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What Is A Bridal Set? [All You Need To Know And Consider]

Have you come across the term bridal set and are not sure what it is or what it includes. Perhaps you are in the process of researching rings for that special someone, or you’re even dreaming of your own. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. This is what you need to know.

So, what is a Bridal Set? A bridal set consists of two rings – an engagement ring and a matching or complimentary wedding ring. A bridal set is typically purchased at the same time instead of buying the engagement ring, and wedding rings separately. As such, in a bridal set, the groom’s wedding ring does not typically end up matching.

And it doesn’t stop at just the ‘Bridal Set’ either.

You may have also come across the term “Wedding set,” and you’re not quite sure what the difference is here. 

That’s something else. But don’t worry, I’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, let us now look more closely at this Bridal ring combination, how to wear them, the advantages o them, and where to find them if you like the sound of it!

What Is The Point Of A Bridal Set?

The point of a bridal set is to give a more consistent appearance and to make the process of purchasing the two rings more simple.

Bridal sets are ideal if you want to make sure the engagement and wedding ring perfectly complement each other. 

A bridal set is therefore very different from an engagement ring.

Bridal sets are a great choice if you have selected an engagement ring that has a unique shape or setting, and you want to be assured that the wedding band will fit.

Wedding planning can be stressful. 

It may become overwhelming to make decisions, especially with something as important as choosing the rings. 

Bridal sets help to simplify the decision-making process and reduce the stress of having to purchase each ring separately.  

Why Are There Two Rings In A Bridal Set?

There are two rings in a Bridal set as this option has been designed for the bride only. She will only need an engagement and a wedding ring throughout the marriage process.

Bridal sets are traditionally worn by the bride and do not include a ring for the groom.  

With a bridal set, the groom must purchase his wedding ring separately.

That’s where the wedding set comes in.

A wedding set includes three rings, an engagement ring, and matching wedding bands for the bride and groom. 

The terms “bridal set” and “wedding set” are sometimes used interchangeably outside of the jewelry industry, so be sure to clarify with your jeweler when you’re ring shopping.

And what is right for you will depend on your preferences and your budget.

Wedding sets make the process even more simple, yet it is not always entirely possible due to the style of the bride’s engagement and wedding ring.

Which Ring Goes On First In A Bridal Set?

There is no “right way” to stack rings in a bridal set. There is the traditional way of putting the wedding ring first, and wedding “etiquette” may dictate that. But really, it’s up to the wearer and how they feel comfortable.

With this in mind, I’ve pulled together a shortlist of the popular ways to wear the engagement and wedding ring when you have them both.

However, how you choose to wear your rings comes down to your personal preference. 

Wedding Ring First

Many brides choose to put their wedding ring on first, followed by the engagement ring.  

If you ever see reference to a ring being worn on the “inside” or “bottom” of the finger, this simply means that it is the ring that goes on first. 

In a tradition dating back to Ancient Egypt, it is believed that placing the wedding ring on the inside of the finger symbolizes that it is closer to the heart.

There’s also a practical reason to put on the wedding ring first.

Engagement rings may be more intricately designed and are typically priced higher than wedding rings. 

Depending on your job and lifestyle, you may be more comfortable with wearing only your wedding ring for day-to-day activities.

Wearing the wedding ring on the bottom allows you to take off your engagement ring with ease.

If you opt to wear your rings this way, you can temporarily switch your engagement ring to your right hand during your wedding ceremony. 

After the ceremony, move your engagement ring back over to sit on top of your wedding band.

Engagement Ring First

Another popular way to wear your rings is in the order in which you received them. 

This means the engagement ring goes on first, followed by the wedding ring. 

This has its own symbolism, as the wedding ring is thought to represent the fulfillment of the promise made between the persons uniting in marriage.

If symbolism isn’t your thing, there’s another benefit of wearing your rings this way. 

If your engagement ring is a bit too loose or spins on your finger, stacking your wedding ring on top may help to keep it in place.

Bonded Bridal Set

Fusing your rings together creates an even stronger bond. 

This option gives the convenience of one ring while maintaining the symbolism of both. 

Before making the decision to turn two rings into one, we recommend waiting until your first anniversary. 

You may find that you prefer to wear one ring for everyday wear or for travel, and one or both for special occasions.

If you choose to solder your rings together, ensure they are properly sized. 

Once rings have been fused together, they may fit tighter than they previously did. Always check with a reputable jeweler before making a decision.

Separate Fingers

You rebel, you. 

Even though a bridal set is designed for the rings to complement each other, some people still choose to wear their rings on separate fingers.

The Proper Way

 As you can see, nowadays the “proper” way to wear your rings is entirely up to you!

Do You Propose With A Bridal Set?

Traditionally, proposals are done with only the engagement ring, and the wedding bands are exchanged much later, during the ceremony on the wedding day itself.

So usually, there is a huge element of surprise.

If the engagement ring is part of a bridal set, the bride can be let in on the secret a day or two after the excitement of the proposal.

What Bridal Set Styles Are Available?

Bridal sets are available in a wide variety to suit your personal style, from classic to vintage-inspired.  

For contemporary brides, these sets offer endless opportunities. 

Mixed-metal bridal sets, in particular, are a non-traditional option that can have a stunning impact.

With a wide selection of shapes, sizes, gemstones, and designs, bridal sets are an ideal way to find a balanced look when wearing your rings.

Is It Better To Buy A Bridal Set?

Bridal sets are an attractive option due to their variety, convenience, and value. Purchasing engagement and wedding rings separately is a personal choice and has its own benefits. There is no wrong approach here.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of purchasing a bridal set:

Less Stress

Bridal sets eliminate the need for a second search to find a matching wedding ring. 

Both rings are taken care of, so there’s more time to plan other aspects of your big day.

A Perfect Match

Want diamonds in your wedding band?

Is one of the bands a unique shape? 

Buying a bridal set means you can immediately see if the two rings flawlessly complement each other.

Cost Savings

Buying the rings as a set usually comes at a lower cost than purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band separately. 

Bridal sets are available at various price points without compromising on quality.


Bridal sets are designed to fit perfectly together, which makes for a striking appearance when stacked on the same finger.

They come in a range of precious metals and designs.


Since bridal sets are designed to coordinate with each other, they are usually very comfortable when worn together.

How Should I Choose A Bridal Set?

When it comes to choosing a bridal set, it’s important to consider certain factors. Here are some tips on picking a bridal set.

Consider The Type Of Metal

Popular precious metals for rings are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. 

Some metals are harder than others. If you are combining a ring made from a harder metal with a ring made from a softer one, check to make sure they do not rub together. 

To avoid this, choose rings made with the same type of metal.

Choose Your Shape

Does the engagement ring have a curved or “V”-shape? Is there an unusual stone setting? 

The advantage of purchasing a bridal set means you can match the shapes on your rings to avoid an awkward fit and make sure the rings fit together seamlessly.

Keep Proportions In Mind

Remember, you’re looking for a set based on how they work together. 

The goal is for them to complement, not compete with, each other. 

If the engagement ring has a thick band with larger diamonds, it’s best to get a wedding band of relative thickness so as to not look mismatched.

Where Can You Buy A Bridal Set?

Due to their popularity and convenient appeal, bridal sets can be found in most local jewelry stores, along with most of the reputable online ring websites. 

If your jeweler doesn’t have any bridal sets specifically, you can still go ahead and ask them to help you put together matching rings. 

You can also browse a huge selection of bridal sets online. 

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Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting and memorable moments in life.

And arguably, one of the most important aspects of a proposal or planning a wedding is choosing the engagement and wedding rings. 

That’s where a Bridal set comes in.

It can make the process much easier; it can make the pairings work so much better.

While they are not for everyone and do require more of a budget upfront, they are certainly worth considering.

That is, of course, if you know what your bride likes!