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What Can You Wear Under A Bridal Robe?

The wedding is all planned, and finally, the big day is right around the corner, but you have one final bit of planning. A small piece of the puzzle that you may have even forgotten about. You need to plan what you are going to wear underneath your bridal robe, or you are getting ready robe as it is also known. But what is advised? What works best? Well, here are some suggestions and considerations. 

So, what can you wear underneath a bridal robe? Loose-fitting clothes or pajamas are always best under a bridal robe, even better if they have buttons. Otherwise, a sleek strapless bra and loose silk shorts work well and are often worn. There are so many options when it comes to what you wear beneath your bridal robe, but the main thing is making sure you are comfortable.

It seems like such a silly thing to worry about, but what you wear underneath your bridal robe can be make or break when it comes to your wedding morning photos and can even affect some of your wedding day photos. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what to wear underneath your getting-ready robe.

What Can You Wear Under A Bridal Robe?

If you are having a photographer capture the morning excitement of your wedding day, you will want to know what you should wear underneath your bridal robe.

The last thing you will want is to be captured in a bright pink tracksuit, but then again, that may be more of your vibe.

So, here are a few ideas for what you can wear underneath your beautiful robe.

Capri Leggings

If your bridal robe has a decent bit of length to it and it comes below the knee, a pair of beautiful Capri leggings might be a perfect choice.

Not only are they light and breathable, something you will need with all those hairdryers ad styling tools on the go, but they are also super comfortable. 

They are also perfect for all weather conditions, keeping you cool in warmer months and a little warmer during the chilly winter season.


If you have opted for a slightly shorter bridal gown, you will want to choose an undergarment that does not peek out underneath the hem.

This is where a pair of loose silk or satin shorts come in.

The loose fit will keep you cool and comfy and they will also be easy to remove when it comes to the dress stage of your morning. 

However, if satin and silk are not your thing, a pair of cotton shorts will fit the bill.

Just make sure they are comfortable and breathable. We don’t want any sweaty bits to ruin your morning.

Strapless Bra 

It is completely acceptable to just wear underwear beneath your bridal robe or even just a bra with your shorts or leggings.

Just make sure it is a strapless bra if you have a wedding gown with a low back or if it is strapless itself.

The last thing you want is to be left with some unsightly strap marks when it comes to having your wedding photos taken.

Button Up Pyjamas

You will want to stay as comfortable as possible during the morning of your wedding, and you may just want to stay in a comfy pair of PJs.

If you opt for a pajama set, make sure you pick ones that have a button-down shirt.

This will avoid any mishaps with your hair or makeup when you come to take them off.

If you can’t find a pajama set that you like with buttons, make sure it has a very wide neckline to give plenty of on-and-off wiggle room.


If you are wearing a shapewear set underneath your wedding dress, you could keep these on underneath your bridal gown.

Not only does it mean you won’t have anything peeking out from underneath your robe, but you will also save a lot of time when it comes to the wedding dress part of your morning. 

Just ensure that your shapewear is comfortable.

Not only do you want to avoid feeling uncomfortable during your ceremony and reception, but if you are in any way stressed, you won’t want uncomfortable shapewear making this worse as you get ready.

A Bridal Set

A beautiful bridal set can be the perfect under-robe choice.

Your bridal set is usually the undergarments you plan to wear underneath your wedding dress.

Some brides like to save this for their wedding night, but others want to make the most of their bridal set and will wear it from the moment they rise on the wedding day. 

What You Should Not Wear Under A Bridal Robe

Now that we have covered a few ideas for what you can wear underneath your bridal gown, you probably want to be clued in on some of the proper no-nos of underrobe garments. 

No Pull-Overs

This usually goes without saying but avoid anything that is tight and needs to be pulled over your head to take off.

This includes t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters.

That bride-to-be t-shirt may have been cute for your bachelorette party, but it could be an absolute nightmare for your wedding morning. 

Button-downs are always a good idea and will help to avoid any ruined hairstyles or smudged makeup. 

Strapped Bra

Unless your wedding dress covers all the spots where a bra and its straps sit, you will want to avoid any kind of bra with tight straps or patterned straps.

The heat of the morning could leave you with some imprinted strap marks, which can show up in your pictures and ruin the aesthetic of your wedding day attire. 

Stick to a strapless bra or go completely braless if you can to avoid any risk of indentations on your skin.

Bright Colours

Most brides and their bridal party purchase white or cream getting-ready gowns.

If you wear a brightly colored outfit underneath, this with instantly show through your gown and ruin the whole aesthetic of your morning.

It can make photos a little cheap, and I am sure you want your wedding morning photos to be perfect. 

So, unless you have a dark or brightly colored robe, stick to creams, whites, and nudes. 

Other Bridal Robe Attire Considerations

Now that you have the what to wears and the what not to wears firmly in your mind, here are a few things you might not have thought about when it comes to the morning of your wedding and your bridal gown. 

Try On Before

Just like every other outfit you have planned throughout your wedding festivities, you’ll want to give your bridal gown a good try-on the day before – or even a few weeks before, just in case.

By doing this, you will be able to notice if it doesn’t fit right or if it is loose in places you don’t want it to be and get it fixed in time.

You may even need to purchase a different size than you expected, so allow yourself to make sure it looks and fits how you want it to.

Consider Safety Pins

Safety pins are a bride’s secret weapon.

They can be used to pull together a broken seam in a pinch or to reattach any embellishment that may have tried to escape the dress.

When it comes to your bridal robe, safety pins are perfect for helping to keep the robe closed. 

Many bridal robes come in silk or satin, and although this material is luxurious and beautiful, it is also very slippy.

Sometimes even keeping the belt tied isn’t enough.

So a quick pinch together at the bust with a safety pin can make your bridal robe more secure and avoid any naughty nip slips. 

Comfort Over Style

100% you need to be comfortable on the morning of your wedding.

You can choose the most beautiful bridal underwear set, but if you are uncomfortable, it will always ruin the moment.

Make sure you pick something soft, breathable, a little loose, and insanely comfortable so that you can focus on the fun of your day.

What You Can Wear Under A Bridal Robe?

Once you have your stunning bridal robe, the planning is almost over. The last thing you’ll need to decide is what to wear underneath it.

It may seem like your choices are pretty limited, but options are abundant, from shorts, Capri leggings, button-down pajamas, soft shapewear, or a stunning bridal set.

As long as you steer clear of tight clothes and uncomfortable fabrics, you can’t go very wrong.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable because this is your last morning of the single life.

Enjoy the excitement, and look forward to your long-awaited ceremony.

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