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How Many People Can Sit At A 8 Foot Table? [Comfortably]

Big events call for big tables. But coming up with the seating arrangements can be tricky; especially when there are a number of different table sizes to consider. You may be considering 8 foot tables, or have been notified that these are what a particular venue can provide. But how many guests can comfortably fit around them? I spent some time researching and will be sharing with you all that I found here today.

So, how many people can sit at a 8 foot table? It is generally advised that a maximum of 8 people are sat around an 8 foot rectangular table. 8ft round tables can usually sit up to 12. However, the style of the table and the size of the legs can impact how comfortable it will be for guests. For example, this could mean that a rectangular 8 foot table may only be able to fit 6, and a rounded table 10.

Depending on the event, the venue and your budget will largely dictate whether you will have the decision to choose between rectangular and circular tables. Either way, circular tables can generally sit more people, more comfortably.

Either way, it essential that you stick to the guidelines and that you do not attempt to squeeze too many people on any one table. You need to factor in those other items, such as bags, drinks, and any centerpieces that you choose to have.

Ultimately, people need to feel relaxed, especially when they eat. Its not nice to be sat too close – especially if your guests are not too familiar with one another!

With these considerations in mind, let us know take a closer look at some of those other questions you may have regarding 8 foot tables. We will also look at the total number of tables you will likely need for your event (depending on the number of gusts you have) and whether you have rectangular or rounded.

So, make sure that you read all the way to the end, or click on the handy links below, to get all the information you need!

How Many Chairs Fit Around An 8 Foot Table?

8 chairs should easily fit around an 8 foot table; 4 chairs and guests on either side.

However, you may want to consider placing 3 chairs on each side depending on the style of the table, and if you want your guests to be able to turn in a little more.

One other potential option is that you may be able to place an additional 2 chairs onto each end of the table, fitting 10. This will however, be a lot more cramped and is generally not advised.

A good general rule of thumb is to allow around 2 feet of space per person; so depending on the dimensions of the table and the size of the legs will have a large influence in what you can do.

How Many 8 Foot Tables Do You Need?

The number of 8 foot tables that you will require will depend exclusively on the number of guests that need to be sat.

Below, you can see the suggested number of 8 foot tables, depending on the guest list size at various intervals:

Total GuestsNumber of 8 Foot
Rectangular Tables
Number of 8 Foot
Circular Tables

The numbers listed above are based on the assumption that the 8 ft rectangular tables will sit 8 people, and the 8ft circular tables will comfortably sit 12 people.

Further yet, some of these calculations do not arrive at an equal number, so we have rounded up to ensure everyone gets a seat!

So, depending on the size of the event you will need quite a few tables, and quite a big venue to ensure that your tables are not too close together and the atmosphere does not feel too enclosed.

One other factor to consider is the type of event, and whether or not you will require something like a top or head table (such as at a wedding reception).

In this instance, this may mean that you need a larger, 10 ft table to accommodate the bride, groom, the parents, maid of honor and best man. Otherwise you may need to have at least one rectangular table, whereas the rest may be in fact circular in shape.

Rectangular vs Round 8 Foot Tables

Outside of the shape, you may not have initially considered the differences between rectangular or round tables and the impact that they can have on your event. Here’s why.

  • Rectangular tables: have more space for dishes and are more versatile where they can be placed in a room. However, they are not as intimate or social. Often people will need to be proactive to hear someone from across the table or to be heard.
  • Round tables: are much more visually appealing and social; everyone can interact and here one another irregardless of where they are sat. However, round tables do not afford as much elbow space or dish space.

Whether or not you have much say on your choice of table will ultimately be down to your own context, but these are things to keep in mind if you do have the option or the budget to choose!


8 foot tables are commonly provided by venues and event companies; fitting a good amount of people around them.

Whether rectangular or circular, you can expect to sit between 8-12 people, with circular being a little more flexible.

While both styles of tables have the benefits and drawbacks, it is essential to consider type of event and the kind of interactions you want to foster. It depends a lot on whom will be sitting together.

At the end of the day, and whatever option you choose, the most important thing is that all of your guests have enough space and are as comfortable as possible.

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How Long Is A Table That Seats 8?

A rectangular table that comfortably seats 8 people will be between 8-10 feet long or 96″-120″ (in inches). A circular table that comfortably seats 8 people will be 7 feet in diameter or 84″ (inches).