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What Does The ‘M’ On An RSVP Card Mean? [And How To Respond]

It can be highly confusing when you receive an RSVP card and notice an ‘M’ at the bottom. Why is this there and what are you supposed to follow it up with? I spent some time researching to find out!

So, what does the ‘M’ on an RSVP card mean? The ‘M’ is there to help the recipient respond to the RSVP more easily, by pre-filling the start of their title (Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms). The recipient should then follow with their full name before being returned.¬†

To find an ‘M’ on the RSVP actually quite rare these days; it’s a customary tradition that dates back to the times when wedding invites were a little bit more formal.

In such times, wedding etiquette was a little more personalized too. Handwritten invites were also a lot more commonplace.

While times and the process has changed, it is still very possible that an RVSP may include the infamous ‘M’.

It’s the reason why you are here today, and being aware of what it is and how to approach it is still of importance.

So, let us now look at some other things you will want to know!

How Do You Fill Out RSVP M?

Many RSVP cards will typically start with a brief line, also known as a request line, as to what the card is about.

So, you will see something like:

“The favour of a response is requested by…”

It is then below this statement you will see the letter ‘M’.

Considering that the ‘M’ should start with your title, you will then proceed by writing either:

  • ‘R’ – for Mr
  • ‘Rs’ – for Mrs
  • ‘S’ – for Ms
  • ‘Iss’ – for miss.

You will then need to follow with your name(s).

Consider that only the name of those attending should appear on this line.

You’ll also want to ensure your first and last name is easily legible so that the couple can work out who has responded.

Typically, below this line, you will see a number, where you can write how many of you will be in attendance.

Points to consider:

  • If you are married, then begin with your husband’s title and first and last name. So, it would look like this: Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs.
  • If you a wife has not taken the husbands last name, then you would list both names out, starting with the males. So, it would look like this: ‘Mr Joe Bloggs and Mrs Laura Smith’. This is also how you would fill out the card as an unmarried couple (but use Miss or Ms instead for the title).
  • If you are single woman, you would opt for Miss. So it would look something like: ‘Miss Laura Smith’.

You essentially just need to put in the appropriate letters to make the appropriate title, then your names.

When To Reply To Your RSVP

It is important that all guests respond to their wedding RVSPs at the earliest opportunity.

This is considered courteous and enables the couple to plan accordingly, either way.

By giving the couple as much time as possible, they can work out the finer details of the day, which can be challenging to coordinate without an understanding of who is going to be in attendance.

It’s also important to commit to your initial response, and not look to make any changes at a latter date.

This is especially true if you initially declined a plus one, for instance.


The ‘M’ on an RSVP can certainly throw you off.

It did me when I first saw it.

While it is an old tradition, there are still plenty of RSVP cards and designs that include it.

While you may not be the biggest fans of using formal titles, it does provide some clarity onto who will be attending.

And if you receive a card that has this included, you should respond accordingly.

Nevertheless, some people have been known to cross out the ‘M’ altogether, forgoing the title and just adding their names.

Either way, what is most important, is that the couple knows who will be attending their wedding. And the earlier they know this, the better.