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Where Does The Groom Get Ready? [When & Whom Should Join Him]

Getting ready is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day. Besides, it can really impact the schedule, the plans and the arrangements. For the bride, the location is usually already known – but what about the groom? Where can and where should he get ready to ensure everything goes according to plan. I spent some time researching the options to find out for good!

So, where does the groom get ready? The groom should get ready somewhere comfortable, convenient and ideally, local to the ceremony. This could be at the grooms home, the grooms parents house, or even in a hotel room. Recent trends have seen grooms renting entire Airbnb apartments to base themselves and their groomsmen the morning of the wedding.

Wherever you decide, what is important is that the groom has everything they need – to hand.

Somewhere with sufficient space, good lighting, and plenty of mirrors come strongly advised!

Beyond this, you’ll want to think about those other important aspects – from being able to shower, to hanging the suits.

Let us now take a closer look at the typical arrangements of the groom on the morning of the wedding day.

We’ll be looking at who traditionally gets ready with them, when they should start getting ready and other things they’ll need to consider on the morning of the day itself!

Who Gets Ready With The Groom?

The groom traditionally gets ready with the groomsmen, best man, their father and sometimes with the father of the bride.

Although, whether or not the father of the bride wants to get ready with the groom and the rest of the guys, or with his daughter and the rest of his family, will differ from wedding to wedding.

If a groom opts for groomsmaids, or a best woman, then they certainly can attend to.

Depending on the age, and whether or not you are having a ring bearer, they may enjoy spending some time with the guys too.

Nevertheless, a groom should select who he feels most comfortable around and whom he wants to be there to help him get ready.

Anyone who joins the groom in the getting ready suite are there to help the groom look at his best.

Whether that is helping them with their tie, their hair, or any other finer detail that help is needed (cufflinks on new shirts for instance can be a nightmare – especially when you’re nervous!)

But beyond just support, having closest friends and family members nearby is a fun and ideal opportunity to thank the grooms party.

Its also a good time for the groom to provide the groomsmen and father(s) with gifts, and get any last minute advice ahead of the ceremony.

Ultimately, its down to the preferences of the groom. How does he want to get ready; calm and relaxed or more social and higher energy?

When Should The Groom Start Getting Ready?

The groom should start getting ready in accordance with the wedding schedule, and how long they believe they will need to get ready and look their best.

For some grooms this can be as little as 30 minutes, for others it can be up to 2 hours.

It all depends on how quickly the groom wants to get ready, or if he wants it to be more laid back, relaxed and an event in itself.

Either way, its always a good idea to factor in some leeway.

Give the groomsmen additional time to travel and ensure they arrive on time.

Telling them that the plan is to get ready 30 minutes than you intend to will not go amiss.

Besides, it gives a good amount of time to say hello, greet and have a general chat!

What Does The Groom Do The Morning Of The Wedding?

The groom has a number of options when it comes to the morning of the wedding.

Some grooms like to partake in a morning activity; which ranges from a round of golf to a breakfast with the rest of the grooms party.

Others have been known to schedule in haircuts and start the pre-wedding preparation at the earliest opportunity.

Nevertheless, the morning of the wedding day will generally afford the groom and his party some time.

Here are some recommendations that the groom and the rest of the party should look to include, or consider:

  • Eat a hearty breakfast – one that is going to fuel you for the day. Besides, the wedding breakfast usually comes quite late in the day. Also consider foods that are going to keep you full without bloating!
  • Have a good shave and a shower – putting on your best deodorant and cologne, brushing/flossing your teeth and using a long-lasting mouthwash.
  • Check over the attire – ensuring shirts are ironed, shoes are polished and you all are looking as best as you can. You may also want to pack a spare shirt just in case its an exceptionally hot day or you want to be able to freshen up if needed.
  • Give items to groomsmen – such as phones, wallets or important items that the groom does not want to hold onto throughout the day. Bulky pockets are not a good look!
  • Give presents and gifts – to the grooms party – thanking them for their time, efforts and support. Gifts that work great here include accessories for the day, such as boutonnieres, ties or cufflinks.
  • Run through the day and the plan – remind everyone of their duties and where they need to be, and when.
  • Ensure the best man/ring bearer has the rings – before you leave for the ceremony.
  • Practice any speeches or wedding vows one last and final time.

And last but by no means least. Do not drink too much too early.

Being too intoxicated for your wedding is never a good idea.

So while you may enjoy one or two beers with the guys beforehand, be sure to have the odd non-alcoholic drink throughout the morning and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated too.

Just be sure not to overdo this either. Too many liquids are not ideal. Needing to go to the toilet often is not going to be a feasible or pleasant experience.

Aside from these, its always a good idea to leave for the ceremony a little bit early. That way if you run into any traffic, it should not be a problem.

The extra time will also enable you to run some final checks at the venue and speak with the registrar, vicar or celebrant.

From there, its over to the grooms party to welcome guests as they arrive; introducing families and friends so that they can socialize and relax.


The groom actually has a number of different options when it comes to getting ready.

However, there is usually somewhere that makes sense for everyone involved.

At the minimum, it must be comfortable and provide all the elements a groom needs.

But from there, its over to preferences – taking into account how the groom wants to spend the morning and whom with.

Try not to overthink it.

If you are a bride and you have ideas of where you want your future husband to get ready, just be sure to let him make the choice. So long as it is informed.

It should be his choice, after all.

Within reason, of course.