Press Release: EverlastingOccasion Acquires Wedzu

We are delighted to announce that Wedzu[dot]com is now part of EverlastingOccasion[dot]com

EverlastingOccasion, an online resource for wedding planning, has acquired Wedzu. This merger strengthens our position in the wedding industry. The official acquisition date is December 29th, 2022.

Wedzu was an online marketplace for wedding-themed and related items.

On December 29th, 2022, Wedzu’s site was merged into EverlastingOccasion.

Allison W is now the current owner and the CEO of Wedzu

What Did Wedzu Do?

Wedzu served as an online store for a business that offered bespoke wedding items; including accessories, apparel, ceremony and reception signs, jewelry, among others.

The site was founded to help provide brides and grooms with bespoke indie and handmade wedding items.

About EverLastingOccasion

Since October 2020, Everlasting Occasion has operated as an online publication and resource that providesĀ engagement, wedding and honeymoon content, helping couples find answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to what will likely be, the biggest, most expensive day of their lives.

More recently, the site has covered pregnancy topics in relation to the exciting news that the site author, Allison, is expecting.

The site also provides Engagement & Wedding Product Recommendations to help direct it’s readers and help them to find the most reputable and unique items for their special day (or related events).

The synergy between the new venture, Everlasting Occasion, and Wedzu resulted in a successful merger.

Allison W, the founder of Everlasting Occasion, shared the following about this acquisition:

Wedzu was a service I personally used, and learned a lot from in preparation for my wedding. I am extremely excited to acquire the business.

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