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11 Rustic Wedding Place Cards You Need To Consider

As you enjoy the journey of planning your wedding, you may have already come to realize that there are so many little details that you need to consider to ensure your big day runs smoothly.

Wedding place cards are one of those paper wedding accessories that make the transition from ceremony to reception easier for you and your guests. You can even double up place cards as ‘escort cards.’

With so many options on the market for rustic wedding place cards, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices.

But don’t worry; I’ve slammed together eleven of my favorite rustic wedding place card design to get your creativity flowing, give you some inspiration, and help you work out what you want.

Plus, I’m even suggesting the best supplier on the market. So let’s delve into them, shall we?

Every Single Dawn With You

These stunning wedding place cards feature an all-over mountain range print that is reminiscent of a hazy summer’s morning. Available as both a flat card or a stand-alone folded card, this design is viable in three rich color themes. Personalize each one with your guests’ names and their table numbers. Then choose from one of the three luxury paper fibers to create a truly luxurious yet practical decoration for your wedding.

In The Country

Classic, rustic, yet not lacking a wow factor. This design combines beautifully flown lettering with foil-pressed foliage and floral sprigs. Available in eight classic color themes, you can also choose from the eight different true foil finishes for a shimmer of luxury. Available in a flat or folded format, this card is also available in three high-quality cotton paper fibers for a truly luxurious feel.

Farm And Field

For art lovers that love bold watercolor artists like Vang Gogh, this design is a landscape dream. Featuring a bold landscape border that fits around your guests’ names and table numbers, this design is available in six different color schemes. Each one alters the vibe and even the season of the artwork on the front. Choose from a flat card or folded card format and pick one of the three luxury paper fibers to finish your design.

Dried Foliage

Featuring delicate foliage artwork in the corners, this divine rustic wedding place card features dainty foil-pressed elements for a hint of glitzy luxury. Choose from the eight delicate and classic color schemes and customize your design further with one of the eight foil finishes. Available as a flat place card or a more traditional stand-alone folded format, this design is available to print one of three high-quality paper fibers, including a rather special pearlescent option.


For the classic fall wedding that has been inspired by rustic themes, this rustic wedding place card is a perfect choice. A single falling leaf is boldly printed on the front of this card in one of the eight foil finishes. Giving this design element a shiny splattering of luxury. Choose one of the eight classic and rich color themes to match this placement card to your wedding colors. Then finish your design by choosing to print your design as a flat or folded card on one of the three available luxury paper fibers.


Wow, your guests with a place card that looks as though it contains a little piece of the night sky. This stunning card blends a northern lights nighttime landscape with glittering foil pressed stars for an added luxury element. Choose from the three rich color themes and the eight foil finishes for a personalized design. With three high-quality cotton paper fibers to choose from, and the choice between a modern flat card design or a more traditional folded format, these rustic wedding place cards are as deep as they are beautiful.

Leaf Cascade

This rustic wedding place card is a bold statement piece with its abstract foliage print, hanging like the leaves from a tree. Personalize each card with your guests’ names and tables number and match them to your wedding colors with one of the five rich color schemes. Design your wedding place cards in a flat or folded format and choose from the three luxury cotton paper fibers.

Vintage Garden Invite

If you are drawing inspiration from vintage English gardens, this rustic wedding place card is perfect. Featuring a simple yet stunning English dusty pink rose element on rich cream card stock. Pick from the flat card or folded card formats and take your place cards luxury to the next level with one of the three high-quality paper fibers.

Sparkling Night Sky

Like stars falling delicately from the sky, this rustic wedding place card is available in three deep and rich color schemes for the perfect night’s sky image. This design uses luxury foil-pressed elements to give this image of shimmering stars. Choose from eight different foil finishes for a delicate twinkle. Available as a flat card or a more traditional folded place card, this design is also available in one of three luxury paper fibers.

Woodland Garden

For the true rustic roots couple, this rustic wedding place card squeezes in all the elements of a truly rustic design. Blending a wood effect background with a bold border of mixed foliage, this design is available in eight earthy color schemes. Customize your design further by including your guests’ names and even their table numbers. Each of the three luxury paper options adds to the quality of this wedding place card.


Inspired by the blending colors of a brightly shining geode, this watercolor design flows boldly across the header of each place card. Choose from one of the four rich and beautiful color themes and customize each card with your guests’ names and table numbers. Your Sedona design is available as both a flat card and a traditional folded card and can be printed on one of the three luxury paper fiber finishes.

Rustic Wedding Place Cards With Minted

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