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What Is The Song White Wedding About? [Billy Idol Song Meaning]

White Wedding by Billy Idol is perhaps one of his most recognizable songs. With some interesting lyrics, it’s only natural to wonder what the song is about? What do thee lyrics actually mean? Here is what you will want to know.

So, what is the song white wedding about? The song white wedding by Billy Idol is about his love for a woman who is marrying someone else, although he still loves her. The idea for the song actually comes from his sister, who was getting married at the time of writing.

Perhaps not what you were expecting. Me neither.

Billy Idol has however confirmed that this is the basis of the song in various interviews since it was first released.

He draws inspiration from his “little sister” at her own wedding.

This is why the song is called ‘White Wedding’. It is where the song started, and he simply wrote the lyrics from there.

White Wedding Billy Idol Meaning

The basis of the song is set around Billy Idols’ lover, who, decides to get married quickly after their break up. The word “shotgun” is in reference to this.

As you can imagine, Billy is not too happy about it. “What have you done” is a clear example of this.

The lyrics of the song, therefore, are referring to the questioning of the wedding, and of her decision.

The lyrics also indicate that Billy feels that the world can be unjust, seen through the line “There is nothin’ fair in this world, baby”.

Neverthless, reference to “starting again” is suggesting that the lover will continue to search for happiness.

Who Played Guitar On White Wedding?

Steve Stevens is the guitarist on the track White Wedding by Billy Idol.

The song starts with a unique guitar riff, which is common among many of the artists songs.

You can hear that, and the rest of the lyrics below:


Ironically, many couples play White Wedding on their special day.

Either because they love it or because of the name.

Neverthless, upon closer inspection; this is clearly not an anti-marriage song!

But whether you decide to play it at your, or even hear it at a wedding, well, that’s ultimately up to the couple!