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When To Hire A Wedding Planner

Hello, fellow brides-to-be, grooms, and everyone in between!

I’m Allison, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering when to hire a wedding planner. Or if you even need one, at all.

I know: I was in the same boat when my husband Jeremy and I got engaged.

We did a lot of research before taking the plunge, and now I’m here to share our experience with you.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and let’s dive into the world of hiring (or deciding against hiring) a wedding planner.

When Does It Make Sense To Hire A Wedding Planner?

First things first, let’s talk about when it actually makes sense to hire a wedding planner.

In our case, Jeremy and I both had full-time jobs, and we were planning a fairly large wedding with guests coming from all over the country.

We knew that we’d need help with logistics, coordinating vendors, and making sure everything ran smoothly on the big day.

If you’re in a similar situation, a wedding planner might be a lifesaver.

But it’s not just about busy schedules and big guest lists.

Here are some other reasons why it might make sense to hire a wedding planner:

You’re Looking For Inspiration and Advice

Wedding planning can be a daunting process, especially if you’re unsure where to start or what direction to take.

A wedding planner can provide invaluable guidance, inspiration, and advice to help you shape your vision and make informed decisions.

They often have a wealth of knowledge about the latest trends, unique ideas, and best practices in the wedding industry.

At a high level, a wedding planner can help you:

  • Identify your priorities
  • Develop a cohesive theme or aesthetic
  • Offer creative solutions
  • Provide expert advice on etiquette and traditions
  • Keep you on track with your timeline

You’re Not Familiar With The Local Wedding Scene

If you’re planning a destination wedding or getting married in a city where you don’t have any connections, a wedding planner can help you navigate the local vendor landscape and find the perfect team to bring your vision to life.

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By The Planning Process

Wedding planning can be stressful, and if you’re finding it difficult to make decisions or stay organized, a wedding planner can help you stay on track and alleviate some of the pressure.

You Want To Enjoy Your Engagement And Wedding Day Without Stress

A wedding planner can take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your engagement and savor the magic of your wedding day.

You Have A Tight Deadline

If you’re planning a wedding on a shorter timeline, a wedding planner can be a game-changer.

With their connections and expertise, they can help you secure vendors and venues more quickly and efficiently than you could on your own.

You and Your Partner have Conflicting Ideas

Sometimes, couples have differing visions for their wedding day.

A wedding planner can act as a mediator and help you find common ground, creating a cohesive and beautiful event that reflects both of your personalities.

You Want A Highly Personalized and Unique Wedding

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s completely outside the box, a wedding planner can help you brainstorm ideas, find vendors who specialize in unique services, and execute your one-of-a-kind vision.

You Have A Specific Theme or Aesthetic In Mind

If you have a very clear idea of the theme or aesthetic you want for your wedding, a planner can help you find the right vendors and décor elements to bring that vision to life.

You Need Assistance with Legalities and Paperwork

Depending on your wedding location and circumstances, there may be legal requirements and paperwork to navigate.

A wedding planner can help you understand the necessary steps and ensure that everything is in order before your big day.

You Have Limited Help From Family and Friends

While many couples rely on their family and friends for assistance with wedding planning, this may not be an option for everyone.

If your loved ones are unavailable or unable to help with the planning process, a wedding planner can step in and provide the support you need.

You’re Juggling Multiple Events

If your wedding celebration includes multiple events, such as a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, or day-after brunch, a wedding planner can help coordinate all of these gatherings and ensure that each event runs smoothly.

You Have Guests With Special Needs or Accommodations

If you have guests who require special accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility or dietary restrictions, a wedding planner can help you find the appropriate vendors and venues to cater to their needs.

When You May Not Need A Wedding Planner

While hiring a wedding planner can be a fantastic investment, it’s not for everyone. Here are some situations where you may not need a wedding planner:

Your Wedding Is Small and Simple

If you’re planning a small, intimate affair with a limited guest list, you may be able to handle the planning process on your own or with the help of family and friends.

You Have Lots of Free Time and Enjoy Planning

If you have a flexible schedule and genuinely enjoy the process of planning events, you might find that you can handle the wedding planning process without professional help.

You’re on a Tight Budget

Wedding planners can be pricey, and if you’re working with a limited budget, you might need to prioritize other aspects of your wedding.

However, keep in mind that a skilled wedding planner can often help you save money by negotiating with vendors and making smart choices that stretch your budget further.

How Much Time Does A Wedding Planner Need To Plan A Wedding?

Generally speaking, wedding planners can work with a timeline of 6 to 12 months. However, some may be able to accommodate shorter timeframes if they’re available and your wedding plans are relatively straightforward. Just keep in mind that the more time you give your planner, the more likely they’ll be able to bring your dream wedding to life.

The timeline for wedding planning can vary depending on the size and complexity of your event.

In our case, we hired our wedding planner about a year in advance, which gave her plenty of time to help us find the perfect venue, secure vendors, and put all the details in place.

When Wedding Planners Are Most Useful

For Jeremy and me, hiring a wedding planner was the best decision we made during our wedding planning process.

Our planner was especially useful in the following areas:

Vendor Selection and Coordination

Our wedding planner had extensive connections in the industry, which made it easy for her to recommend reliable and talented vendors.

She also took care of all the communication with our chosen vendors, ensuring that everyone was on the same page and working towards our vision.

Budget Management

While it’s true that hiring a wedding planner can be an investment, it’s important to note that they can often save you money in the long run.

Our planner helped us create a realistic budget and made recommendations on where to splurge and where to save.

She also negotiated with vendors on our behalf, which helped us get the best possible prices.

Design and Décor

Our wedding planner was a creative genius.

She took our vision and ran with it, creating a beautiful, cohesive design for our entire event.

She also managed the set-up and breakdown of our décor, ensuring that everything looked perfect on the big day.

Timeline Creation and Execution

With so many moving parts, it’s crucial to have a detailed timeline to keep everything on track.

Our wedding planner created a comprehensive schedule for the day, coordinating with vendors to ensure that everything ran smoothly from start to finish.

Day-of Coordination

On our wedding day, our planner was a superhero.

She managed all the behind-the-scenes work, dealt with any last-minute issues, and ensured that our day was as stress-free as possible.

It allowed Jeremy and me to focus on each other and truly enjoy our special day.

Where To Find a Wedding Planner

Assuming you do want to proceed with hiring a wedding planner, you’ll need to know where to best find one.

Here are some tips and resources for finding a wedding planner who’s the perfect fit for you:

Personal Recommendations

Ask friends, family members, or coworkers who have recently tied the knot if they have any recommendations for wedding planners.

Personal referrals can be a great way to find trustworthy and reliable professionals.

Online Reviews and Forums

Websites like WeddingWire, The Knot, and Yelp offer reviews and ratings of wedding planners in your area.

Additionally, online forums and social media groups dedicated to wedding planning can be a valuable resource for

Wedding Fairs and Expos

Attending local wedding fairs and expos can be an excellent way to meet wedding planners in person and get a feel for their personality and style.

This can also give you the opportunity to ask questions and view their portfolios.

Venue and Vendor Referrals

Reach out to venues and vendors you’re interested in working with and ask if they have any preferred wedding planners.

These professionals often have established relationships with planners and can recommend someone who has experience working with their specific venue or service.

Wedding Industry Professionals

If you’ve already hired a photographer, caterer, or other wedding professional, ask them if they have any recommendations for wedding planners.

They likely know other professionals in the industry and can offer suggestions based on their experiences.


Knowing when to hire a wedding planner depends on your unique situation and needs.

For us, hiring a wedding planner was the key to creating a memorable, stress-free wedding experience.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the planning process, short on time, or unfamiliar with the local wedding scene, a wedding planner might be the perfect solution for you.

Before making a decision, do your research, and have open conversations with potential wedding planners about your expectations and budget.

Make sure to ask for references, and don’t be afraid to interview multiple planners to find the right fit for your wedding vision.

Ultimately, whether you choose to hire a wedding planner or go it alone, remember that your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment to one another.

Stay focused on what matters most and enjoy the journey!

I hope that our experience and these insights have helped guide you in your decision-making process.

Best of luck with your wedding planning, and may your big day be as magical and memorable as you’ve always imagined!

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