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Can The Groom See The Brides Shoes? [Or Is It Highly Unlucky?]

The first ‘Wedding’ purchase I made after we got engaged was my shoes. They caught my eye whilst out shopping with my sister and just knew I had to have them. The whole journey home in the car, I kept getting them out of the box and just staring at them. The person I wanted to show them to most was my fiancé, but I felt as though this was something that I should only reveal to him on our wedding day, and this got me thinking…

So, can the groom see the brides shoes? Unlike a wedding dress, it is perfectly acceptable for the groom to see the bride’s wedding shoes before the big day. It is the choice of the bride and groom as to whether they share the shoes with one another, or keep them a mystery until the big reveal on the wedding day.

Ultimately, it is for the couple to decide as there are no traditions or superstitions associated with the bride’s shoes for their wedding day.

Funnily enough, it is becoming increasingly common for the groom to gift his bride her dream shoes for their wedding day.

Videos on platforms such as TikTok that show brides revealing their wedding shoes are often accompanied by audio explaining that their gorgeous shoes were purchased for them by their equally gorgeous husband-to-be.

However, it is not uncommon for brides to choose to keep their shoe choice a secret from their groom until the wedding day.

This could be for a number of reasons including traditions, superstitions and simply wanting to surprise your groom with your completed bridal look – shoes included – on your wedding day.

Let us now take a closer look at some of those other similarly related questions you may have, such as if it is indeed back luck for the groom to see the shoes, if anyone can see them or if you can even have multiple pairs for your special day!

Is It Bad Luck For The Groom To See The Shoes?

The age-old superstition reigns: if the groom sees the wedding dress before the wedding day, the marriage will be unsuccessful and unhappy.

This tradition is one that has been kept alive even to this day, and most brides I know have kept their dress a secret from their husband to be.

There are of course couples who choose to buck tradition and some grooms even choose to shop with their bride for the wedding dress.

A tradition after all, is something that has always been done, and not a hard and fast rule about what should be done.

Traditions and superstitions like these may make you wonder about the bride’s shoes for her wedding day, they are part of her bridal look so would it be considered unlucky if her groom saw them before the big day?

There is no mention of the shoes – only the dress – when bad luck is discussed. For that reason, it is safe to assume that it is not bad luck for the groom to see the shoes prior to the wedding day.

Brides may choose to keep their choice of shoe a secret as they will be part of their bridal look on their wedding day, but it is also quite common for the groom to see them before.

For example, if your bridal shoes are new, it might be a good idea to ‘break them in’ before your wedding day in order to prevent blisters and check that they are comfortable (enough!) and that you can walk in them.

This means wearing them round the house, and if you choose to break them in in this way, your groom is likely to see them. That is unless you choose opportune moments when your groom is out!

Whilst it generally isn’t considered bad luck for the groom to see the shoes, I think I will keep mine a surprise from my fiancé, purely because I want him to see my complete bridal look, for the first time, on our wedding day.

Does Anyone See Your Wedding Shoes?

Due to the fact that traditions surrounding wedding shoes are few and far between, it is safe to assume that just about anyone can see your wedding shoes before your big day. That is if you choose to show them!

Just like the dress, some brides will prefer to keep their choice of shoe private, preferring to reveal their look on their wedding day.

Other brides, may choose to be more open with the shoes that they have chosen to wear. It is common to see brides showing off and discussing their choice of shoe on platforms such as YouTube in a wedding haul, maybe.

Either way, it is totally up to the bride to do as she wishes. Her wedding, her decision, right?

Personally, I took my wedding shoes with me when I went to try on wedding dresses. I felt so special slipping them on with perspective gowns and they really complimented and completed my look.

My mother gave me some advice: don’t wear your shoes too often, you want them to feel special on the day. I will be taking this on board as the feeling my shoes give me is absolutely wonderful and I do not want to diminish that in any way before my wedding.

For that reason, I would recommend limiting who you show your shoes to, prior to your wedding, to only close family and your bridal party. That way, your choice of shoe is kept special and exciting.

If you are a bride who isn’t too bothered about their choice of shoe for their big day – show who you like! Get excited, share your ideas. There is nothing at all wrong with either choice you make.

Can You Have More Than One Pair Of Wedding Shoes?

The idea of having a gorgeous pair of high-heeled wedding shoes make some brides beam with joy, and others shudder. Now, I would consider myself a shoe fan (not quite a fanatic) and I cannot wait to slip on my heels the morning I get married.

The sore feet that are inevitable when wearing high-heeled shoes for an extended period of time, I am not looking forward to so much.

For this reason, more than one pair of wedding shoes are quite common and can work well for many different brides and many different types of weddings.

Some brides will choose to have a pair of Ceremony shoes and a pair of reception shoes. The ceremony shoes being a stunning pair of high-heels, that look amazing, but might not be that comfortable to wear all day.

And the reception shoes, maybe a lower heeled shoe or pair of flats ready to throw on and dance the night away!

It could be that a bride requires a specific type of shoe for one part of their wedding day, for that reason, they may need more than one pair of wedding shoes!

Examples of this may be:

  • Flip-flops or sandals for a beach wedding,
  • Wellington Boots if the wedding is somewhere particularly muddy,
  • Hiking boots or suitable shoes if part of their day is somewhere hard to reach,
  • Dance specific shoes if their day requires,

Given were just a few examples of scenarios where a bride may require a change of shoes on her big day.

Remember, it is your privilege and decision as a bride what you wear on your feet at your wedding. If you feel most comfortable in trainers – wear those! If you can’t choose between three pairs of heels – wear all three throughout the day!

You should wear what makes you feel special, beautiful and wonderful on your wedding day.


During my research for this particular topic, I came across some interesting but highly outdated traditions that make wedding shoes one of the most important elements of the bride’s outfit on her wedding day, after the dress of course.

It was an age-old tradition that Anglo-Saxon fathers presented their daughters shoes to her groom as a sign that the deal of marriage had been made.

Nowadays, it is more common for brides to select wedding shoes that express her personality. There is no need to stick to tradition when it comes to the shoes!

Brides often opt for bright colors, quirky styles or highly embellished shoes to make them look and feel extra special on their big day.

Whether you choose to show your groom your shoes or not before the wedding is down to you.