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What Should A 60 Year Old Woman Wear To A Wedding? [Style Guide]

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to get dressed up (and spend money on a new outfit), but if you’re an older lady, it can be a little challenging to decide on what to wear? While there is no one definitive answer to this question – for it depends on the wedding and your own personal style – there are certainly some general suggestions that can be made. 

I’ve also found some fabulous outfits for you to consider. 

What Do Older Ladies Wear To A Wedding?

Older ladies typically wear a knee-length or full-length dress, while some may also opt for a pantsuit. 

Below you will find some ideas for different outfits, as well as things to consider (such as the theme of the wedding).

And do read those parts of this blog before you decide on an outfit, as there really are some important considerations.  

Formal Chiffon Dress

This lovely embroidered full-length chiffon dress with a scoop neckline is available in several different colors. 

It’s a very sweet dress that would work well for a spring or summer wedding.

Lovely Dress with Jacket

For something a little bit more playful yet very tasteful, this calf/ankle-length sleeveless gown with a matching jacket is just the ticket. 

It’s available both in plus size and regular sizes. 

The gown itself comes with beaded detail, and the jacket has ¾-length sleeves and is made in a semi-transparent material.

It’s a lovely flowy dress, perfect for twirling around in on the dancefloor. 

Dresses for Ladies with Curves

If you’re on the curvier side, finding a dress that flatters your curves is important–whether you want a really modest dress or something that brings out your curvaceous nature. 

A simple yet stunning dress, this hand-beaded number by Dylan and Davids is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s elegant but not in your face.

The hand-beaded bodice adds a nice touch, and the long chiffon skirt will make it easy to move about in. 

Looking for something with a ball gown feel? This beautiful, full-length gown with a lovely embroidered bodice and matching jacket makes for a great option. 

Another stunning and tasteful option is this ​​two-piece dress with an embroidered top featuring ¾-length sleeves and a nice chiffon skirt with an A-line outline. 

Two-Piece Formal Bolero Dress for a Slender Build

If you’re of slender build and looking for a long dress with a matching jacket, this might just be the dress for you. 

This full-length dress features a sleeveless sweetheart neckline with a lace top and chiffon skirt with a matching ¾-sleeve bolero. 

The Pantsuit

Not a fan of ball gowns and long dresses? Then a pantsuit is just the ticket. 

Consider this pantsuit by R&M Richards.

The slate version works for any time of year, while the plum one would be nice for an autumn or winter wedding.

It features a lace top with a sleeveless scoop neckline and a transparent long sleeve jacket.

As the material is lightweight, you might prefer it for spring, summer, or early autumn. It’s definitively a comfortable option for wedding attire. 

Another pantsuit to consider is this number, also by R&M Richards.

While also comfortable and featuring a lace top, the material is thicker than in the one above.

It comes with a jacket with ¾-length sleeves, elegant slacks, and a beautiful blouse with a lace neckline. 


Figure-hugging, yet modest, this full-length long sleeve wrap dress with a v-neckline will work well both for slender women and women with curves.

The stretch material will make it comfortable to wear. 

Another showstopper is this rose/gold colored full-length dress by Mac Duggal.

The long wide skirt and belt ensure you’ll stand out in a crowd.

Perfect if you still feel young at heart and like to show off your fashion sense to the younger generations. 

Lastly, consider this full-length formal dress.

It’s modest yet stands out in a crowd thanks to having a skirt with a full-length A-line silhouette with a mini-train finish.

It’s definitively a dress that will swirl around your legs as you move. It will look gorgeous on a slender build. 

What a 60-Year-Old Woman Should Not Wear To A Wedding 

What not to wear? Apart from some faux-pas mentioned below (such as showing up wearing black), you should probably avoid a mini cocktail dress. 

Unless, of course, you’ve got legs like Tina Turner did at 75. 

Dress bearing in mind your own personal style–if you wear youngish fashion in your day-to-day life, you can wear it for a wedding, too. 

If you tend to wear more conservative clothing in your day-to-day life, then stick to that. 

There’s nothing saying you can’t have a bit of a make-over, just avoid a midlife crisis moment. 

Those are best had away from cameras that will capture them for life…

Other Older Lady Wedding Attire Considerations 

It’s not just about choosing a nice and tasteful dress or pantsuit. You also have to bear in mind the wedding at large. 

Below you’ll find some things to consider before settling on the perfect dress or pantsuit. 

Read the Invite

This sounds basic, but sometimes one gets a tad excited about wedding invitations and forget to check the fine print. 

And the fine print is where it might say that there is a color palette for the wedding, and everyone is expected to wear those colors… 

Wedding invites also provide other hints, such as whether formal or casual dress is expected. 

At some weddings, women are expected to wear dresses and men’s suits or tuxedos. At other weddings, it’s more casual. 

A white tie wedding means that you’re required to wear a full-length dress. 

A black-tie wedding means a full-length gown or a dressy cocktail dress. 

Creative black tie is the same as black tie, only you’re expected to have fun with it–go a bit wild with the dress, or add funky accessories. 

Semi-formal means cocktail dresses or fancy separates (such as a pantsuit). 

For a casual wedding, sun dresses, maxi dresses, and the likes are welcome. You should dress up, but how you dress up is up to you. 

If you’re unsure about the dress code, give the couple a call, or contact someone else at the wedding party who will be sure to know, such as the maid of honor. 

Consider The Wedding Theme

If it’s a boho wedding, wearing a boho dress makes sense. If the wedding theme is Halloween, a dress suitable for a Halloween party makes sense. 

Dressing as a pumpkin, on the other hand, would be taking things too far… 

Basically, the theme can help guide you in the right direction. For example, if it states it’s a winter-themed wedding, opt for a wintery dress.

 In short, the theme can give you some ideas. Unless, of course, it’s specified on the invite that you need to do more than that–i.e., you have to dress in accordance with the theme. 

For example, a 1920’s themed wedding might require you to wear a dress in the style that was popular in the 1920s. 

This requires a bit more work (and potentially a higher budget) on your part, but at least it gives you clear instructions on what to wear! 

Consider The Season

If it’s a winter wedding, then a nice faux fur wrap might be a lovely addition to your dress. If it’s a more informal summer wedding, a full-length sundress is a great option. 

The season can also help determine what color dress or pantsuit you should go for. In fall and winter, the colors tend to be more demur and earthy, while in spring and summer, pastels and bright colors come out to play. 

Even if it’s in the midst of summer, you may want to consider layers. 

A nice wrap or pashmina can help keep the cold at bay in a chilly reception hall or church. 

If you are spending time outdoors, a nice coat or jacket should also be considered. You can store it away if you do not need to use it. 

Consider Wedding Dos and Don’ts

As a general rule, a lady never wears the same color as the bride–meaning no ivory, white, or cream. And as it’s a wedding, no black dresses, either.

Unless the invitation suggests otherwise, women usually stay away from garish prints for their dresses. 

In other words, save the zebra print dress or the flowery number for another occasion. 

Pick the Right Shoes

If it’s a formal wedding, then women are expected to wear heels. 

However, no one mentioned how high they need to be…you can get away with very sensible heels or simply kitten heels. 

If the wedding is more casual and it happens to take place on a beach or in a garden, wearing heels likely isn’t going to serve you. 

The only thing that will happen is that the heels get stuck in the grass or sand. 

And if there are cobblestones involved, just forget about the stilettos and kitten heels. You can still wear chunky heels, on the other hand. 

More than anything, be mindful of what you can handle. If your feet will cramp every time, you stand up, forego the heels. Your wellbeing comes before fashion. 

You can have fun with shoes and accessories, too. Play around with what will work well with the dress or pantsuit you choose. 

You can even add a hat if you feel like it. And if in Britain, you’re expected to do so!


So there you have it some recommended outfits and some suggestions to ensure you get your attire just right.

How do you look elegant and classy at 60?

Looking elegant and classy at 60 is a matter of wearing timeless outfits, ensuring they fit correctly, pair with appropriate accessories, and choose your colors wisely.

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