Seraphine Maternity Review [My Experience With The Brand!]

As a mum-to-be creeping ever closer to my due date, packing and preparing my hospital bag is something that I have been advised to do.

Top of my list was something comfortable and practical to wear both during and after labour, and any mum-to-be in the market for high-quality maternity wear needs to know about the brand Seraphine.

It could be that you’ve already heard about the brand Seraphine, perhaps they have been recommended to you by a friend or colleague, or perhaps you’ve seen an advert for some of their products; either way, I would recommend that you check out this brand for some high-quality maternity pieces.

I discovered Seraphine after a friend recommended their range to me, and I was absolutely delighted to find the perfect maternity hospital bag bundle, something I had been searching for.

My order of the maternity bundle arrived quickly, and I have been so impressed with the quality and versatility of the pieces that I cannot wait to share my review with you.

Quick Verdict – Seraphine Maternity Review

I would highly recommend Seraphine Maternity.

The quality of the fabrics and tailoring of the maternity wear is incredibly well-considered and flattering to the ever-changing pregnant form.

The innovative design of many of the clothing pieces in the maternity range makes for items that will be able to be worn throughout pregnancy and even when nursing.

Even though my purchase was initially for my hospital bag, I have found myself wearing the items already as they are so comfortable and practical during pregnancy.

I have recommended Seraphine to all of my friends who are expecting, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. 

I was looking for a specific item offered by Seraphine – a maternity bundle consisting of a maternity and nursing nightie, a supersoft breastfeeding top with nursing access, some incredibly comfy over-the-bump pyjama bottoms, and a cosy matching dressing gown.

But since my purchase, many other amazing pieces have caught my eye and found their way into my basket.

You may be wondering what do Seraphine sell?  

What Does Seraphine Sell?

Seraphine Maternity sells a complete range of maternity and nursing wear, from maternity essentials, including nightwear and lingerie, to occasion wear, including nursing-friendly bridesmaid dresses and everything in between. 

Whether you’re looking for some new activewear to fit your pregnant body, are in need of a warm winter coat that will fit around your bump, or are looking for some gorgeous new dresses to see you through pregnancy and nursing, you are guaranteed to find something that you love from Seraphine Maternity.

Just from a quick browse of their website, it is clear that Seraphine maternity pride themselves on combining style, comfort, and practicality in their clothing for mums and mums-to-be.

This is just one of the reasons that they are such a high-calibre maternity brand. Seraphine maternity clothing is well-made, cleverly designed, and built to last throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The items of clothing offered by Seraphine are an investment that will most certainly pay off from pregnancy to motherhood.

Besides, you may be reading this review having seen that Kate Middleton, Catherine Princess of Wales, wore Seraphine Maternity during her pregnancies, and hey – if it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for me!  

What Did I Buy From Seraphine?

In my first order from Seraphine Maternity, I purchased the Maternity Hospital Bag Bundle. Not only have I been highly impressed with the quality and comfortable fit of the items, but I am blown away by the functionality that each piece offers. Seraphine is most certainly a brand where the needs of the customer is at the forefront of the design of their products. 

My Seraphine Order Confirmation

The Maternity Hospital Bag bundle (see it on Seraphine here) includes four items designed to meet a mother’s every requirement during their time in hospital giving birth.

The supersoft easy-fit pyjama top is not only incredibly soft on the skin but also handily has nursing access, meaning it is suitable to wear throughout pregnancy, in the hospital, and postpartum too – whether planning to breastfeed or express; there is no doubt that this is an incredibly useful feature.

Pyjama bottoms that can be worn over or under the bump and are super soft and stretchy will never be a bad idea for expectant mums!

The dark material of these comfortable trousers makes them suitable to wear in the hospital and after birth, too – I can’t imagine I’ll be taking mine off in the first few weeks!

Up next is perhaps my favourite piece of the bundle, a soft nightdress with poppers down the front, making it suitable for skin-to-skin with your baby and easy access for nursing.

Finally, to bring the bundle together, there is a dressing gown in the same soft jersey material that will tie the set together and help to provide modesty and privacy for the mother to be on the ward as they give birth.

I have been so impressed with the quality, functionality, and comfort of my maternity hospital bundle that I am already eyeing up some additional pieces from Seraphine, including some nursing friendly dresses for postpartum and a gorgeous occasion dress for a friend’s wedding next year.

Seraphine Maternity Hospital Bag Bundle

Featuring a super-soft, easy-fit pyjama top with lift up nursing access, comfy over bump pyjama bottoms, a maternity & nursing nightie with poppers at the front for easy nursing & skin to skin snuggles and a cosy matching dressing gown to help you feel a little more covered up on the busy maternity ward.

Everything you need, at one cost-effective price.

Opinions & Experiences With Seraphine

Premium Quality

Clothing from Seraphine Maternity is of the highest quality. It is comfortable, stylish, practical, and made to last.

This brand is one that I will recommend to all of my friends who are expecting due to the high quality of all the products.

In fact, the set I have purchased is so soft – I am reluctant to pack it in my hospital bag purely because that would mean I couldn’t wear it any longer!

I have also found that it washes well, and maintains it’s structure over time too.

Ideal For All Seasons

Due to the materials the clothing is made from, you can wear them year-around without overheating in the summer, or getting too cold in the winter.

For me, with a pregnancy in the winter, I found the clothing to be especially warm and cosy.

Fair Pricing

Seraphine is a premium maternity brand, and the price point of the items reflects the quality of the items on offer.

To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, maternity dresses range from around £70 to £150, and you can expect to pay around £30 for a nursing bra.

The price point reflects the fact that Seraphine maternity designs their clothing with longevity in mind, meaning that items are designed to fit and be useful throughout pregnancy and well into motherhood.

In comparison with other maternity brands – I think the pricing is incredibly fair – owing to the fact that all items are nursing friendly too – meaning that mothers can wear their Seraphine Maternity clothing for the foreseeable future, and not just during pregnancy.

I personally love the fact that you can pay in installments, too. Which is very helpful at such an expensive time with lots to buy!

It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for promotions, as Seraphine offers numerous offers and discounts throughout the year, including 10% off your first order… so what are you waiting for?!

Fantastic Sizing

I found the fit and sizing of my Seraphine clothing to be true to size.

I am usually a medium, and thankfully, the medium fit perfectly (despite having my baby bump and likely a bit of additional baby-weight).

There’s no need to size up with the brand!

That means you’ll be able to wear the clothing not just during the end of your pregnancy, but during the next phase of nursing too!

Flattering Design

A lot of maternity wear out there is not particularly flattering, or can make you look bigger (in all of the wrong places!)

I love the fact that the clothing accentuates your pregnancy features, and helps you readjust after your birth.

If I could describe the style in two words, they would be: feminine and modest.

Range & Colors

Another benefit of the brand is that they have quite an extensive range, and most of their products are available in a wide variety of colors too; so you can get clothing that actually suits you.

Swift Delivery

Seraphine offers worldwide delivery, typically within 5 working days of placing the order.

I was impressed with the tracking information available, and my order arrived within no time!

I also liked the packaging that my order was delivered in.

Simply out of curiosity, and in part a little extra research for this article, I looked into the returns policy for Seraphine, and this seems simple and straightforward, too: Seraphine will accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

This is a brand that clearly understands what it is like to be pregnant and not really knowing what size you are anymore!

Great Customer Service

Seraphine have a dedicated customer service team who are on hand to answer any questions or resolve any issues you may have with your order.

They get back very quickly, and do all they can to help.

Other customers have noted how they are willing, and able, to provide replacement orders should anything go awry.

International Shipping

Seraphine are a global brand, offering global shipping.

The delivery time and any potential delivery cost will ultimately depend on your location, though if you are based in the UK/USA you can expxt expedited times/lower costs.

Should You Buy From Seraphine?

If you are looking for high-quality, comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting maternity wear, I would strongly advise that you purchase some items from Seraphine Maternity. 

Whether you are looking for pregnancy staples like underwear or leggings or even occasion wear or dresses suitable to wear to work, look no further because Seraphine will undoubtedly have just what you’re looking for!

Plus, the fact that they have such a good customer service team, prompt delivery and a 30 day refund policy makes ordering with them a relatively risk free, pleasurable experience.

Related Questions

Are Seraphine clothes good quality?

Seraphine clothes are excellent quality, and the brand prides themselves on only using the finest quality materials. From comfort to fit, Seraphine clothes last.

Is Seraphine a maternity brand?

Seraphine are a maternity fashion brand. They sell a range of clothing items, from everyday maternity essentials to nursing evening wear.

Is Seraphine maternity ethical?

Seraphine maternity is an ethical brand. They have an environmental and sustainability pledge and focus on eco-friendly operations, materials and packaging.

Who owns Seraphine Maternity?

Cécile Reinaud (French designer) owns Seraphine Maternity. The brand was launched in 2002.