go-with-with-the-flow and have ideas roughly in mind as to how your venue will be decorated on your big day.

Either way, there comes a time in the wedding planning process when decorations for your venue need to be organized, and naturally, you may have some questions about this. 

I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about who will decorate our tables and the venue on our wedding day – so I did some research – and this alleviated my worries no end! Here’s what I found… 

So, who decorates the wedding venue? The wedding venue can be decorated by the wedding coordinator, external vendors hired by the wedding planner, or by the bride, groom, and their family and friends. Stylists and florists are other options to consider. It ultimately depends on the venue, who is hired, and what is agreed upon with the various parties involved. 

We would always recommend having the conversation about when and how your wedding venue will be decorated with your wedding coordinator or planner well in advance of your big day.

This way, the necessary provisions can be made to make your wedding day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible! 

I plan to craft lots of my décor – including the centerpieces and providing most of the decorations.  

But it will be up to our wedding coordinator to take charge of decorating the venue and tables.

It’s incredibly reassuring. 

However, perhaps you are a bride or groom who particularly enjoys the thought of decorating your venue yourself with the help of your friends and family? 

Again, have that conversation with your venue first, and provision will be made for you to be able to do so. 

Weddings are incredibly personal, and you should ensure that your day will be as special for you as possible. 

Ultimately, it is your preference as to who you will have decorating your venue – just be sure to organize this well ahead of your big day to avoid any miscommunication – particularly if you are going to ask friends and family or have a wedding planner/coordinator! 

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at who is involved and what to expect!

Does The Wedding Planner Decorate The Venue?

Wedding planners will typically decorate your venue if you have made specific arrangements with them to do so. 

Wedding planners are experts in their field.

It is highly likely that your wedding planner – if you are choosing to work with one – will have many contacts in the wedding industry and a huge network of suppliers, including vendors who provide wedding décor. 

It could be that you discuss and arrange table décor and venue decorations with your wedding planner, and they schedule in time on your wedding day to set up this décor themselves. 

However, it is important to note that often wedding planners are extremely busy on the day of the wedding, ensuring that proceedings are running smoothly and perhaps would not have enough time to decorate the venue/reception tables themselves. 

Be sure to discuss with your wedding planner who they anticipate will decorate the venue. 

It could be that they recommend a specific third party who will provide and set up décor for your big day, or alternatively, your venue may include décor as part of your wedding package. 

Your wedding planner will essentially be your go-between for yourself and your wedding vendors – this can enable the happy couple to fully relax and enjoy their wedding day without worrying about the logistics of décor and other elements of the celebration. 

Do Wedding Venues Provide The Decorations?

Whether your venue provides decorations for your wedding day solely depends on the venue. Before confirming your booking with a venue, we would always recommend finding out exactly what is included for your big day. Some venues will provide decorations and decorate the venue for you; other venues will expect the bride and groom to provide the décor and set it up themselves. 

Regardless of whether or not your venue is providing the decorations – it is useful to know full details in advance so you can make necessary arrangements either way. 

If your venue is able to provide decorations – knowing exactly what they can provide is key to ensuring, nothing is missed! 

For example, you may still need to provide placenames and a table plan for your guests. 

If you are providing your decorations yourself, knowing who will set them up on your big day is key! 

Some venues – providing there is no wedding the day before – will allow for couples to decorate the night before. I think this sounds super fun! 

I can imagine bridal parties, groomsmen, and families getting together to decorate before enjoying the fruits of their labor the next day! 

Asking friends and family to be on hand to decorate the venue on the day of the wedding is also quite common.

A while back, some friends and I decorated the beautiful wedding venue of a colleague whilst she was getting ready on the day of the wedding.

It was so much fun, and we had so many compliments from her friends and extended family. 

It could also be that your venue has some decorations on-site that you can hire for your big day – such as venue-specific lighting, flower arrangements, or table centerpieces. 

Again, it is always better to have the conversation if you are planning on using the provided décor than leaving it to chance. 

Can You Hire A Wedding Decorator?

There are many companies that provide a wedding decoration service. This can be anything from hiring table centerpieces, crockery, and other decorations to a dedicated team available on your wedding day to be on hand to set everything up. 

There really is something out there for everyone when it comes to wedding décor. 

Most providers of wedding décor will have social media pages as well as websites with a portfolio of the decorations they have to offer. 

It is always a good idea to also have a look at their reviews and photographs from other couples’ weddings to make the decision-making process about your wedding decorations easier. 

Knowing what decorations you will need for your wedding can be a daunting prospect, and that is where hiring a wedding decorator can be incredibly beneficial. 

They will be able to make suggestions and provide insight as to what style of décor will suit the venue and the style of your particular wedding best. 

Wedding decorators are highly likely to recommend something that will transform your venue to the most perfect place for you and your partner – and it could be something that, in your wildest dreams, you hadn’t even considered. 

A friend of mine had rose-gold lighting at their wedding- who even knew that existed? I’ll tell you who: their wedding decorator. 

Hiring a wedding decorator does come at an expense. 

If your budget allows it and you feel a wedding decorator is something that would enhance your big day – the time you might save, and their expertise is well worth the money. 

However, there is an increasing trend in couples crafting and putting to use their DIY skills when it comes to wedding decorations to try and save a bit of money. 

And I must admit, Pinterest and my passion for craft have made DIY wedding décor a very tempting consideration when it comes to my own wedding. 

For me, I think it is the highly personal touches and the time spent with loved ones actually making the decorations that are persuading me that this is a good idea. 

Personally, I just love preserved wood. And it is easy to do.

But making your own decorations can be very time-consuming and expensive – buying the craft supplies and sourcing all the materials, to say the least. 

It could be that a wedding decorator will suit you more in terms of the time that can be saved on actually making the décor. 

Ultimately, couples need to choose what is right for them. Wedding decorator or no wedding decorator, your wedding should reflect you as a couple. 

Should I Hire A Wedding Decorator?

There is no obligation to hire a wedding decorator for your big day. However, if you think that this is something that might make the wedding planning process and, ultimately, your wedding day more enjoyable for you and your future spouse, then we would definitely recommend it. 

I am a worrier – I worry if I have nothing to worry about! 

And, I can’t lie, wedding decorations have been worrying me for a while.

We are getting married at our venue – and the room our ceremony will be in will also be where our wedding breakfast will be held. 

My concern was that because we are providing our own décor, that it would fall to us on the day of our wedding to actually decorate! 

Not myself and my (eek) husband personally, but our friends and family who may be burdened with this task. 

I want every guest at our wedding to relax and have a lovely time – so hiring a wedding decorator is the obvious solution for us. 

Knowing that there will be a team of professionals on hand to liaise with our wedding coordinator and decorate the venue of our dreams is such a reassuring feeling! 

The months of planning and preparations I feel are in such good hands. 

Whilst the wedding decorators we have hired are happy to set up the decorations that we will make ourselves, they have also been able to make recommendations and suggestions.

I feel these will totally enhance our celebration and make it that little bit more special! 

I can relax knowing that my friends and family – although totally willing to lend a hand – will also be able to relax and enjoy the wedding without worrying about the centerpieces! 

Anecdotes shared on wedding forums detail some décor disasters where preparations were left to the bridesmaids who simply did not have enough time to fulfill their duties and get ready on time. 

If your decorations are not being sorted out by your wedding planner or the wedding coordinator at your venue – it is really important for happy couples to plan ahead for what and when they will decorate their venue.

As mentioned previously, some venues will allow couples to decorate their venue the night before, whilst others will grant couples access from the morning of. 

It is always recommended to check with the venue and agree on your plans regarding the décor well in advance of your big day, so provision can be made whether you are hiring a decorator or not. 


Your wedding day should reflect you and the person you are marrying. The décor should reflect this too. 

Perhaps you have chosen a specific theme; perhaps you have gone with décor that is cohesive with your bridesmaids and wedding colors, or perhaps you have simply chosen decorations that you and your partner love. 

The atmosphere of your wedding will be special either way. 

There is no right and wrong when it comes to wedding decorations, only what will enhance your day and make it feel special for you and your bride or groom. 

Ultimately, people will admire your décor either way because it is what you have chosen to resemble your love. 

Enjoy the wedding planning process and make sure that the decisions you make are ones that you are totally happy and comfortable with – both in terms of budget and stress levels. 

Remember, your wedding day is all about the love between you and your partner; the decorations are an additional bonus! 

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