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Where To Buy Bridesmaid Shirts

Are you tasked with getting the bridesmaid shirts but not sure where to shop? I’m not surprised – they often prove particularly challenging to find. But do not fear, I’m here to make your day, and experience, much easier.

So, where can you buy bridesmaid shirts? You can buy bridesmaid shirts from various online wedding stores and online marketplaces. You can also visit specific wedding retail stores, which will typically have a bridesmaid section. Some more general and major high street retail stores may stock options from time to time.

That may seem a bit vague.

And may not be entirely helpful.

Not to worry, I’ll be shortly showing you some fantastic bridesmaid shirt options and reputable sellers to check out!

Where Can I Buy Bridesmaid Shirts?

Perhaps the best two online marketplaces to buy Bridesmaids shirts in are Etsy and Amazon.

For me and personally, I am a huge fan of Etsy. Not just for bridesmaids’ shirts, but anything wedding-themed or related; gifts, robes, slippers. I could go on.

Let’s now look at why.


An online, global marketplace, where you can buy unique items from creative businesses and sellers.

It just makes sense to look for your bridesmaid shirts there!

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ll find some brilliant designs.

If you click here and head over to Etsy, you’ll soon see why.

There are hundreds of sellers to choose from – each offering their own unique, fun, and interesting designs.

And they’re not only excellent value, but you can place group orders, personalize the designs further, get different sizes, colors and so much more!

Take this particular option from BlueOceanApparel, for instance.

It’s incredibly good value, is hilarious, the fit is great and the material ideal.

What’s more, these shirts have been sold over 16,000 times and have on average, received a 5/5 on reviews from over 2,500 of those orders!

What more could you ask for?


Amazon is another fantastic place to shop for Bridesmaid shirts. And again, you’re not going to be short of options.

If you head over to Amazon here, again you’ll soon see why.

And we all know how great Amazon Prime is and the ability to shop for all our items together don’t we!

Bridal/Bridesmaids Stores

It’s always good to check the local bridal/bridesmaids’ stores in your area, as they may have bridesmaids’ shirts available or in stock.

A simple Google search can help you to identify options in your area.

Get the contact details and ring ahead.

Or look on their site.

This way, you’ll know for sure before you spend an afternoon visiting only to be left disappointed!

What To Consider When Buying Bridesmaid Shirts

When it comes to purchasing your bridesmaid’s shirts, there are some things to consider before you go out and buy them.

Here are the main ones.


Are the shirts available in various different sizes? Will there be a size for all the bridesmaids involved and one that will make everyone happy and comfortable?


Is it possible to personalize the design or make some unique changes. Perhaps making them a little more individual for each of the bridesmaids involved.

Themes and Colors

Are there various different themes and colors to choose from – that will go down well with everyone involved?


Will the shirts be something that everyone can get behind and that everyone will be happy with. Particularly in terms of style.


Will everyone be able to place their order easily – make sure that you do not choose an option likely to go out of stock, has a long delivery time, etc.

Tips When Buying Bridesmaid Shirts

I would like to break down a few other tips when it comes to purchasing your bridesmaid shirts. These certainly helped me when I was tasked with the job for a friend’s wedding last year!

Order Ahead Of Time

The earlier the better.

This will allow ample time for delivery, and for everyone to get their shirt, try it on and confirm that they are happy with the size and fit.

You need to be particularly careful if you are opting for a personalized option, or ordering during peak wedding season.

So do not hesitate on a decision or an option, and get the order in ASAP.

Contact The Seller

If you do not find much information on the product page, be sure to reach out to the seller.

Ask them about the shirts and ask for any tips when it comes to your order, sizes, etc.

Some sellers may even have other styles or options available that are not listed on the site!

Return Policy

Before you place your order, it’s a good idea to check whether the seller has a return/exchange policy.

While some do, it is unlikely you will be able to return any shirts that have been personalized.

So, make sure that you are aware of any policies and do all you can to ensure your order is correct before placing.

You may need to take measurements and hold some discussions with your bridesmaids.

But, better safe than sorry!

Discounts and Group Savings

Some stores and merchants may offer you a big discount if you order in bulk or get everyone’s shirt together.

In this instance, it does really pay you to pull together the money and buy on all of the bridesmaid’s behalf.

If you do opt for this, then be sure to collect money ahead of time.

You don’t want to have to chase around everyone for the money.

It can not only be awkward, but it can really put a downer on the whole experience if somebody does not respond or pay up. Either timely or all together!


There are several different places to buy bridesmaid shirts, but for me, I suggest looking no further than Etsy!

Just take a look and you will soon see why I am such a big advocate of this particular marketplace.

Some of the best businesses sell their products there, and it’s an easy way to compare your options head to head.