What Is Breast Milk Jewelry? [Everything You’ll Want To Know]

Have you encountered or been introduced to breast milk jewelry? With a name like that, you are wondering exactly what it is, right? Or at least why mothers are opting to get it and what’s entailed to do so. Well, today, I will be sharing with you all you need to know about these highly interesting, unique, and personal decorative items.

So, what is breast milk jewelry? Breast Milk jewelry is jewelry made from (previously pumped) mothers’ breast milk. It typically features an accent stone filled with a mother’s breast milk. As such, rings, pendants, and bracelets are the most popular jewelry breast milk pieces. These keepsakes are typically worn by the mother. 

They are certainly different.

And while at first they made seem a little odd, they do actually offer the chance to own something highly individualized and exclusive.

As we shall see in the next section below…

Then we will be looking at what’s involved with getting some and what you can expect.

What Is The Point Of Breast Milk Jewelry?

The point of breast milk jewelry is to offer a keepsake from a particular pregnancy. It also serves as a symbol and milestone piece, representing the bond between a mother and her child and also a means of preserving the celebration of the birth.

In many ways, breast milk jewelry is just another form of keepsake item for mothers.

But it is, of course, very personal.

And there are additional benefits of getting some made.

It allows nursing mothers to celebrate the challenging yet highly rewarding and instrumental phase of breastfeeding.

They are a reminder of all those hours of breastfeeding, come rain or shine or by moon or by the sun.

They are a sign of accomplishment and of the intimate bond a mother has with her baby.

And then there is the fact that every mother’s milk is inherently different, ensuring that each breast milk stone and item of jewelry ends up being one of a kind.

Besides, as a keepsake, this is something a mother could always pass down to her baby in time.

What Types Of Breast Milk Jewelry Can You Get?

There is a range of different breast milk jewelry items that can be made, including rings, bracelets, and pendants. 

Essentially, breast milk is combined with acrylic resin, resulting in breast milk ‘stones.’

So, any jewelry that can leverage such ‘stones’ could theoretically be made.

Just consider that not all breast milk jewelry looks the same.

The color of each stone can range; some are much whiter and lighter than others, whereas some are more of a cream color or are generally denser or more opaque.

It ultimately depends on the breast milk being used; and the composition of nutrients that were in the milk at the time!

Thus, the time in which breast milk is given for jewelry making will have a large impact on the piece that is ultimately created.

Besides, the composition of breast milk depends on the stage of breastfeeding; it changes in time to reflect the needs of the baby.

What Does Breast Milk Jewelry Look Like? 

Breast milk jewelry is typically white/cream in color – not too dissimilar to pearl. 

That being said, the exact color of each stone will differ depending on the breast milk used.

Some jewelry has been known to have a slight yellow hint, and there are some services that will add a treatment to the stone t make it shinier.

How Much Breast Milk Do You Need For Jewelry?

The amount of breast milk you need for jewelry will range depending on the piece you are ordering or the service you are going through. That being said, 5-30ml of breast milk is all that is needed. 

If you want to know the exact amount, then you will need to contact or inquire with different services.

Nevertheless, it’s not considered to be much breast milk – as it is ultimately turned into a powder before it is set.

So, even if you don’t produce much breast milk, that doesn’t necessarily mean this keepsake is off the cards for you.

Some services will actually ask for a surplus of breast milk; so that they can make another piece should there be issues with the first. Alternatively, it can also be used to make additional pieces should you decide that in the future.

How Is Breast Milk Jewelry Made?

The exact process will differ by service; that being said, most tend to follow the process as outlined below:

It all begins with you choosing the piece you would like. This can include inclusions, flakes, scripts (text), or even other small keepsakes (like locks of hair) or prints, depending on who you order with.

Once that’s decided, and you place an order, most companies will then send a kit for you to return your breast milk.

Other companies may instead provide you with information on how much breast milk they need.

Nevertheless, at this point, you take a sample of breast milk and return it to the service you are using.

Next, the service will receive your milk and then work to sterilize it. Often it is turned into a dry powder, and a preservative will be added to prevent enzymatic activity and to stop bacteria and fungi from developing.

Then, the milk is often left to dry before being ground to a consistency that is required.

From there, the powdered milk will be combined with clear acrylic resin and then left to set in a silicone mold.

Then, it’s left to dry and harden. Once fully dry, it’s inspected and sometimes treated to ensure better durability.

Then, the stone may be set into different jewelry types, depending on what has been ordered.

This entire process can take as little as six weeks, but some may take much longer.

It depends on so many factors; delivery times of milk, demand at the time of order, etc.

How Much Does Breast Milk Jewelry Cost?

Breast milk Jewelry can cost anywhere from $75 to upward of $500. It ultimately depends on which service you use and what you order.

This is why it is essential to shop around before deciding on any one service.

It may be that rings are more expensive than pendants, and bracelets are more expensive than earrings.

Plus, there could be promotional offers, discounts, or other factors that influence the price.

And remember, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

How Long Does Breast Milk Jewelry Last?

With proper care and mindfulness, breast milk jewelry made from a reputable service should last indefinitely. 

Of course, as with any jewelry, it’s essential that it is taken care of.

While breast milk jewelry is considered durable, it’s essential that you do all you can to look after it. Whether it is handling, what it is exposed to, or where it is stored.

For the most part, it will need to be kept in a cool, dry place – out of any direct sunlight or warm/humid environments.

It goes without saying that these pieces should not be worn while showering, bathing, swimming, or using facilities such as saunas and steam rooms.

Otherwise, the breast milk stone can start to show signs of wear or begin to dull.

You can clean this jewelry; so long as you stay clear from harsh chemicals and typically stick to a clean cloth.

You also need to be mindful of the texture of any cleaning items or any other hard surfaces in general to ensure you do not damage or scratch the surface of the stone.

Nevertheless, so long as worn with care, they are relatively robust pieces and should last for many years.