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Where To Print Boudoir Photos [And Other Considerations]

Shooting boudoir photos are glamourous and fun. It’s a chance to really express yourself and give an intimate gift to your partner and yourself. While the experience is amazing, getting your boudoir photos printed naturally comes with its own unique set of challenges! And we all have that major concern – where can we even go to get them safely printed? Well, here is exactly what you can do.

So, where can you print your boudoir photos? Most of the time, the photography company that shot your boudoir photos will offer printing services along with an array of products such as albums, prints, and calendars. They should also be able to offer you digital copies that you can take to a printing service of choice. Otherwise, reputable online photo printing services are the way to go.

Of course, if you are going the boudoir photo route, it’s fair to say that privacy and confidentiality are essential.

These are not the kind of photos that you really want lying around or printed by anyone.

That goes without saying really.

But there is a little more involved when getting the photos of this particular photo shoot printed, so stick around.

You’ll be pleased you did. Believe me.

Short of time and just want a recommendation? This is the company to order from!

Where Can I Print Boudoir Photos?

More often than not, the photography company that shoots your boudoir photos will offer accompanying printing services. They will likely offer a wide variety of options as well as possible discounts on what you decide to purchase.

If that is not the route you wish to take then not worry because there are some other options available for you!

First, let’s break down your boudoir options within the company.

Your Photography Company

When you shoot with a professional boudoir company there is a good chance, that they will offer you a variety of products that are either discounted, included in your session price, or available for purchase on the side.

This way you don’t have to worry about getting your photos printed because they will do it professionally for you.

Online Services

There is also the chance that your photography company will give you a digital file with all of your photos.

This is usually just a USB stick but likely you will have to purchase a certain number of photos.

If not, these photos will also have watermarks on them to prevent you from printing them at no cost.

In the event that you purchase digital files and want to print your own photos or make your own products, there are a number of services you can use.

Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop is the company I always use when it comes to ordering photos online.

They offer canvas prints, photo collages, framed prints, triptych prints, and art; all of which can be made from the boudoir photos you send in.

Here’s why I swear by this company and why I think you should order through them:

  • They have incredibly high attention to detail, ensuring you get exactly what you hoped and imagined,
  • They provide free digital proofs that you can check over before they go to print.
  • The ordering process is simple and effortless – they have great customer service
  • They are highly discreet and confidential; they will respect your sensitive photos and dedicate a designer with specialist knowledge in this field.

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Like Canvas Pop, ElephantStock is another excellent online service that can help bring your boudoir photos to reality in different types of prints.

They offer canvases, multi-panel canvases, framed canvases, framed prints, and posters along with offering a range of different shapes (horizontal, vertical, square, panoramic, or hexagon).

They use premium materials, industry-leading printing technology, and handcraft each and every order they receive.

It is no surprise that they are a 5* reviewed and being a US-based business with free shipping and 90-day returns – ordering through them simply makes sense.

Click here to head over to ElephantStock to start your order

Home Printing

If you buy digital copies there is nothing stopping you from printing directly at home.

And it’s an experience too. Nothing is more special than putting together your favorite photos in a homemade album.

For those who don’t love the idea of sharing anything online, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

All you need is a suitable printer.

This is the one to get from Amazon!

You may not like the idea of the company shooting your photos and printing them too. Besides, it can be challenging to know whether you are getting a fair price.

That being said, just remember that these companies deal directly with intimate photos – and chances are they will be mindful and honor privacy in a way that not all services might.

And at the same time, while you may pay a little more, they should be able to offer unrivaled quality.

Even If it is a little expensive, it is generally worth it.

How Much Do Boudoir Photos Cost to Print?

Boudoir photo printing can cost as little as $15-$30 all the way into the hundreds/thousands. It depends on what you want to print, the quality of the print, how many photos you require, and where you order. Generally, you will find better deals online.

Tricky question!

Boudoir photos have a wide range of costs depending on the company you are working with and what you need.

Nonetheless, let us break down all the different costs and options that will give you a fair estimate of the expected price. It may even help you negotiate!

High-End Prices

When we talk about the price of a high-end company, we are looking at hundreds to thousands of dollars.

This may just be for the photography alone and not even include the prints.

That being said, high-end boudoir shoots, while expensive, often offer all-inclusive deals.

For instance, some companies will offer three hours of shooting, a hair and makeup artist, and 20 retouched photos.

A particular company in Indiana charges $950 for all of this.

With this company, in particular, you get the 20 photos as a digital copy but you will need to print them yourselves.

Average Prices

A more affordable range of pricing is around the $500 mark.

These might not be the kind of companies that offer champagne on the shoot but they are still reputable and will do a terrific job.

If your goal is less about the experience and more about the photos then a company with more affordable pricing is for you.

Online/Freelance Market

If you are trying to find yourself a deal and feel discouraged looking at some of these more expensive companies, don’t be!

The wonderful thing about the photography industry is that there are always a lot of freelancers looking to get their foot in the door.

Likely, someone who is just starting out will offer discounted prices while still having the talent to produce high-end results.

You do need to be particularly mindful here though. Go through the proper channels and be careful before you send anything.

This is why I recommend going through a reputable company such as Canvas Pop or ElephantStock.

Besides, they offer fantastic competitive pricing.

Things To Consider When Getting Boudoir Photos Printed

Getting your boudoir photos printed is really exciting but you do need to be a little more careful in how you go about it.

Below are some of those considerations you will need to take on board:

Make Sure There Is A Confidentiality Agreement

It’s essential you consider your privacy. Make sure before you make a payment or send anything over that there is a confidentiality agreement. You need to own the rights to your own photos.

Otherwise, they can be used without your approval.

Some boudoir photographs like to advertise their work and sometimes, may not always ask permission to print and use your photos.

The better ones will, and it’s ultimately up to you to agree or decline – depending on your preferences and agreements with them.

You Don’t Need To Feel Pressure

Some companies will really apply the pressure in getting you to print with them.

Most of the time this is not true.

Remember, once you buy a digital copy of your photos, they are yours to keep and you can print wherever you see fit.

Often this is the cheaper way to go – this is precisely why a company may put the pressure on you early to make your purchase before you can research the market.

You don’t have to!

Often Its Better To Buy From The Company

Despite their higher prices, buying from the company that took the shots comes with a lot of reassurance.

You know they are legitimate.

Often, you can negotiate printing packages too since you have already used them for their other services.

Know Who You Are Working With

This goes back to the point we briefly mentioned.

You should check out the credentials and portfolio of the individual/business you plan to work with.

This is especially true if you plan to work with a freelancer that is getting their foot in the door.

You want to search for client reviews and do all you can to ensure they are who they say they are and are entirely trustworthy.

Boudoir is amazing, but you should feel comfortable with who you are working with.

Ready, Set, Action!

Boudoir is a world that is not often talked about so it’s natural to have questions like where will you get your photos printed.

Often times this is one of the first things a company will bring up with you because they want to continue having your business.

It may be included in the package you are purchase or offered as an “a la carte” option.

If you feel that their prices may be a little too high for your liking there are always other options.

With online companies like Shutterfly and Mpix, you can make your own albums.

Not comfortable uploading your copies online?

No worries what is better than printing them at home and making your own scrapbook.

There are so many different options that there is no reason to sweat them.

Just make sure that whatever business and company you choose to work with is legitimate and you can trust them.

You can do this by seeing their portfolio and reading their reviews to confirm that they are as good as they say they are!

Nevertheless, go enjoy an amazingly intimate experience!