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Is It Bad Luck To Wear A Used Wedding Dress? [& Should You]

Choosing your wedding dress. It is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding. Whether you are looking at brand new or used dresses, its an enjoyable and truly one-off experience. Despite all that there is to consider! When researching the options for my own special day, I did however stumble across an alarming concern; that re-wearing a wedding dress could be bad luck. This is what you need to know.

So, is it bad luck to wear a used wedding dress? It is not considered bad luck to wear a used wedding dress. In fact, there are many reports of brides whom tied the knot in a used wedding dress, and remain happily married. This superstition most likely derives from an old saying: “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue”; although this rhyme does not traditionally refer to the wedding dress.

Instead, think of it this way. A dress that has been worn by another bride has already been blessed with love and happiness.

And unfortunately, the superstitions do not stop here.

There are many superstitions regarding getting married. From the attire such as the wedding dress, all the way through to the sequence of events.

Irregardless of whether you are a superstitious person or not, some of these have become tradition and remain honored to this day. Whereas others have quickly fallen by the wayside.

Thankfully; when it comes to a used wedding dress – there is little to worry about other than the condition and the fit!

Let us now take a closer look at some of the other bad luck wedding dress superstitions that often do the rounds and you may want to know about.

We will then turn to the main questions that you may now have regarding purchasing a used wedding dress. now that we have dispelled the myth!

Bad Luck Wedding Dress Superstitions

There are a number of bad luck wedding superstitions that have been passed down the generations. Many of such have become established in our culture that we no longer even consider where they come from.

The used wedding dress is one such example.

Used Wedding Dress

This likely comes from the rhyme:

“The bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue (and a silver sixpence in her shoe).”

It dates back to the Victorian period; and is still followed by many brides to this day.

Its a superstition all about bringing the bride good luck. “Something old” from a former successful marriage, and “something new” referring to the start of a successful partnership.

There are of course other aspects of it, but its all about ensuring the bride and groom get all the right blessings and set off on the right foot (so to speak).

Groom Seeing The Bride In Her Wedding Dress Before The Ceremony

You will have likely heard of this already, and it barely need explanation.

Nevertheless, it dates back to the days of organized marriages and is still largely followed today despite this custom no longer being commonplace in most cultures. It does keep the moment more exciting and memorable.

It all originated as a means of preventing the groom from calling off the wedding; changing his mind at the procession.

Ultimately whether you follow this tradition is your decision; some couples even decide to see each other just before the ceremony.

Spiders On The Wedding Dress

Another interesting superstition related to luck, is the finding of a spider on your wedding dress.

This is supposedly good luck, even if you find the entire thing entirely terrifying!

There are of course a number of other superstitions and traditions that intertwine and are related to your wedding day.

Whether you not you consider them and have them impact the plans of your day is ultimately up to you!

Should I Buy A Used Wedding Dress?

Whether or not you should buy a wedding dress will depend entirely on your budget, preferences and dress availability.

For some brides buying a used wedding dress is the perfect way to cut cost, whereas for others its a non-negotiable.

They want something new and they want the entire experience that goes along with it. Fair enough.

Nevertheless, this is not an option for all brides.

But upon closer inspection, there is a lot more to a used wedding dress then you may have initially have thought.

It is important to consider the word “used” here, because a ‘used wedding dress’ may be classified as such for different reasons.

For example, it may have only be worn once (at a previous wedding) or at a fitting.

Or, it could be used material that you have refashioned into your dress.

What you need to consider is that with a used wedding dress, it will not likely have been worn much.

Beyond this, they can usually still be altered and accessorized to suit your own needs and preferences.

It also can make a used wedding dress feel a lot more personal; and yours.

This could mean that you modernize an older piece, or you could always consider creating something truly bespoke and unique (but you will need to consider the potential costs here).

Buying a used dress can save a lot of money which can be repurposed to other aspects of the wedding; such as the venue or the catering.

That being said, depending on what you want altered and the dresses that are currently available will largely dictate how much money you can save with this option.

Either way, wearing a used dress shouldn’t be bad luck!

Where Can I Buy A Used Wedding Dress?

You can typically buy a used wedding dress from three different places: wedding dress stores, online marketplaces and through private sellers.

In recent years, it has become more common for brides to resell their dresses after their wedding day. So, you will likely find that there are plenty of choices – both in style and in terms of different fittings.

That being said, its always important to do your research and due diligence.

Heading to a reputable wedding dress store comes strongly advised, as does seeing (or potentially trying) the used dress before you commit or send any payments.

There are a couple of pre worn wedding dress websites in particular to potentially check out. These are:

  1. Nearly Newlywed
  2. Preowned Wedding Dresses
  3. Once Wed

Ultimately you want to be careful of scams, fraud and dress that is not simply fit for purpose or as advertised.

If that means paying a little more, than so be it.

Although we will take a look at the prices you should expect to pay below.

How Much Does A Used Wedding Dress Cost?

Used wedding dresses can be typically found for up to 50% of the initial purchasing price. Although, it does depend on the brand, style and the seller.

For this reason, more expensive pieces may only be reduced by 10-30%.

Equally, those that are somewhat damaged or in need of repair may even be purchased with up to 90% off; although you will likely need to pay for them to be mended.

Another thing to consider if the dress comes with any additional accessories. Sometimes they are thrown in, but other times you may need to pay extra. Its always a good idea to ask questions about exactly what is included.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule; especially if you go the private seller route.


Buying a used wedding dress is the ideal solution for many brides. Especially those on a strict budget or who would rather invest the savings into other areas of their special day.

Thankfully, despite a range of superstitions and traditions, bad luck from wearing a used wedding dress does not appear to be one of them.

It’s not something you need to concern yourself with.

So, do not let this put you off.

Instead, if you are committed to getting a used dress, your attention and time should be spent seeking out the best option, for you.

It will require some research and due diligence. Not only to ensure you get a style and design that you fall in love with, but that also comes in at an affordable and suitable price.

Of course, the earlier you start looking the better.

That way you get the dress altered with plenty of time ahead of your special day!

Just make sure it hasn’t turned yellow before you commit!