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Which Way Do You Wear A Heart-shaped Ring?

He’s just up from going down on his left knee. He’s put on your finger a gorgeous, sparkling heart-shaped ring. All is well. All is exciting. But then the time comes, and you start to naturally doubt and question how it’s worn. Perhaps you’re not sure what is the ‘right way’ round it should go; maybe you’ve taken it off and want to put it back on again. Well, regardless of why you are here, this is what you need to know.

So, which way do you wear a heart-shaped ring? The traditional and typical way to wear a heart-shaped engagement ring is to have the point facing toward your wrist and toward you. Thus from your perspective, when you look down on it, the two rounded corners of the heart should be nearest your fingertips. However, for other heart-shaped non-engagement or non-marriage-related rings, the point facing toward the fingertips may be considered more appropriate.

Sounds a little confusing, right?

Well, let’s continue to explore below to clear it all up.

How Should You Wear Your Heart-Shaped Ring?

Here’s the thing.

It’s your ring.

And you can wear it however you like, or however, you feel it looks best.

But it does lead us to question why there are recommendations that can fall either way.

So let’s take a look at it, shall we?

When You May Want To Wear A Heart Shaped Ring With The Point Facing Toward Your Fingertips

It’s traditional to wear a heart-shaped ring with the inner point facing down if it is an engagement ring or wedding band, as it’s believed to symbolize the notion that your heart, and love, have been taken. 

So, if your ring has been purchased by a romantic partner, this may also be a time when you may want to wear it in this way.

When You May Want To Wear A Heart Shaped Ring With The Point Facing Toward Your Fingertips

You may want to wear your heart-shaped ring with the point facing your fingertips (and the two rounded corners at the base of your finger) if you are not in a relationship or are single.

Along similar lines to those mentioned above, by doing so, you can imply that your heart is open to others.

This may be for rings you have purchased yourself or were a gift (or even handed down) that have no meaning toward a particular person or relationship.

Related Questions

How do you wear a heart ring if you are single?

If you are single, it is typical to wear a heart-shaped ring on the right hand, with the point facing the fingertips.

What does a heart-shaped ring mean?

A heart-shaped ring is a symbol of everlasting love, close connection, companionship, and loyalty.

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