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Which Way To Wear Pear-Shaped Ring?

Has your fiancé just proposed with a gorgeous pear-shaped ring? Well, first of all, congratulations. But now comes the conundrum… how do you wear it exactly? Sounds silly, right, but it’s a question I hear and see all the time. What is the right way around even, as in, how are they commonly worn? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

So, which way do you wear a pear-shaped ring? The typical way to wear a pear-shaped ring is to have the point facing away from you and up toward your fingertip. So, the rounded, wider bottom is at the base of your finger/toward the hand. However, some people do choose to wear it the other way around – it’s merely a matter of preference!

There’s a lot of good news here.

The first is that with a pear-shaped ring, it’s actually pretty easy to tell (unlike some other diamond or gem shapes).

The second is that it’s ultimately going to be your choice.

While there is certainly a standard, you don’t necessarily have to follow suit.

And the truth is, this question is more popular than you think.

So, in reality, chances are that the average person doesn’t know which way around it should go anyway.

Meaning when they ask to see your ring, they likely won’t know which way around it should be facing, nor will they likely even care.

They just want to see the diamond/gem!

This leads me to the next potential dilemma.


Besides, a wedding ring/band will come soon enough.

So let’s quickly discuss how you can wear them together!

How To Stack A Pear-Shaped Ring?

It is recommended to wear your pear-shaped ring so that the tip faces away from your paired wedding ring/band.

This will not only ensure that the pear-shaped ring doesn’t get damaged, but it usually looks most aesthetically pleasing too.

What Band Goes With A Pear-shaped Ring?

Chevron bands go with pear-shaped rings particularly well, as the point of the band accentuates the silhouette of the pear diamond. Cluster bands are also another popular choice, as they also work well with the unique shape of the pear ring and provide a level of balance.

Other options that are known to work well include the following:

Contoured bands, eternity or half-eternity rings.


So, over to you.

Wear your pear-shaped ring how you like.

But do just consider the arrangement when the next ring comes along.

Besides, you want to get that stack right!

Related Questions

What do pear-shaped rings symbolize?

Pear-shaped rings symbolize bravery and confidence, as they are unique and unconventional. They suggest empowerment and independence to those who wear them. The shape also represents a tear (like a tear of joy), which is therefore associated with eternal happiness and love. 

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