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Is JJ’s House Legit? [Is It Safe To Order Through Them?]

When it comes to purchasing wedding attire, you will have likely stumbled across JJs House. Anc chances are; you’ll find something you like. Besides, they offer hundreds of different styles in countless colors at prices that do not break the bank. Sounds too good to be true right? But are they a safe, legitimate company? Can you order through them with confidence? Well, I have ordered from JJ’s house a few times and will share with you my experiences here today. I think you will be surprised to hear what I think!

So, is JJs House legit? JJ’s House is a legitimate retailer. In so far that all orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and typically shipped within 9 – 11 days. While some customers have reported negative experiences in terms of the quality, returns policy, and the time it takes for orders to arrive, my experiences using them have been mostly positive.

The truth is if you intend to shop with JJ’s House, then there is a bit you should know.

JJ’s House has a strict policy when it comes to returns and refunds so it is advised that you refer to measurements and size guides before ordering dresses.

But then this is a good idea for any purchase you intend on making.

Particularly for weddings.

Whether you are having one bridesmaid or one hundred(!), it is important to get the styling and color of the dresses right.

Different body types and style preferences often impact the choice of dress for the bridal party and the wedding industry has seen an increasing trend for mix and match bridesmaid dresses recently.

This is where the color and material are the same, but each bridesmaid chooses a different style of dress to suit her figure.

With many different styles, colors, and fabrics available the wide selection of dresses all make JJ’s House a desirable retailer.

Dresses come in a range of sizes to suit all body types and there is the option to order a dress that is made to measure.

It’s no surprise that you are considering them.

But do you need to think again?

Well, let’s break down all you need to know about the company; starting with whether it is safe to order through them.

I’ll also be sharing my experiences throughout this article, including screenshots of my order along the way.

So be sure to keep reading if you are seriously considering an order!

Is It Safe To Order From JJs House?

It is safe to order from JJ’s house: they use secure payment processors and there are relatively few incidences of orders not arriving. That being said, it is important to do your research into specific designs as some customers have reported that their quality was not up to standard.

The images on the website of the dresses give an idea of the style, however, I would always recommend scrolling down the page and viewing the customer uploaded images to get an idea of what the dress will look like in real life.

JJ’s House returns policy is also not great, they expect the customer to pay the shipping cost for a return so I would recommend only ordering the dresses you know that you will need.

It is highly recommended that you use the size guides and measurements to inform the correct size of dress you are ordering.

I ordered a size 12(UK) for one of my bridesmaids as that was her regular size and we had to return it as it did not fit.

The return took around three weeks to process, I had to pay the shipping and we only received around half the money back.

I was aware of the issues with returning dresses upon ordering so this did not come as a shock to me, however, I can see why people who are unsuspecting of this are dissatisfied with the service.

I would recommend all potential customers to read the information about ordering on JJ’s House website prior to committing to an order.

I have ordered four bridesmaid dresses from there and also several swatches of fabric, each time I received a text and an email confirming that my order had been shipped and each of my orders arrived within the time window for delivery.

To ensure that you feel safe when ordering from JJ’s House:

  • Order well in advance of when you need the dresses,
  • Use the size guides and measurements to ensure that the dress will fit properly,
  • Only order the dresses you know you need to avoid the potential of a return and refund,
  • Look at the customer photos to get a better idea of how the dress will look on a real person.

By taking these precautions, you will undoubtedly maximize your customer satisfaction when shopping with JJ’s House.

Is JJsHouse Located In China?

JJ’s House source their dresses from China although they do have offices worldwide. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider the shipping times ahead of any order and be sure to order well in advance of when you need your dresses by.

Due to JJ’s House sourcing directly from China, there is a cost incurred by the customer.

Shipping can start from as little as $7, but in my experience is usually around the $25 mark.

This will also impact any returns made to JJ’s House, as the customer pays for the item to be shipped back to the warehouse, and only then will a refund, or in most cases, a partial refund be processed and returned.

To avoid the hassle and potential for disappointment or dissatisfaction, it is strongly recommended that dresses are ordered using the size guide and that customers only order the dresses that they need.  

My Experiences With JJs House

The pricing of JJ’s House dresses is fair in terms of the quality of the fabrics used, I have ordered four dresses in total from the site and each of them I have found to be well constructed.

I would advise potential customers of JJ’s house to use the size guides and take measurements prior to ordering as this is the safest way to ensure that no returns are necessary.

The returns policy seems to be where the majority of negative reviews stem from!

Prior to ordering, I conducted some research into JJ’s House and upon recommendations from other customers, I ordered swatches of potential color choices.

I am so pleased I did this and would encourage any other potential customer to do the same.

The swatches range in price from around $2 – $5 but are definitely an investment worth making.

Generally, the way the colors are depicted on the website are accurate and most of my swatches matched the coloring perfectly.

Seeing the fabric and the colors in person made the decision about which color to select far easier.

When the color had been selected, I let my bridesmaid know and we had an absolute blast choosing styles of dresses!

There are so many beautiful designs to choose from and the color selection allows you to view each style in any different color to get an idea of how the dress will look.

Due to the fact there are so many styles available, each of my bridesmaids were able to choose a dress that was to their taste and would flatter their figure.

It was really important to me that each of my bridesmaids felt gorgeous in what they were wearing on my wedding day, so JJ’s House was the perfect choice in terms of the range of styles offered.

As it turned out, each of my bridesmaids chose a different style dress and we were able to make this work by ordering each different dress in the same color!

The most important thing to remember is to order the size of the dress based on the size guide and measurements of the person wearing it.

Online, I had read so many reviews prior to ordering that said the dresses came out a little bit on the larger side. In my experience, I have found this to not be the case.

One of my bridesmaids – who wears a size 12 everything – ordered her dress from JJ’s House in a size 12, having read a review that they were true to size.

When the dress arrived, the waist size was perfect, however, around the bust and back of the dress was incredibly (and uncomfortably) tight.

We ended up returning the dress and ordering a made-to-measure dress by giving her exact measurements to ensure the dress fitted perfectly.

It is important to note that made-to-measure dresses are non-returnable so I would recommend being incredibly certain of measurements and sizing if you are thinking of doing this option.

An alternative to this was provided by one of my bridesmaids who opted to order a slightly larger gown and have it tailored, once it had arrived, to her specific size.

This is a great option if there is any uncertainty at all about the sizing – go bigger and have it taken in.

JJ’s House dresses are mostly under $100, so tailoring is a feasible option if it is within your budget.

JJs House Dress
My dress that arrived from JJs House

How Long Does Shipping Take From JJs House?

Shipping of a dress from JJ’s House takes between 9 – 11 days, on average. It is important to note that this is the shipping time only, not the order processing time which can take between 3 -5 days on top. Equally, it may take longer depending on where you are in the world and other external and unexpected factors like we have seen with the pandemic.

It is recommended that dresses are ordered well in advance of when they will be needed as some JJ’s House customers report that shipping can take much longer than specified on the website.

Each of my orders has arrived well within the given window, typically taking around 10 days to arrive from point of purchase.

JJ’s House dresses are usually shipped in a cardboard box and have been known to arrive creased.

The creasing does not damage the dress, but I have found that hanging them up does allow the majority of creases to drop out.

Alternatively, steaming the creases out of the dress will be a far more effective and efficient option.

Here is a picture of my box that arrived, with all the sensitive information removed of course.

Take note of the “Eshipping Global Supply Chain”.

What Is The Quality Of JJ House Dresses Like?

The quality of JJ’s House dresses is typically very good for the price. Every dress is well structured with boning inside the bodice to ensure they hold their shape. The chiffon is lined with a silky, stretchy material and dresses are not see-through.

Some customer reviews detail their dissatisfaction with the quality of the dresses but do not give much more detail than that.

From my experience, I feel that the dresses are good quality for their price point.

At least the design I ordered.

They photograph well, are comfortable to wear and the styles are flattering.  

Of course, not all designs are the same.

And if you are comparing these dresses to those of much higher price points, there is always the chance of being dissatisfied.

And then there are some designs that are just not fit for purpose altogether.

But I suppose that’s what happens when you offer so much choice.

Quality suffers.

So do check customer photos ahead of time.

Maybe even do a test order before you buy all the dresses you need.

And do so well ahead of time.

Do JJ House Offer Returns?

JJ’s House offers to issue a full refund including shipping for any damaged, defective, or mis-shipped items, within a 14-day window of the order being received. There are certain caveats to this including the return items arriving in their original condition.

Whilst JJ’s House claim to have a ‘Worry Free’ Returns policy, many customers who have commented on threads and chatrooms do not feel that is the case.

JJ’s House does not accept returns on custom made-to-measure dresses and also does not refund a ‘buy many keep one’ type order.

This is where a customer is unsure of size and style and buys multiple dresses with intention of only keeping one of them.

The Returns policy offered by JJ’s House seems to be where many of the negative reviews come from, so I would recommend trying to avoid a situation where you think a return might be necessary.

Alternatives To JJ’s House

If you can’t get on board with JJ’s house and are looking for somewhere else to buy a dress, may I just make a recommendation – The Dress Outlet.

They offer dresses in every style imaginable across a wide range of price points. Even though, they promise to offer premium dresses 80% cheaper than in department stores.

I love their different ranges, particularly their wedding section – with mother of the bride, bridesmaids, and wedding guest collections.

This is a fantastic company to order from and they have lots of different sizes available (including plus sizes too).

They are based in LA, where they have their offices and their product warehouse and they ship your order the day after purchase through UPS and DHL.

You can get your order within 2-5 days of order, too.

So if you are looking for an alternative to JJ’s house, definitely check out The Dress Outlet.


For me, my experiences with JJs House have been mostly positive.

Although I cannot deny the fact that if you look elsewhere online, there are some rather disappointed and dissatisfied customers.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Either way, what I wanted to do here today was share my thoughts and opinions – as this is the kind of resource I wish I had before I used this service.

Reasonable, unbiased, and unaffiliated experiences.

Nevertheless do not take my word for it.

What you do with the comments made here should help inform your decision.

Not make it.

So continue your research, do your due diligence on any styles, and make sure you are confident before you put an order in.

That would be my advice.