When Should You Get A Pregnancy Pillow? [The Ideal Time]

With what feels like an ever-expanding bump, finding comfortable positions to sleep in can feel like mission impossible at times. Well, that has certainly been my experience. Sympathizing with my tossing and turning (well, sympathizing and despairing!), my husband started looking into things that would enable comfortable and safe sleep during pregnancy, from the early stages all the way through until full-term, he purchased a pregnancy pillow when I was around eleven weeks pregnant, and that left me questioning when was the best time to invest in one? 

So, when should you get a pregnancy pillow? Pregnancy pillows are used to provide additional support or comfort to those who are pregnant, so when you feel in need of this, you should purchase a pregnancy pillow. There is no specific time during pregnancy when you need to (or have to) start using a pregnancy pillow. However, most pregnant people begin using them around 20 weeks, when the bump begins to grow more rapidly. 

When discussing pregnancy pillows with friends and colleagues who are also expecting or who have recently become parents themselves, reviews are mixed as to when best to begin using one. 

However, one thing that everyone agreed upon was that a pregnancy pillow was a must-have item in the third trimester. 

This led me to the conclusion that when to buy and start using a pregnancy pillow is simply down to personal circumstances and preference. 

There is no right or wrong time to get one; after all, experiencing pregnancy varies hugely from person to person. 

I must admit that when I first got my pregnancy pillow (around eleven weeks pregnant), the novelty began to wear off quite quickly, and personally, I found it more comfortable at that stage to sleep, on my side, with a regular pillow between my legs. 

I did wonder if I had made a mistake in purchasing one? 

However, I am so grateful I stuck with it because I am now around 18 weeks pregnant, and my pregnancy pillow is fast becoming something I can no longer live without! 

Advice during pregnancy is that expectant mothers should sleep on their side (to find out more about this, please consult medical professionals or use certified resources such as this site https://www.nhs.uk/pregnancy/related-conditions/common-symptoms/tiredness/). 

My pregnancy pillow has been a godsend to ensure that I am adopting a safe sleeping position, and it could help you to do the same. 

The comfort and support provided by the pillow make sleep that would otherwise be disrupted and uncomfortable as pleasurable as possible during pregnancy. 

When Should You Start Using A Pregnancy Pillow?

You should start using a pregnancy pillow when you are in need of additional comfort or support during your pregnancy. There is no right or wrong time to be using one, and it is solely down to the preference of the expectant mother. 

Investing in a pregnancy pillow during early pregnancy (first trimester) may mean that you get more use out of the pillow. 

After all, sleeping with your pregnancy pillow is just one way of using it! 

I have really enjoyed using mine all around the house – on the sofa watching T.V. is a particular favorite!

After my initial doubt that I had done the right thing by purchasing a pregnancy pillow, any concerns have quickly melted away the further my pregnancy has progressed. 

I love sleeping with my pregnancy pillow between my legs, supporting my pelvis, and then hugging the part that stretches up alongside the rest of my body. 

As my bump begins to grow, I can feel the benefit of the additional support my pregnancy pillow provides, and I wake each morning feeling well-rested and comfortable. 

When I first got my pregnancy pillow, I would go to bed in the recommended position (between the legs to support the pelvis) and wake to find my pillow discarded on the floor beside me. 

This is certainly not the case anymore, and I wake snuggled into my pregnancy pillow each and every day. 

I was away one night this week, and upon my return, my husband told me that he had used the pregnancy pillow to support him in his sleep and that it was the comfiest night’s sleep he had had in a long time! 

Now, I’m not sure if this was solely down to the wonders of the pregnancy pillow or the absence of a pregnant wife, vacating the bed every hour or so to use the bathroom, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions here! 

A friend of mine, who is due in a matter of weeks, also purchased her pregnancy pillow quite early on. 

She told me that it was only around the 18 – 20-week mark that she really began to see the benefits of her pregnancy pillow and so much so that she now takes her pillow with her wherever she goes! 

Personally, I don’t think there is a right or wrong time to be using a pregnancy pillow; they are designed to provide support and comfort to the user. 

So, if, like me, you are looking to purchase one in early pregnancy, I would advise you to go for it! 

Even if you don’t feel the full benefit right away, you certainly will in the coming weeks! 

The pillow I chose I would highly recommend; I was meticulous in my research and knew I wanted one that was versatile and could be used throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

Keep reading to discover which I chose! 

Benefits Of Using A Pregnancy Pillow

The benefits of using a pregnancy pillow are that they provide additional comfort and support during your pregnancy. Research suggests that from around 28 weeks, expectant mothers should sleep on their side; pregnancy pillows, if used correctly, can enable women to adopt a safe sleeping position. 

That being said, there is no obligation for pregnant women to use a pregnancy pillow at all during pregnancy. 

However, the women who opt to use one do so mainly due to the comfort and support they provide to their growing bump!

Having a pregnancy pillow doesn’t mean that you need to use it each and every night either. Use it when it suits you and feels comfortable to use. 

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a pregnancy pillow, during early pregnancy, with the foresight to use it at a later stage. 

And if you don’t end up using your pillow during pregnancy, many of them come with the added benefit of being used to support feeding and playtime once your baby is born! 

In fact, that could be when you start using your pregnancy pillow – after your baby is born! 

Every pregnancy is different, and you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. 

If you try something that has worked for others and it doesn’t work for you, then don’t sweat it. 

The same can be said for when to start using a pregnancy pillow; what works for you might not work for others and vice versa. 

So, when to start using a pregnancy pillow is totally down to your preference. 

Do You Have To Get A Pregnancy Pillow

You do not have to get a pregnancy pillow, but they are recommended due to the many benefits that they can provide to expectant mothers, including helping mothers to adapt to a comfortable and safe sleeping position, enabling the alignment of the neck, back, and hips, taking the pressure off your pelvis and improving circulation. 

As weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow can help to alleviate the increased pressure on the expectant mother’s joints. 

Back and pelvis pain is common during pregnancy, and mothers who experience this often attribute some relief of their symptoms to correct use of a pregnancy pillow. 

Whilst a pregnancy pillow is by no means a miracle cure for aching joints or severe pain during pregnancy; it can definitely help to soothe and prevent further pain. 

What Pregnancy Pillow Should You Get?

While there are many pregnancy pillows on the market, I highly recommend the BBHugme pregnancy pillow in terms of its comfort, versatility, longevity, and look. 

Mine and my husband’s research around pregnancy pillows were extensive, and I am so please that we opted for the BBHugme. It is cooling, comfortable, and literally molds itself to your body. 

With adjustable togs at either end, you can adjust the firmness of your pillow to suit your needs and preferences. 

The cover is removable, and it comes in a wide range of stylish colors and designs. I personally think my BBHugme pillow looks great lying across our bed when I am not using it. 

Something else that drew me towards the BBHugme brand was the versatility of the pillows in terms of how they can be used all throughout pregnancy and also as a feeding pillow and seating support for when our baby is born. 

I would highly recommend the BBhugme pregnancy pillow to anyone looking for a comfortable, supportive, and versatile pillow to use throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

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