Love Leggings Review [Experiences From A Mum-To-Be]

If you’re in the market for a new pair of leggings, Love Leggings may be a brand that you are considering. Perhaps they’ve been recommended to you, maybe you’ve seen one of their ads.

For me, I had recently fallen pregnant, and was in the market for some high quality maternity wear.

I opted for a couple of pairs of Love Leggings. That was three months ago.

Since getting some good use out of them, I know feel the time is right to document my experiences and opinions in this Love Leggings review here today.

So, what is my Love Leggings review? I would highly recommend Love Leggings. My maternity leggings are comfortable, they fit really well, they’re flattering and they are not see through. Since purchasing my Love Leggings, they are quite literally all I have worn and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

So that’s a high-level overview of my experiences and opinions; but why did I purchase this particular brand, how did I reach these conclusions and what was my order exactly?

Let’s find out shall we!

Why Did I Buy A Pair Of Love Leggings?

I purchased a pair of Love Leggings to wear during my pregnancy. My existing leggings were proving too tight over my ever-expanding bump, causing me discomfort and anxiety that they were too tight.

I purchased the Revitalise 7/8 Maternity Go-To Leggings in black along with the Black Classic Full Length Maternity Leggings.

These are two of the best-selling styles the brand offers.

Opinions & Experiences With Love Leggings


A pair of Love Leggings can cost anywhere from £20-£35, though most are available for around the £20 mark.

You’ll also find they offer many discounts – either on certain legging products themselves or on orders, during promotional periods.

The leggings I purchased were £20 and £35 respectively.

When you compare this to other legging and activewear brands, I actually think this is very fair and reasonable. It’s actually cheaper than most other brands out there.


I made my Love Leggings order on the Wednesday (late P.M), and they arrived first thing on the Friday. That is essentially the next day when you take into account their order cut-off times.

Love Leggings Review

I also love the fact they come in biodegradable packaging!


Having followed their recommended size and size guide, I ended up ordering my Love Leggings in my ‘normal’ pre-pregnancy size.

I have found that they fit perfectly; they hug my legs like any other pair of leggings, and they fit perfectly around my expanding tummy.


I have worn these leggings whilst exercising, out for dinner, andas day-to-day wear.

They are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down.

The 7/8 leggings are typical of a gym legging whilst the classic maternity leggings are a soft but thick jersey material.

“The comfiest thing I’ve worn all pregnancy”

Allison Williams – mum-to-be.


Love Leggings are of a superior quality to other brands that I have tried.

They are thick, opaque and durable while still maintaining a soft yet structured wear.

“I’ve found my pregnancy uniform now”

Allison Williams – mum-to-be.

Should You Buy A Pair Of Love Leggings?

I would strongly advise that you purchase a pair of Love Leggings if you are looking for the perfect legging for all occasions – whether you are pregnant or not.

Post-pregnancy I will definitely be investing in a couple of pairs to top up my wardrobe although I probably will still get wear out of my maternity leggings they are just that comfortable.

At this price point, you will struggle to find a better pair.

Where To Buy A Pair Of Love Leggings

The best place to buy Love Leggings is directly through their site.

This is where you will be able to view the full range and and ensure you get the best price.


Are Love Leggings true to size?

Love Leggings are true to size so purchase your normal pre-pregnancy size.

Do Love Leggings shrink?

Love Leggings will not shrink as long as you wash them according to the recommendations provided on the label. However, they may shrink if you tumble dry them.

Do Love Leggings offer a discount code?

Love Leggings do not offer any discount codes, either directly on their site or offered elsewhere online. This is outlined on their website here.