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Who Pays For The Grooms Cake? [And How Much Do They Cost?]

The grooms cake. An entirely optional, yet interesting tradition where richer tastes and celebration come together. But if you want one at your wedding, who should really be paying for it? I spent some time researching to find out exactly how to approach this unique expense. I will be sharing all that I managed to find here for you today.

So, who pays for the grooms cake? Traditionally, the grooms cake is paid for by the grooms parents. Although, it has also been known for the brides parents to pay when it is to be used for the rehearsal dinner or as a surprise gift. Nevertheless, neither family should be expected to take on this cost. It is ultimately the responsibility of the couple to plan and make the purchase if they want it and either family does not offer to contribute or pay for it in its entirety.

The grooms cake is entirely optional; and never should be seen as a requirement.

But that being said, it can be a great way for the groom to inject his personal interest, hobbies and personality into the day.

Besides, its a nice way to celebrate him and also can give your guests another taste and flavor sensation!

Let us now take a closer look at the other similarly related and often asked questions. We will be covering expected costs, who is ultimately responsible for the grooms cake and why they even get one!

Plus, we take a look at if it should be a surprise and how many people it should be able to feed.

So, if you are serious about getting a grooms cake for your wedding, continue reading to get all the information you need.

How Much Does A Grooms Cake Cost?

A grooms cake can cost anywhere from $50-$1,000, depending on the level of complexity, size and the bakery in which it is purchased from.

Typically it works out from being anywhere from $1-$10 per slice, and cakes are often made to serve the guest list, such as 50-150 guests.

That being said, the average price that was paid for a grooms cake in 2020 was $200.

Beyond just the cost of the cake alone however, there are some additional costs to take into account. The most common being:

  • Initial Deposit – ranging from $30-$100.
  • Delivery costs – which can range from $25-$100 depending on how far the cake needs to be taken, timings etc.
  • Transportation Costs – also cost around $25-$100, but may be required to take a cake from A to B without damage.

When it comes to purchasing the grooms cake, you can often find them available at specialist bakeries and those that typically create and design wedding cakes.

It also comes recommended that you approach a bakery/baker with your design ideas and flavor preferences.

Tasting samples are also commonly provided which can help you make a decision ahead of any order

Who Is Responsible For The Grooms Cake?

Responsibility for the grooms cake typically falls with whomever is paying for it.

So, this means that some planning will be required in advance; both from a purchasing and logistics perspective.

Whether or not the groom is involved in these conversations, discussions and the process altogether will mostly depend on whether or not it is going to be a surprise.

Otherwise, design and taste-testing and can involve as many people as you like or want to include.

Why Do Grooms Get Their Own Cake?

The grooms cake is actually a tradition that started back in Victorian England. Since then, it has been a tradition that has slowly been growing in popularity. Although it did initially gain traction in the southeastern parts of the United States.

Now, the purpose behind a grooms cake is actually for several reasons.

Firstly, the traditional wedding cake has always been seen as somewhat feminine, both in terms of look and in taste. Especially for the groom.

The idea therefore arose that the groom should have his own cake, more masculine and appearance, taste and texture.

The result was a rich, often liquor-infused fruit cake (or one with dense dark chocolate).

Beyond this, the cake has often been a display of the grooms personal interests and hobbies. It is for this reason why they differ so much from groom to groom.

Whether it is something more sophisticated, like a tux, a passion (like a film reference e.g., Star Wars), or even reference to a favorite sport e.g. golf.

Lastly, the cake in many ways is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the groom. Giving something back in a day that is often orientated somewhat to the bride.

Is the Grooms Cake Supposed To Be A Surprise?

The grooms cake can be a surprise, although it does not have to be.

It ultimately depends on the preferences of the couple and whether or not the bride or either set of parents want to do so.

Either way, the cake has been traditionally served at a separate table to the wedding cake at either the wedding reception or wedding breakfast.

Although it has been known for some couple to have it served as a desert during the rehearsal dinner.

Whether or not this is the first time the groom gets to see it, or even becomes aware of it, will depend nonetheless.

There are benefits either way.

Being a surprise turns it into somewhat of a gift and is normally quite a fun and entertaining thing to do.

However, by having the groom included in the process, can ensure that the cake better suits his own preferences, personality and desires. It is all about him of course!

How Many Should Grooms Cake Feed?

It comes generally advised to offer one slice of regular wedding cake, and 1/2 a slice of groom’s per guest.

So, a wedding of 150 would require a wedding cake that could serve 150 pieces of regular wedding cake, and 75 pieces of grooms cake.

Although how many the grooms cake should feed depends on how it is going to be served, when, and the intention behind it.

If you are not looking to share it with guests, and simply reserve a slice for the groomsmen only; then a much smaller cake will be required.

But if you are looking to follow tradition, present and serve it to your guests, then you will of course need to factor in how many guests you have.

As the grooms cake is considered an optional extra, it is usually served second. Chances are people will be pretty full by the time it is served.

This is generally why 1/2 a slice will typically suffice. Besides its usually quite a rich cake.


If you do decide that you want your groom to have his own cake, just remember that it is your opportunity to have a bit of fun.

It should reflect the grooms interests and his personality; and there are literally no rules for what it should be or what it should look like.

Whether it is a surprise or the groom participates in the process, traditionally it was the grooms parents who would pick up the bill.

But that being said, times are changing and your expectations should do so accordingly.

If either set of parents offer to pay, then great. But otherwise, take on the cost and factor it in with the rest of your budget.

It is a nice, fun, and inclusive tradition after all.