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How Much Are Alterations At David’s Bridal? [What To Expect]

Does your dress require an alteration? Contemplating getting this done at David’s Bridal but not sure how much it will cost? Don’t worry – I’ve put in the research so you don’t have to. Here is what you can expect to pay based on the quotes and experiences of dozens of customers.

So, how much are alterations at David’s Bridal? Alterations at David’s bridal can cost anywhere from $250-$800, or possibly more, depending on the alteration and what needs to be done. However, you should be able to get a quote before any work is done. David’s Bridal is generally more expensive than local or independent seamstresses or alteration services.

Not cheap.

In fact, not cheap at all.

Often, alterations at David’s Bridal can run much higher than the initial price of the dress.

Not ideal.

Not ideal at all.

But fortunately, that does not mean you have to pay such a large fee for your required alteration.

So do be sure to contact some of your local seamstresses/alterations companies and get some quotes first.

At least that way you can compare prices.

How Much Do Alterations Cost At David’s Bridal

The cost of an alteration at David’s Bridal depends on what needs to be done, the style of garment, and how complicated the alteration is. Generally, the more work that is required the more it will cost.

Now if you look at the experiences of various David’s Bridal customers you’ll often see a range.

I’ve seen reports of $250 for a minor alteration.

I’ve seen reports of $800 for a full alteration.

The only way to truly know is to enquire and get a quote.

You’ll be asked what you need to be done, and you’ll be provided with a bespoke quote based on your needs.

Nevertheless, here is an example of what you can expect to pay for each different type of alteration:

Alteration TypeCost ($)
Taking in the sides/tapering80
Bustle point alteration50-75
Adding beaded sash30
Inserting cups20
Shortening lace straps 35
Adding a corset back250

Now one thing to consider is that prices are subject to change and can differ by location, current demand, and other factors.

At the same time, when it comes to an alteration, you will likely need one of, if not several of, the above.

This list is not exhaustive either.

So, do consider that the costs can add up, and instead of getting one uniform price, it does depend on all the individual elements.

If you are keen to get your alteration through David’s Bridal, or at the least get a quote, you can schedule an appointment on the companies site here.

Note this appointment will take between 30-60 minutes, on average.

Here you will try on your garment and a specialist will pin it to show you the recommended alterations for the perfect fit.

And if you are to proceed with the alteration, just consider that the full amount will be due on the day of your fitting!

Why Are Bridal Alterations So Expensive?

Bridal alterations are very expensive due to the complexity involved and expertise required to make the changes.

Equally, you are paying for the time of the seamstress – who needs to be able to dedicate quite a lot of care and attention to the work that needs to be done.

Hemming, for instance, requires each layer to be worked on individually and independently.

Then there is always the material and fabric too. It’s difficult to work with and mistakes are not easily fixed or can be hidden.

Besides, altering a wedding dress is a huge responsibility.

Its work on an expensive piece that quite simply, must be perfect.

How Long Do Alterations At David’s Bridal Take?

Alterations at David’s Bridal typically take anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on the alteration required, current demand, and the date of your appointments.

Sometimes, David’s Bridal can get your alteration turned around quicker but will apply a ‘rush fee’ for the faster turnaround time. This is usually around $20-$30.

This will all follow an alteration appointment with in-store David’s Bridal alteration specialists.

One thing to note here is that wedding dress alterations typically take longer than those required for bridesmaids or other special occasion dresses.


Getting your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses altered at David’s Bridal is certainly convenient.

Besides, there are over 300 stores in the US alone with on-site alteration specialists.

They’ll also work on dresses bought in-store, as well as any other dress or garment you have purchased elsewhere.

Problem is, this will all come at a price.

In all honesty, David’s Bridal is expensive.

And don’t just take my word for it.

I’ve reviewed a lot of Wedding Wire forum posts and the same experience is documented time and time again.

So if cost really is an issue, consider a local seamstress.

You might save yourself hundreds.

But do consider their expertise.

This is your wedding attire, after all.

Making alterations requires a huge amount of skill, expertise, and knowledge.

You don’t want to get this wrong.

Sometimes paying more is worth it for the peace of mind.