11 Of The Best Pregnancy Announcement Cards You Will Find

Welcoming a little one into the family is a hugely exciting occasion. What better way to let your entire family know than by sending out pregnancy announcement cards?

These days families can be spread out all over the country and even the globe. So, it can be tricky to ensure everyone finds out roughly around the same time; the last thing you want to do is make someone feel like they weren’t important enough to find out with everyone else.

This is where pregnancy announcement cards come in. They are the perfect way to let everyone know you are expecting a littlebundle of joy without forgetting anyone.

Keep reading to see my favorite designs and the perfect options that you could send out. 

Already In Love

Light, airy, and sweet. This pregnancy announcement card is full of sweet vibes as you let your family and friends know you are expecting. Choose from six pastel color themes and three classic silhouette cutouts to create a stunning and unique card design. This particular design comes with five different paper fiber options to choose from. Including a standard paper, or if you like a little more luxury, their triple thick paper option. With space for a photo of the parents-to-be or even the baby’s first scan photo, this card is beautifully personal. 

Coming Soon

This personalized photo design blends a photo of your choice with a bold yet sweet printed message. Adding a little bit of luxury is the ‘coming soon’ print that uses real foil to give a wow-inducing bit of glitter and shine. Choose from six sweet color themes, nine foil finishes, four cutout silhouettes, and six paper fibers. This design is also available in either a flat card option or a more traditional folded card design – perfect if you want to include a handwritten note to your friends and family. 

You + Me

Available in three rich font colors, this modern take on monochrome leaves plenty of space for a special photo of you and your partner as you bring your friends and family in on your baby’s joy. Available with five classic silhouette options and six of Minted’s luxurious paper fibers. This flat card design is simple and bold and perfect for minimalist parents to be. 

Coming Soon Snap

Share baby’s first sonogram with your friends and family with this gorgeous polaroid-style card design. The 3D style photo print gives your little one the stage center before anyone even knows their name – unless, of course, you want to use your pregnancy announcement card to let everyone know what name you’ve chosen as well. Available in six pastel color themes, six classic cutout silhouettes, and five paper fibers to choose from. Customize this design with a printed message of your choosing. 

From Your Furry First Born

We can’t forget our first baby – the fur baby! They are just as much a part of your journey to babyhood as the friends and family you want to tell the good news to. So make them front and center of your exciting announcement with this fun ‘big brother’ card. Available in three vibrant colors, with four classic silhouettes and six paper fibers to choose from. Have fun with your pregnancy announcement card with this sweet and funny design.

Ours On The Way

Share your baby’s excitement with this sweet and simple photo design pregnancy card. Available in five sweet pastel color themes, four classic cutout silhouettes, and five luxury paper fibers. Create a meaningful card using every word you know for ‘baby.’ This design also comes with complimentary postage envelopes.

Watercolor Leaves

Announcing your pregnancy during the fall? Then this is the card for you. With five color themes that draw inspiration from traditional fall colors, this is the perfect design for parents-to-be who want their friends and family to know they have something extra thankful to be for. With two classic cutout silhouettes to choose from and five luxury paper options, this design also has space for a personal photo of you and your partner as you usher in a new adventure together.

Happier Holidays

Make everyone’s Christmas holiday that little bit merrier with a festive pregnancy announcement. This personalized photo option blends everything classic and festive, with the spotlight still firmly shining on the new parents-to-be. Choose from the six different festive color themes, six cutout silhouettes, and four high-quality paper fibers to create a truly special pregnancy announcement for the festive season.

Rainbow Light

If you have finally been blessed with your rainbow baby, this simple and classic photo card uses a simple rainbow element to illuminate how extra special this pregnancy announcement is for you and your partner. But if rainbows aren’t for you, there are four other light colors to choose from. Choose from the four silhouette options and five paper fibers to create a truly meaningful pregnancy announcement card. 

Only To Oldest

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you probably have another little one who is incredibly excited to take on the role of big brother or sister. This design helps let the world know you are expecting and that your only child will now take on the new title of the eldest child. Available in six fun color themes, with space for a photo of your elated first child, six classic silhouettes, and five luxury paper finishes. This design is perfect for when you are adding another member to the brood.

Against All Odds

For the couple who have fought every battle to reach this pinnacle moment of parenthood, his design is perfect. The full-page photo design allows you to choose a truly special photo of you and your partner as you celebrate finally being able to say you are pregnant. Choose from three classic color themes, five cutout silhouettes, and three stunning paper fibers to create the pregnancy announcement for this incredible moment in your life. 

Pregnancy Announcement Cards With Minted

Becoming a parent for the first, second, or even third time is incredibly exciting, and no doubt you want to share the news with everyone you know.

With Mintedyou can share this news in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible.

With a number of unique cards from independent artists, further designed exactly how you like with your personal designer and unlimited proofs.

You even get complimentary postage envelopes making it even easier to stay on budget – although Minted is already pretty budget friendly, but who says no to saving even more coin?