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How Many Cupcakes For A Wedding? [How Many You Should Order]

Cupcakes are a fun way and tasty addition to the dessert table. They put a wonderful spin on the traditional wedding cake. While wedding cakes are easy to order, “I’ll just have one to feed these many people please,” cupcakes become a little bit more complicated. It’s understandable. But how many do you need to order? Let’s find out!

So, how many cupcakes for a wedding? It is generally advised to order one cupcake per guest. Although, how many you will need will depend on the size of the cupcakes, whether cupcakes are replacing the cake (or are in addition to), and their purpose (are they for eating and/or displaying. 

The answer isn’t that simple.

Annoying, but the truth.

This is because it depends on so many different factors.

The obvious factor is how many people are attending, but there are many not so other obvious ones involved too.

Fear not!

We will not leave you hanging.

Today, we’ll run through all you need to know to find out exactly how many you need.

Let’s talk sweets. 

How Many Cupcakes Do You Need?

The number of cupcakes you are going to need will vary from person to person. Now having said that, there are general guidelines a bride can go by to get a better sense of how many she needs.

The question becomes even more complicated when you throw in multiple cupcake flavors and sizes into the mix.

Here are the factors that will consistently change your order and how to gauge your number.

  • Number of people
  • Size of cupcakes
  • Addition or replacement
  • Multiple orders

Number Of People

A good rule of thumb is that one standard cupcake size is going to feed one person. 

If you are going to keep it as simple as that, then you would just need to order one cupcake per guest.

It’s the old saying, “you get what you get, and you don’t get upset.”

But some of us aren’t like that, and we like to account for the fact that the kiddos are going to try to have double, and some people want more.

Dessert is the best part, isn’t it? That’s why it is never a bad idea to order a few extra than your intended number to account for anyone who wants some more.

Size Of Cupcakes

If you are working with a standard size, then the rule applies – 1 per person.

If you are ordering mini cupcakes, then this poses a totally different challenge.

Mini cupcakes are super cute to look at, but they are almost never savored and can be taken down in one bite.

This makes eating them quickly easy and often leads to people eating 2-3 before they start to get full.

If you are working with mini cupcakes at your wedding, consider ordering about three times the amount to make up for the standard sizing and the few extra you would get in case people want more.

Addition Or Replacement?

This will also determine how many cupcakes you need and can be really tricky.

If you are replacing the cake with cupcakes, then this is a different story, and it becomes much easier.

But if you are adding cupcakes in addition to the cake, it becomes a little more complicated. 

First, ask yourself will the cupcakes be the same as the cake?

In that case, you can have a little less headache and account for the math to ensure each person has either a slice of cake or one cupcake, plus a few extras.

If they are different and people get a choice of what they want, then it’s better to have more cupcakes than fewer.

Say you have 100 guests, and the cake feeds 70. 

Order twice as many cupcakes than the remainder of people.

That will ensure that if the majority of your guests opt for a cupcake, you have better chances of covering everyone for what they want.

In this scenario, it would be 60 cupcakes.

Multiple Orders

The most complicated aspect of them all. The arrangements look cute but can send any bride over the edge.

Having different sizes and different flavors in addition or even just replacing the wedding cake can be a hassle.

It sends you right back to high school math, and we’re not here for it.

Likely the bakery you are ordering from will have a good handle on how to do this. But if you want to make sure they do it right, consider these formulas as listed above.

For practical purposes of feeding people, the addition/replacement/size guidelines above for adding up the right amount.

Now when you have different flavors, you have to consider two things.

  • How basic are the cupcakes?
  • What do you want the display to look like?

If you get chocolate and vanilla, you can likely split it fifty-fifty. If you get raspberry chocolate and girl scout cookie, consider adding in more plain options as well and ordering extra, maybe even double in almost every category.

If you have leftovers, you can always give them to the staff.

If you want the display to look perfectly symmetrical, then you’ll have to consider your sizes and flavors.

That will somewhat determine the numbers as well.

You don’t want a bunch of little ones and then a random large cupcake in the middle of nowhere popping out.

It needs to be placed correctly.

For the most complicated orders, the bakery or your wedding planner should help.

What Types Of Cupcakes Should You Order?

Let’s elaborate a little more on our earlier point on the types of cupcakes.

We have two many factors to consider when it comes to size and taste. But we also need to think about our themes of the wedding and how they will tie in.

  • Size
  • Taste
  • Theme


If you are looking for ways to save money, then keeping it standard with size will cut costs and save you a headache.

You can just order one per person plus a few extras or however many you need in addition to a wedding cake.

If you are going to the addition to the cake route, then consider going all mini as well.

This will be more affordable than standard sizes, and it’s a cute way to make a display piece.


Most people, when it comes to cupcakes, adhere to the rules of wedding cake.

They don’t go too crazy with flavors because chocolate and vanilla with minor twists are safe bets that everyone will like it.

Now, if your cupcakes are in addition to your cake, this is where you can go a little crazier.

You might do something with s’mores or fruit.

Just remember to ask anyone if they have allergies, specifically with peanuts.


The cupcakes don’t necessarily have to go with the theme, but if they are replacing the cake, it’s likely that a bride will try.

Consider modeling your cupcakes after traditional wedding cakes if that is what you are looking to do.

You can stack them in a three-tiered cake stand, and it becomes a modern alternative to the cake while keeping traditional feels.

If you could care less about the theme and want to go for taste, this isn’t a deal-breaker or a serious no-no. It’s your wedding day, so your priorities are what matters!

Is It Cheaper To Do Cupcakes At A Wedding?

In general, it is cheaper to do cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. Cupcakes generally come out to be cheaper at a wedding because of the size and the simplicity (for the most part) it is to make them. 

Obviously, the more complicated the order is, the more the price will go up.

How Much Do Cupcakes For A Wedding Cost?

Cupcakes for a wedding can cost anywhere between $100-$750. It depends entirely on the type of cake, size, the bakery used, and how many are ordered. Some bakeries, for instance, will offer a discount on bulk orders.

Let’s get into a few different pricing scenarios so you can see for yourself.

Standard Cupcakes

Standard cupcakes are going to come in much cheaper overall and will save you big bucks the bigger the wedding size.

A standard cake is said to be priced at about $2.50 per piece (on the lower end), where one standard cupcake is about $1.00.

If you have 100 guests, choosing cake over cupcakes will result in an extra $150.

Sometimes bakeries and wedding cake specialists like to close this gap by offering cake discounts.

In general, the cake will still be more than the cupcakes, but sometimes making a cake can be less tedious than doing individual cupcakes.

And they end up making less money for sometimes more work.


Minis are going to be the cheapest option, but it’s recommended to order 2-3 per guest, so it ends up being closer to a standard cupcake or sometimes more.

This really depends on the bakery, but a mini typically costs about $0.50 per cupcake.

Combination Displays

First, you will sort out how many cupcakes you have in the standard size and then the mini size for the base costs.

It may be extra for some places to have different flavors, and it is typical to have 2-3 flavors but cupcake order.

If there goes a lot of effort into an elegant display, possibly even with a cake on top, then this is going to start adding up.

An advanced display for 100 guests with a number of factors can start adding up anywhere between $300-$600.

What Are The Additional Costs?

The thing that always gets people at the end is the additional costs beyond the cupcakes.

Often, we don’t think of delivery, the tastings, and the rented equipment needed to make the display in the first place.

In the end, it is still going to work out cheaper than a cake because a cake will bear the same additional costs that a cupcake will.

But let’s just talk about the individual add-ons and what to expect.


Some bakeries will offer complimentary tastings or a deal where it becomes complimentary if you choose their business.

Typically, a complimentary tasting will be their standard flavors with a few different ones in there.

If you want something more custom and to try out exactly what you want before committing to their business, chances are you will pay for their service.

If they are going to charge you for a tasting, there is usually a per person number between $10-$15 and then usually around $5 for extra flavors requested.


Getting wedding cupcakes to where they are going can be challenging. The farther you asking the bakery to travel, the more expensive it is going to be.

If it’s a small order and you are picking it up yourself, then of course, there will be no charge. But this usually isn’t the case.

The typical range for delivery is $45-$200, depending on your order complications.


Normally you have to rent the equipment that is going to make your cupcakes not only taste great but look great too!

Sometimes if you have a large order, a bakery will throw the rentals aside as a complimentary feature.

If they don’t do this, then you can expect some extra fees. This, however, probably won’t be much and a one-time fee.

Do Your Homework

Make sure if you are deciding to go the cupcake route to save money in the long run that you ask all the important questions, so you aren’t surprised at the end.

Before going to testing, make sure you know how much per person it is going to be and what flavors you are going to test and how much it costs to add other ones on.

It’s also important that once you choose your bakery you know the little things like how much a certain display will cost and if they are going to throw rentals your way or not.

Consider how close the bakery is and whether you need them to deliver it to ensure things don’t get ruined or you can manage the job yourself.

These are all add-ons that can be surprising in the end.

Having said that, cupcakes are a great way to save money. They’re cute on their own, or they make great additions to any dessert table.

Plus, cupcakes tend to last a while too. So any spare after the wedding, well they are just a nice bonus!

Related Questions

How Many Cupcakes Do I Need For 75 Guests?

It is generally recommended to order between 75-100 cupcakes for a wedding of 75 guests. Although the size of the cupcakes and whether or not they are complimenting a wedding cake need to be considered.

How Many Cupcakes For 100 Guests?

It is advised to order between 100-125 cupcakes for a wedding of 100 guests. Although the size of the cupcakes and whether you are having a wedding cake will also need to be considered. You may be able to get away with less if you are having a cake.

How Many Cupcakes For A Wedding Of 150?

150-175 cupcakes are typically the right amount to order for a wedding of 150 guests. Although you will need to consider the size of the cupcakes and if you are having a wedding cake as well. In such a case you may need less.

How Many Cupcakes Do I Need For 200 Guests?

It is generally recommended to order between 200-225 cupcakes for a wedding of 200 guests. Do consider the size and whether you are having a cake. If you are, you may not need to order so many.