What To Wear On Your Honeymoon Night [Bride & Groom Guide]

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life; you spend months (if not longer) carefully selecting the perfect wedding dress, shoes, makeup looks, and hairstyles…the list goes on and on!

You’ve also probably thought about your outfit for your first night as husband and wife, otherwise known as your wedding night. Many couples often leave for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding; so, we can use these terms interchangeably.

You may be wondering, what do I (the bride) wear on my honeymoon night? What can grooms wear on the honeymoon night? What else should I consider when selecting honeymoon night attire? Here is everything you need to know about honeymoon night outfits. 

So, what do you wear on your honeymoon night? You can wear anything that makes you feel confident and sexy! There are a variety of options for your honeymoon night attire, including matching bra and panty sets, satin dressing gowns, and chemise camisoles. You can mix and match items or wear single items—no matter what you decide on, you’ll look beautiful! 

You may be feeling nervous about your honeymoon night; for some couples, this may be the first night you spend together.

No matter what your situation is, everyone wants to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident on their honeymoon night. 

Honeymoon night attire (for women) can consist of lingerie, sexy clothing or pajamas, or other nighttime clothing.

Your attire can be a matching set or standalone pieces; whatever your preference is, you’ll be able to find something you love.

Women have tons of options when it comes to honeymoon night attire, while men have more limited selections. 

With this in mind, let’s dive deeper into the different options for honeymoon night attire for both the bride and the groom and any considerations for your honeymoon night clothing that you should think about beforehand. 

What Can Brides Wear On Their Honeymoon Night?

Brides have quite a few options regarding honeymoon night attire. This includes matching bra and panty sets, dressing gowns, camisoles, satin pajamas, nightgowns, or nightshirts; the list is truly endless! 

Women have countless options when it comes to honeymoon night attire.

Lingerie is the most common choice for women on their honeymoon night.

Matching bra and panty sets are popular, as well as silk Babydoll dresses, which are similar to camisoles and are fairly short (these don’t leave a lot to the imagination!). 

Some women prefer a silk or satin robe or dressing gown; you can choose to wear other lingerie underneath or nothing at all. 

Brides can also wear chemise pieces, which are slightly longer than Babydoll dresses.

You could pair a chemise with stockings or a garter to enhance your overall look. 

Many honeymoon night outfits are made of silk or satin, which add to the sexiness of each piece.

No matter what you decide to wear on your honeymoon night, make sure that you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.

The most beautiful thing you can wear is your confidence; when you dress up (or dress down, in this case), your new spouse will find you sexy, not whatever you’re wearing.

What Can Grooms Wear On Their Honeymoon Night?

Grooms are a bit more limited in their selection of honeymoon night attire, mainly because lingerie is created for and marketed towards women. Men can spring for some new, luxurious boxers or briefs, or even wear a special, personalized shirt (often as a funny and satirical move to get their partner smiling). 

Unfortunately for men, there are limited options available for honeymoon night attire.

Men can purchase a luxurious new pair of boxers or briefs, perhaps something previously unseen by their partner.

Even if it’s something as simple as a new pair of boxers or briefs, it’s still nice to have something brand new to wear on your honeymoon night. 

Men can also create personalized t-shirts (or boxers, for that matter) that have a special graphic or statement on the item; perhaps it details an inside joke between the couple or a faux sexy/playfully provocative image (like fake abs). 

Most men will prefer the tried and true ‘birthday suit’ (aka wearing nothing at all) for their honeymoon night. 

Whether or not that is for you is going to come down to your preferences; and confidence of course!

If you and your new spouse want to get really adventurous, he can always wear something of yours (but that’s a topic for another discussion!). 

Considerations For Honeymoon Night Attire

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your honeymoon night attire, namely to carefully choose items that make you feel confident, beautiful, and sexy, to price out different options (as different pieces and fabrics vary in price), and to select items that, if they happen to get ruined or you lose them, you’re not going to freak out! 

Select Items That Make You Feel Confident

When selecting your honeymoon night attire, be sure to carefully select items that you know you’ll feel confident and sexy in.

Many specialty lingerie shops and boutiques allow you to try on pieces before you buy them (some stores may have restrictions on what you’re able to try on and how, so it’s best to check ahead of time what you’re able to do).

Don’t feel pressured into buying something you aren’t comfortable wearing; there are tons of options available, and you’re sure to find something that you love and feel confident wearing. 

If you decide to purchase an item and then decide you don’t like it anymore or you changed your mind, beware that you will likely not be able to return any type of lingerie; many retailers will not accept returns on items like bras, underwear, and chemise pieces (even if they are unworn and still have the tags attached). 

The sexiest thing you can wear is your confidence, and your confidence will exude naturally if you’re wearing something that you feel confident and beautiful in. 

Your new spouse is eagerly looking forward to spending the night with you, and believe me when I say they probably won’t even notice what you’re wearing (in a good way). 

Price Out Different Options 

Lingerie pieces can range in price, depending on the type of item and the material it’s made from.

Many lingerie pieces are made from silk, lace, and satin, but there are also less expensive pieces that are made from cotton or polyester fabrics that are also available. 

Before purchasing any lingerie for your honeymoon night, price out different options (whether that’s a bra and panty set compared to a Babydoll dress or something similar) and compare prices at different retailers. 

Boutiques and small shops tend to be more expensive than department or big box stores.

Suppose you’re purchasing items that you know you’ll wear again and get good use out of, maybe spring for the more expensive pieces.

If you don’t mind having items that aren’t made of real silk or lace, then purchase pieces that are made from cotton or other fabrics that are less expensive. 

Ensure You’re Okay With It If An Item Is Lost or Ruined 

Be prepared for anything, including lost luggage, a shampoo spill in your suitcase, or a rip/tear in your new clothes and outfits.

You never know what may happen on the way to your honeymoon (or when you get there), so it’s best to prepare by purchasing and packing multiple outfits.

You could also consider packing items in a carry-on suitcase to ensure you have something to wear should your luggage get lost on the way to your destination. 

Consider the price of your honeymoon night attire as well; there’s nothing worse than realizing an expensive clothing piece has just been ruined by a four-dollar bottle of shampoo.

If you’re traveling with expensive lingerie, consider purchasing protective cases or covers to protect your clothing. 

Travel insurance may also benefit you and your new spouse and save you from the headache associated with lost or damaged luggage. 

Choose Multiple Pieces To Wear (In Case You Change Your Mind) 

When shopping for and purchasing your honeymoon night attire, consider buying multiple pieces in case you have a change of heart (plus, it’s always nice to have options, especially when you’re away on vacation). 

You can purchase a bra and panty set in addition to a dressing robe or nightgown; you may decide to wear only one of the items, or you can mix and match.

More likely than not, you’ll be able to wear many of the items you purchased on other occasions. 

It’s always beneficial to have a variety of outfits to choose from, just in case. 


Your honeymoon night will be full of love, passion, and romance.

No matter what you (or your new spouse) plan on and end up wearing, you’ll enjoy each other’s company regardless. 

Keep in mind that you’ll want to select honeymoon night attire that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin (feeling gorgeous and sexy is always a nice bonus, too!). 

Ladies, you have countless options when it comes to your honeymoon night attire.

Whether you choose a classic matching bra and panty set, a Babydoll dress, or end up wearing your favorite pajamas, you’re going to look beautiful. 

Gents, although your selection is quite limited when compared to your counterpart, you still have the opportunity to select and purchase new items too. 

Whatever you end up wearing on your honeymoon night, just enjoy your time with your spouse. 

Remember, at the end of the day; it’s all coming off anyway! 

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